Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All right fine. Pictures!

You know what's all sorts of fun? Looking at pictures of other people's drunk coworkers! No? That's not your idea of a good use of Web space? It's also maybe not a good idea at all, libel/slander-wise? Yeah. That's what I thought. Hence, my full set of Mexico photos is hiding out elsewhere, in a slightly less public space. The abridged set I'm pretty fine with any of you seeing is over here.

I'll be the first to admit it's not a terribly exciting collection. Truly, I did essentially nothing on this trip except lay in the sun with a book during the day and have a beverage or five at night. Still, how about some highlights?

Like the liquor dispensers(!) in my room (which might have been more exciting had it been higher quality liquor or had the mini-fridge been stocked with more suitable mixers for said liquor). Still. Liquor! On tap! I would like a similar setup at both home and work, please.

The much-talked-about liquor dispensers

And how about some towel animals? Word has it that some people on the trip got the very same creature each day, but look how ambitious my housekeeping staff member was! (I probably should have tipped him despite the hotel's instructions not to, eh?)




Name that animal

Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks that last one looks a wee bit vulgar. After much examination and discussion, I think I have finally decided it was supposed to be a lobster, but no one I showed this picture to thought that was obvious on first glance.

And speaking of animals, there were several around our hotel. Namely, lizards, noisy blackbirds, strange unidentified furry rodents, and monkeys. The monkeys probably would have made for the best photo opportunity, right? So of course, I got no pictures of them.


Blackbird singing in the dead of day

Rodents in residence

This dude isn't alive, but they were all over the place, too.


I did on occasion leave the compound... Here is some proof of that.




Tequila IS medicinal, right?

My ex-boyfriend's chest

Jumbo skill crane lobster tank?


Why would I need to leave the hotel, though, with swim-up bars and banana hammock sitings and weird desserts at my ready disposal?

Lounge pool



Oh yeah. And the beach, too. That was the best part, of course.



Anonymous said...

Do you work with that guy in the speedo? Just curious. :)

3carnations said...

I don't know what the dessert is, but I'll take one please. :)

nancypearlwannabe said...

Okay, I know "playa" means beach, but I still keep reading it as Playa Mart, like it's full of men sweet talking the Mexican ladies and tourists.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I want that booze dispenser. And yeah, not a clue what that last towel creation is, but it's definitely dirty.

Stefanie said...

Stacey--Ha! No. Thank heavens. No.

3Cs--You know, it was actually more than a bit disappointing. It tasted as weird as it looked.

NPW--That did not even occur to me, but I love that it occurred to you.

Dutchess--Thank you. I'm awfully glad it's not just MY warped mind.

lizgwiz said...

NPW and I think alike. I was giggling at the "Playa Mart," too. I mean, COME ON..Tequila and Drugstore? Everything a playa needs to do his playin'!

Shelly said...

The towel animals are awesome, but I have no clue what numbers 2 and 4 are supposed to be. Number 4 is definitely dirty, though.

And I have been to Carlos and Charlie's. Oh Lord, have I ever.

Looks like a great trip!

Jess said...

Vulgar towels! I swear they do it on purpose. It happened to us on our honeymoon too. See:

NGS said...

I like the idea of towel animals, but the only one I really recognized was the elephant. Otherwise...hmmmm? Maybe they just didn't want to fold them correctly?

flurrious said...

The only one I recognize is the elephant as well. But the second one looks a little like a monk or a kid in a snowsuit.

Courtney said...

Ahh! Towel genitalia!

Is the second one supposed to be a lion?

Tank tops and beaches look sooooo good right now. I'm jealous you got to get some sunshine, even if it was with your coworkers.

Anonymous said...

ALL of the towel animals look a little vulgar! But the pool and food and beach look soooooooooo inviting!!

Mickey said...

Holy crap! THOSE are some sunglasses!

That towel-elephant is definitely worth a tip!

Shouldn't there be a condom dispenser next to the liquor dispenser?

Miss Pants said...

Am I the only who finds towel creatures both fascinating and totally creepy?