Sunday, September 20, 2009

Four things that have made me laugh in the past hour

  1. Kristabella's comment on -R-'s latest post, in which -R- mentioned preliminary plans for B's first birthday party. (Sidenote #1: How in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is B nearly a year old already?? Sidenote #2: I totally think a decision on the baked goods is a fully valid starting point for a party theme.) The comment in question? It went something like this:

    "You should do our family tradition that we have for 1 year birthdays. You set down a shot glass, a rosary, and a dollar in front of the kid. And then see which one he picks. Shot glass, he’s going to be a drinker. Rosary, he’s going to be a priest/nun. Dollar, he’s going to be rich. I’m pretty sure you can guess which one I picked."

    Those of you who have newborns (or are thinking of acquiring newborns), I do expect you to file this idea away (and provide video evidence once you've used it).

  2. The fact that I just saw my neighbor peeing from my kitchen window. You see, the window above my kitchen table provides a pretty direct view into the corner of my neighbors' bathroom, which usually doesn't present any problems, given that I rarely eat at my kitchen table (as you know, spinsters more often eat over their kitchen sink or, in my case, on their living room floor in front of the previous night's rerun of The Daily Show). Tonight, however, I happened to be sitting at my kitchen table, and I happened to glance up from my dinner at the exact same time my neighbor glanced over from his pee stance. (I saw him only from the chest up, but it's pretty clear what he was doing regardless.) We made brief, uncomfortable through-the-window eye contact, and I can't decide if I'm amused or skeeved out by it. No, scratch that. Obviously we must go with amused, if for no other reason than hello, I have meandered through my kitchen naked more times than I should admit, and I should just be glad the eye contact happened now and not on one of those occasions. Hee.

  3. Sizzle's friends and nephew. I'm telling you, cute kid stories almost make me consider possibly wanting one of those. Almost. Luckily, I have the Internet for a near-constant stream of cute kid stories, minus the perpetual drain on my bank account and the inability to sleep in for the next 937 weekends. I slept nine and a half hours last night, and it was fantastic. Garnering cute kid stories by proxy is fine with me, I say.

  4. Barry Manilow's Copa Cabana. A Facebook friend just posted a reasonable question as his status update. "Why do I have Manilow's Copa Cabana in my head?" he wondered. I know not, but it reminded me of the semester I spent in Great Britain, during which there was a Manilow-inspired musical playing in London, meaning that every time I rode the escalators in the Tube stations, I saw "Copacabana" posters all around me. Intermittently throughout the entire semester, I had that damn song in my head, and I don't even know the lyrics. So instead, I made up my own. "COPA! Copa Ca-BANA! I think I will HAVE a BANANA! And then I will go to MONTANA!" Try it. I'm telling you, it's fun! My Facebook friend agrees with me, as he followed up my comment with, "It's time to put ON my paJAMAS!" I could keep this up all night. Or, at least until I run out of "-ana" rhymes. Which might actually be now, come to think of it. All right then. Moving on.
Incidentally, I am supposed to be writing my next post for The Greenists (the blog formerly knowns as Allie's Answers) at the moment. But as usual, I am an award-worthy procrastinator and time-waster. I don't actually know anyone who's giving out awards for procrastination and time wasting, but I trust that if you do, you'll pass along my name, right? Meanwhile, I have to be content with this award, bestowed by the always brilliant Flurrious, who I'm pretty sure in real life is that famous Woman Who Can't Forget, because seriously, how many of you would have remembered that I am the keeper of the semicolon?

Not a lot of you, I would estimate. Flurrious, you crack me up. Which obviously means this post should be titled Five Things that Have Made Me Laugh in the Past Hour, but I have already turned off the numbered list formatting, and surely you can't expect me to go back and mess with Blogger's capricious formatting attributes at this point.

Tell me... what's amusing you today?


steve said...

COPA! Copa Ca-BANA! Was it ever covered by Carlos SanTANA? While eating a delicious FLAN-A? Baked by my granny-NANA?

Sorry, that was rough. On an almost-serious note, I'm jealous of your neighbor.

Noelle said...

I figured out how to post a banner picture on my mother's website, so I treated myself to an enormous cone of pumpkin ice cream last night. This morning, I was two pounds heavier than yesterday morning, so I'm just going to laugh about that.

flurrious said...

I saw my neighbor peeing a few months ago. Because he was doing it in his backyard. It was all very upsetting.

I'm trying to get caught up on all the unread posts in my feed and this morning I came across this picture from Awkward Family Photos, which made me giggle for a good five minutes.

-R- said...

H pees with the door to the bathroom open all the time, and if our neighbors were looking out their window, they could see EVERYTHING, not just his face. I have pointed this out to H on multiple occasions, but he doesn't seem to care!

I can't believe that B is almost a year old either. He is starting to WALK. It is so weird.

Congrats on the award! I like the picture of Super Stefanie.

Jess said...

That bathroom thing sounds SO AWKWARD. Our downstairs bathroom has a window onto our back patio, and I always feel so awkward going in there to pee when we have guests hanging out on the patio. Of course our blinds are useless and see-through, so that doesn't help either.

Shelly said...

LOVE your Copa Cabana lyrics! There are a ton of rhymes for -ana, aren't there?

lizgwiz said...

I don't think I've laughed out loud once today. Rainy days and Mondays must be getting me down. ;)

nancypearlwannabe said...

I love your Super Semicolon super hero. Very YOU!

I'm glad you seem to be getting so much amusement out of life. Noelle's email the other day made me laugh for sure, but since then... yeah, not much.

courtney said...

Now I have Copa Cabana stuck in my head. And that makes me think of the Friends episode where Rachel sings Copa Cabana in her horrible pink bridesmaid's dress. So that's what's amusing me.

Stefanie said...

Steve--Why? You want to pee in front of me too? Steve, that's inappropriate. This isn't that kind of blog. :-)

Noelle--Mmmm... pumpkin ice cream. Is DQ doing the pumpkin Blizzard again this year? If so, I really must try one this time.

Flurrious--Ha! Elderly Smokey the Bear. You're right; I'm still giggling, too.

R--What will be really weird is when B is suddenly taller than you. Which should happen sometime long about next February, no?

Jess--Eh; it's not terribly awkward. Really I can see only one corner of the room. Now I know just what's in that corner, though. ;-) Heh.

Shelly--I know; fun game, right? I annoyed several people with it back in '95. Ah, memories.

Liz--Did you click on Flurrious's link? If Elderly Smokey the Bear doesn't make you smile, we may need to check your pulse. See? As usual, Flurrious is here to help.

NPW--I WISH my superhero me was "very [ME]"! If I looked like that in a leotard, I think it only stands to reason that I would need to regularly WEAR a leotard! :-) Alas, I do not. Sigh.

Courtney--I thought of the same thing. Every time I see that episode, I marvel at the fact that Rachel actually knows all the lyrics. Seriously, who knows all the lyrics?? Wait. Am I the only one who DOESN'T?

Aaron said...

I'm laughing to keep from crying about the fact that I need to go to bed in like, ten minutes.

Three back-to-back Mary Tyler Moore episodes on DVD helped, though.

Aaron said...

Addendum: Back-to-back-to-back, I suppose.

Allie said...

Apparently, my first full sentence as a baby was, "I like that song." Apparently, that song was Copa Cabana. Apparently, I have always had awesome taste in music. :)

Miss Pants said...

I want to have a baby just so I can copy Kristabella's family tradition.