Friday, July 07, 2006

Oh my; has it been a week already?

Pardon the absence, but it seems I have stepped back into 1995 for a bit. (You know--back when I was all "The Internet? Yeah, I think I've heard of that...") It's not just my own blog I've been ignoring (because really that's nothing new); lately I haven't found much time to catch up with what the rest of you are talking about, either. (Though a quick stroll through just a small sampling of sites indicates that many of you are on an official or unofficial break from online life this week as well. Good for you, I say. It's summer, right? Get outside a bit or something.) And email? Yeah, I used to be a good and prompt replier to messages, but I apologize right now to any of you who still have an unanswered note sitting there waiting for me in my Inbox. I really will get back to you soon; I promise. (Incidentally, what does it say about my priorities these days if I feel worse about neglecting emails from blog friends I've never met in person than from real-life, local men who might potentially want to be my new boyfriend? Actually, I think all it says is that I've had enough of online match-meeting at the moment.)

Anyway, my point is I've been busy. With what? Oh, you know--all sorts of important stuff, like visiting old friends, seeing bad movies at the drive-in (I know many will argue with me on this, but believe it or not, Jack Black really is capable of making an unfunny movie... shockingly, Adam Sandler is, too), continuing my efforts to make it look like someone who actually cares about aesthetics and curb appeal lives in my house, and ever-so-smartly baking cookies in 85-degree weather (my fellow campers and cabin-dwellers better appreciate that sweaty suffering this weekend).

In any case, it is Friday, so before I head out of town again this afternoon, I have for you the second installment in the new Friday Five feature I so enthusiastically introduced last week. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Five things I've learned from TV
  1. When you're given just one wish, be specific. This comes courtesy of the kids on Kidd Video, who, in the midst of a near-death moment, wished they were safe at home. They got the first half of the wish and found themselves removed from danger, but "at home" was considered a second wish, so they still didn't manage to escape The Flipside or any future trouble from the Master Blaster. (Does anyone other than me remember this show, by the way? No one I've ever mentioned it to does, so I was beginning to think I'd imagined it.)

  2. You cannot make grape jelly by putting a bunch of grapes in your dad's new juicer. If you're going to try, you should at least make sure the juicer's lid is on securely. (Thank you, Rudy Huxtable, for that very important lesson.)

  3. Despite how cool flying would undoubtedly be, hands-down the most useful superpower would be the ability to stop time.

  4. Annoying and insufferable as they can be at times, the girls on Sex & the City really do have some useful and accurate insights to share. It really does take half the total length of a relationship to get over a relationship (or, it generally does for me, anyway). Single girls really should get to announce that they're marrying themselves in order to get some reciprocation on all the wedding and baby gifts they've bought over the years. Breaking up with someone via a Post-it note really is entirely unacceptable. (OK, we probably didn't need Carrie and Berger to demonstrate that one, but still, I think you see my point.)

  5. The meaning of life is not as elusive as philosopers think. According to Mallory Keaton, it's as simple as this: "Be happy, try not to hurt other people, and hope you fall in love."


-R- said...

I used to love Kidd Video! But why do I associate it with song that goes, "Wake me up before you go-go"?

Darren said...

I'd add to this that if you're going to get drunk and total Lisa's mom's Mercedes, pick something better to do it to than "Wild Thing."

stefanie said...

R--So I'm NOT the only one who remembers that show. (Whew.) They used to play videos as part of the show, so it's very possible that song was featured at some point. But please tell me you know what song you're talking about and just called it "that song that goes..." for fun. For some bizarre and inexplicable reason, Wham! still holds a dear place in my heart, so surely you can't just relegate them to "random-80s-song" status!

Darren--I know I'm failing in my pop culture awareness (and I'm very ashamed of that), but I cannot for the life of me identify that reference. The only TV Lisas I can think of right now are Lisa Simpson and Lisa Turtle. I'm guessing it's not the former, but would you really be pulling out a Saved by the Bell memory? (Did they ever get drunk on Saved by the Bell? I'm thinking there must be another Lisa I'm forgetting...)

Red said...

Mallory Keaton! Thanks for bringing her slamming back into my brain. I remember that episode where she had to study for that test in order to pass her history class and she ended up exploding with, "THE LOUSIANA PURCHASE WAS DIFFICULT FOR THOMAS JEFFERSON BECAUSE..." Yeah, I don't remember why, but I remember her yelling. God love Mallory.

As far as getting life lessons from Sex and the City: I'm sorry, I can't, don't hate me.

Jurgen Nation said...

I cannot express how much I love you for including Rudy Huxtable, Mallory Keaton and the Sex and the City girls in one post. Freaking awesome.

stefanie said...

Red--I totally remember that episode, too! Such drama, such tension, such emotion... Justine Bateman was quite the gifted thespian, wasn't she? Oh, and re: Sex & the City--I know, I know. Now that I see them all the time in syndication, I'm starting to hate them a bit myself. I don't know why it took me this long.

JN--I do what I can. Glad you appreciated that.

Darren said...

Something most people don't know about me is that in high school and college, I had a slight addiction to "Saved by the Bell."

Miss Peach said...

Stefanie, yes, definitely, the BEST superpower would be freezing time. My roommate and I have had long conversations about it. Here's the thing though--if you're unfrozen, do you continue to age? B/c after several years, all that frozen time adds up, so would we wind up looking older than everyone else our age?

And, also, Punky Brewster's sidekick (I want to call her Cherry?) taught me that hiding in an empty refrigerator will suffocate you. I never could figure out why there was and empty refrigerator out back of the Brewster's that was turned on, but I think that was beside the point.

stefanie said...

Good question, Miss Peach. I guess I figure I wouldn't use the power often enough that aging would be a factor, but if we've learned anything from TV and movies (other than the many things we've already listed here), it's that nearly everyone who's given a power ultimately overuses and abuses it in the end. So who knows. Oh, and yes, Punky's friend's name was Cherry, and I totally remember the refrigerator incident! Also a valuable life lesson indeed.