Monday, June 23, 2008

And I wasn't even at Target this time

So apparently this blog is now primarily a chronicle of all the ridiculous ways in which I hurt myself. In my latest triumph, today I burned my face on my Lean Cuisine. Not my tongue. Not the roof of my mouth. Not even my lips. Nope, my face. Yay, me.

Also of note? I'm ate a damn Lean Cuisine. So much for my Healthy Eating, No Chemicals and Such new leaf turning. Truth be told, I do still think I'm eating a bit better than I was six months ago (or the 358 months prior), but as with so many things in life, it ebbs and flows, I guess. This evening, for example, I made linguine alfredo with fake crab meat. I cut up and tossed in a few cherry tomatoes for color and the illusion of nutritional merit, but I'm not fooling even myself with that. Perhaps if I had eaten only the portion I originally dished out for my dinner, I might be able to cut myself some slack, but since I also went back for the portion I had intended to save for lunch tomorrow, I really should just accept the fact that there's a very good reason several of my summer skirts and pants don't fit. Sigh. Moving on.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Summer officially arrived in Minnesota last Thursday, and I say that not just because that was the night I saw a bunch of spandex-clad hippies doing a Solstice dance along the banks of the Mississippi, but because it was the first day that I was officially too damn hot in jeans and decided it was officially skirt weather. (Apparently I am all about being "official" this evening. Perhaps I should consider a thesaurus.) And if the suddenly summer-like weather wasn't enough to point out that summer is, in fact, well in progress, I went to my first loud, overcrowded, outdoor event of the year on Saturday, which means I also had my first corn dog of the season. Yay for small milestones and pleasures.

On my way to purchase said corn dog, I wedged my way through the line of people waiting to purchase beer tickets (damn you, ticket currency system--scourge of the outdoor concert event), and I found myself face to face directly in front of the guy I went on eight dates with last year, before deciding that if I would rather spend a Saturday night drinking alone in my yoga pants while hooking up computer peripherals than hanging out with him, then surely he was not the man for me. Seriously: EIGHT THOUSAND PEOPLE at Rock the Garden and I end up not just ten feet away and in view of but directly face to face with a former almost-boyfriend? This city is officially shrinking. (And there I go again. No idea where all this resolute "official"-ing is coming from tonight.)

That said, it really wasn't all that particularly awkward an encounter. I think we were both too surprised to run into each other to even remember much of what we said (beyond "Hi; how are you? Good; how are YOU?") I have to keep reminding myself that I ended things with that guy for a reason, though, because since Saturday, I've been remembering how completely perfect for me on paper he was. Unfortunately, we don't live in an "on paper" world. He may have been a member of MPR with season tickets to the Guthrie. He may have been so tall that I could wear my very highest boots and still look up at him. He may have been driven and financially sound and also the perfect mix of hip Uptowner and down-to-earth, roots-in-a-small-town guy. But I could not have a conversation with the man that didn't feel like mere small talk. There was a reason I called things off, aside from my formulaic romantic comedy-esque fear of commitment. Or so I keep telling myself, anyway.

And on that note, how was YOUR weekend? Do tell.


3carnations said...

But was your hair washed when you ran into him? :p

Courtney said...

My weekend was good. Thanks for asking. :)

Why can't everything be as good in real life as it seems on paper?

lizgwiz said...

I like the idea of an "official" first corndog.

I once put one of those heat-and-eat rice pouches in the microwave without remembering to vent the top. Fortunately, I noticed it was swelling to frightening proportions and managed to get a hole poked in it BEFORE it exploded in my face, otherwise I would certainly have had a story to rival your Lean Cuisine burn. (Speaking of which, cut yourself some slack. It's HARD to cook and eat healthy for one all the time. Sometimes it's just not worth the bother. Sigh.)

L Sass said...

Mmmm corndog.

I went camping this weekend. It was upstate New York camping rather than traditional Minnesota camping, but I made sure there were brats on the grill anyway!

Lara said...

I cannot rememberthe last time I had a corndog. Seriously! I obviously need to get to Minnesota, where people apparently do such things more regularly.

Jess said...

I love that you calculated how many months you've been alive. I'd have done the same thing.

I don't even REMEMBER how my weekend was. Now that it's Tuesday, it feels like it was ages ago.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Yum, summer food! At least when you saw him you were getting your corndog on, right?

My weekend was fantastic, at the Craft Beer Festival and beyond. Thank you for asking! You're so polite, Stef. :)

Stefanie said...

3Cs--It was! It was in a wind-blown ponytail, but at least it was relatively grease free. Whew.

Courtney--It never is, is it?

Liz--I'm all about commemorating the small moments, obviously.

L Sass--How is upstate New York camping different from Minnesota camping? Are the outfits fancier?

Lara--OBVIOUSLY. :-)

Jess--I did knock off several months after I did the math. I figure my mom probably made SOME efforts to ensure I had proper nutrition for at least the first year or so of my life...

NPW--Well, I try. :-)

Aaron said...

Just your description of him sounds so terribly boring, though. I say your instincts have not failed you.