Saturday, March 31, 2007

Me + wine + complicated electronics. No good can come of this.

Translation? The box in which my much-mentioned birthday printer/scanner thingie came is now open. It has yet to leap out on its own, however, to connect and install itself. I can only assume this is because it is a refurbished model rather than a brand new one, since surely science and technology has advanced in this direction by now; has it not?

Incidentally, I have not told you this, Internets, but in the past month, I have gone on approximately eight dates with the same person. I know! Shocking, right? Unfortunately, when he asked what I was doing this weekend, I explained my plans for last night and then fabricated some imaginary plans for tonight.* In other words, I decided I would rather drink Cotes du Rhone alone in my yoga pants and gray hoodie and work on my instruction manual-reading skills than spend another evening with this man. That's not good, right? That's probably a clear-cut sign that I'm not feelin' it? I have problems, people. I just need to better pinpoint what they are.

[Note to any would-be helpful advice-givers out there: You really don't need to tell me what my problems are. Trust me; I have a rather lengthy list going on my own.]

OK, there is really no particular point to this post other than to procrastinate even longer on this likely very simple task--a task I should actually want to complete, as it benefits only me. Well, me and anyone just dying to see the much-hyped artist's rendering of my unfortunate blue satin discount prom dress from Deb. I will really have to find some excuse to visit my parents sometime before Thanksgiving. I highly doubt I can do justice to such things on my own.

Who was it who said staying in on Saturday night is the new Going Out? I'm so all over that, obviously.


* In truth, I had some tentative maybe-plans for this evening, but rainy weather and my sporadically antisocial nature made me decide to skip out on those.


Poppy Cede said...

Stef, I think it was the same person who mentioned that 30 is the new 20. Lucky for us, everything's turning in our favor. ;) Next time you drink you should email me. I like drunk emails. I could even drunk email with you! :)

Red said...

8 dates? Really? In a month? Obviously you know how you feel, but maybe you just needed a break from him for a night?

Who is this person waxing optimistic over here anyway? :)

-R- said...

Do I need to lend you H to connect that scanner? Not that you need a man to help. I am just calling you lazy. =)

stefanie said...

Poppy--Didn't you used to say you never drink? What sort of crazy new leaves are you turning over these days?? Anyway, I like your idea that everything's turning in our favor! :-)

Red--Well, I suppose it was more like five weeks, so a little longer than a month. And yes, I thought perhaps I just needed a break, but the more I thought about it, the more I think I'm just not feelin' it. (I would explain more, but it seems foolish and inappropriate to do so in a comment to a comment on my blog.) ;-)

R--Lay off; it's hooked up! And working, too! Picture posts are coming; don't you worry.

3carnations said...

8 dates in a month...Well, even if you don't see him again, that might have counted as a relationship. ;) I can totally see why you wouldn't tell us about him, though. When I was single, it seemed as though the more excited I was about someone, the less I would talk about them...I don't know why; maybe not wanting to jinx it?

I suspected something was up, since you hadn't had many postings lately...:)

NancyPearlWannabe said...

Eight dates seems like a good number to decide on whether you want to continue. Long enough to to have given it a shot without feeling that "but what if he's a really great guy and I just didn't give it long enough?" dread.

PS- Wine and electronics totally mix. :)

lizgwiz said...

Well, if it ain't happenin', it ain't happenin'. I think 8 dates is enough to assure that you aren't being too picky. Though maybe you just needed a stay-at-home weekend, and it had nothing to do with him. I need those from time to time.

stefanie said...

3Cs--It wasn't so much that I was excited about him and didn't want to jinx it; it was more that he was entirely normal and therefore yielded few amusing stories, I think.

NPW--Thanks. That's what I was thinking, too--that I stuck with this one long enough to give it a fair chance, but if I hadn't felt a real connection by now, it likely wasn't going to form. Oh well.

Liz--I definitely needed a stay-at-home night, I think, but when I realized I wasn't anxious to see him even after having a night to myself, I figured I should listen to that instinct.

LC said...


I agree with everyone. It's the right time to know you're not feeling it, without ending up with the 'but what if I'm wrong?' feeling if you end it.

I love drunk posting/texting/chatting.

Darren McLikeshimself said...

I think prefering electronics to the company of a woman is one of the few male qualities that I identify with. Maybe it's less about the guy and more about temporarily getting in touch with your inner man?