Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There is a more informative and relevant URL I could use on that "Real Girl" link, but it would be a decidedly less safe for work one.

More Facebook things, because seriously, there's just so much material to be found.

Thing the first: I am not going to take the "What type of cow are you?" quiz. I may have gotten sucked into "What is your best Zodiac match?" and "What TV show do you belong in?" but I have to draw the line somewhere, friends. Also, I have already taken the "Political Idealogy [sic]" quiz. My results probably even showed up in your news feed. I am not going to take it again. Please stop asking me.

Thing the second: Today, two of my friends became fans of Jews. There really is a Facebook fan group for everything. But those Jews, they're good people, no?

And I think that about catches you up on my Facebook activity for the day. Oh. Unless you want to hear about how I clicked "Ignore" on a friend request for the third time in a week and a half. I am getting extra devil-may-care with my wanton disregard for people's feelings, obviously. But seriously: the fact that you married a guy I went to high school with but whom I have not spoken to nor seen since high school is not enough of a reason for you to want to be electronically linked to me. It is most certainly not enough of a reason for me to want to be electronically linked to you. Here's a handy hint: If there is a chance that I am going to see your friend request and say out loud to my email screen, "Who the fuck is [insert name here]?" (and you have not even included a note to tell me who the fuck [insert name here] is), there is a very good chance I am going to click "Ignore." Call me crazy and closed minded that way. (Or, don't call me anything at all, because it's entirely possible I am giving all of this entirely too much thought.)

And while we are talking about things marginally related to that last post, would anyone else like to weigh in on the bangs suggestion raised by my anonymous commenter? It probably comes as no surprise that I considered posting a poll about this wholly unexpected issue to garner more scientific feedback, but then I realized that I really don't need to see those results. No matter how the responses panned out, I am not in the market for bangs at the moment. Perhaps I should have them, on account of my face shape or forehead size or my desire to look like Rory Gilmore circa season 7, but I have had bangs for much more of my life than I haven't, and I know I'm not interested in the upkeep right now. I am particularly not interested in bangs for the express purpose of looking older. Seriously, folks. I just turned 35, and I get carded only about one time in ten these days. Telling me I look too young is not exactly an insult in my mind. (Note to the anonymous commenter: I know it wasn't supposed to be an insult. I should clarify that it caught me off guard but didn't offend.)

In other news, my new (to me) laptop is working out quite well. My new favorite position to blog and read blogs is lounging on my couch, legs outstretched, computer on my lap. It is a little bit alarming to me how long I can sit in this same position without moving. I started to feel a bit cold tonight, and for the first time ever, I suddenly considered the fact that the Snuggie is maybe not such a ridiculous idea after all. But then I realized, hello, perhaps I should simply GET UP every now and then to ensure that blood is still moving to all parts of my body. Seriously, it's like I'm one of the former Earthlings on the hover track in Wall-E here. Thank god I don't have a robot to wait on me hand and foot or I might never leave my damn living room anymore.

That said, I did actually get some exercise before retiring to the couch this evening. Despite the fact that my hamstrings are still angry with me for revisiting an old The Firm tape I haven't done in years the other day, I decided to try a new Pilates band workout I bought on impulse at TJ Maxx tonight. So far, no additional pain has set in, but I suspect I won't actually feel any effects until tomorrow. Meanwhile, my bigger problem is this: I have washed my hands seven times since 7:30 this evening, and I still smell cheap rubber on them every time I lift my fingers towards my face. Tell me, does anyone else have any of these resistance band thingies? If so, tell me, will the rubbery scent subside in time, or am I destined to smell like I've just fondled a Real Girl every time I want to work my muscles without weights?

That may not be as important a question as the "bangs or no bangs" one, but it's the one I'm settling on in any case.


steve said...

Why am I always the first to comment? Must be a weird time zone thing.

Anyway, I kinda like this feistier Stef, and I'm with you on the laptop/couch thing - it can get all too comfortable.

3carnations said...

Hubby has a resistance band, and I've never noticed the rubbery smell. I should ask him.

I've already weighed in on the bangs. What comes after a "criticism" that says you looks too youthful? You're too smart? Yeah, let's go with that. You're too smart. To fix that? Probably get bangs. :)

nancypearlwannabe said...

I think you are pretty just the way you are, but you could totally rock some longer bangs and do the hipster look with no problem.

Then again, I am wearing leggings today, so maybe it's me that has the issue with looking too young and you don't want to take my advice.

-R- said...

Maybe the high school friend's wife thinks you're having a Facebook affair with her husband and wants to be your friend so that she can keep tabs on you. You are caught in a love triangle!

Or maybe she is just weird.

courtney said...

That's my favorite Internet surfing position too! When I was unemployed last year, I think I spent the majority of my time on the couch, legs outstretched, computer in lap.

If you go with bangs, I wouldn't go as heavy as Rory's bangs were. Those kind of blunt-cut, very heavy bangs look like they're weighing down people's faces to me. I enjoy sideswept bangs, if that helps you. They require minimal upkeep.

Stefanie said...

Steve--I was thinking that if it's a time zone thing, you should NOT be the first to comment, because you get to work two or three hours after those of us in Central and Eastern time. It occurs to me that I usually post at night, though, and since you're probably up two or three hours later than we are over here, I suppose that makes sense. And feistier? Really? I hadn't noticed. Hmm.

3Cs--I have been told that maybe the reason I don't have a boyfriend is that I'm too independent. So maybe there's something to this train of thought. Would bangs fix that, too? :-)

NPW--Leggings? Really?? I think we have just found the generational divide between you and me. I am NOT doing leggings this time around.

R--See, that might make sense in her crazy brain if I were actually in any sort of contact with this particular high school acquaintance. Aside from seeing the quizzes he's taken show up in my news feed, however, we have had zero FB interaction since he friended me.

Courtney--I would probably do the sideswept bangs if I thought there was any chance they would work with my hair. My hair is fine and thin and flat with no body of its own, however, so bangs do not STAY side-swept for me. They just end up in my face driving me insane. And no one wants that. :-)

Shelly said...

Yeah, that anonymous comment was weird. You DO look really young, though, and I mean that as a total compliment! But you know your hair way better than any of us, so that decision would be only yours, imo.

And the Facebook quizes are definitely getting out of hand. I did take one this morning that might appeal to you - Which Shakespearan Character Are You? I was Lady MacBeth!

-R- said...

Oh, H's uncle took a Facebook quiz called "What kind of flirter are you?" Did I mention that H's uncle is MARRIED with several grown-up children? I wanted to comment on it, but thought it best just to leave it alone.

Not that married people aren't allowed to flirt (especially with their spouses), but this is H's uncle we're talking about. Ew.

badger reader said...

I am scared to ignore random people in facebook for some reason. Apparently I have convinced myself that it is kinder to just leave them in limbo. Hah, Your fan of Jews comment made me snort. I have friends that have become fans of cheese and/or cheese curds. Seriously people? We are from Wisconsin. It is implied.

Bangs are way too much work if you ask me. (but you probably shouldn't ask me hair advice because I still wear mine pulled back in a clip like a 10 year old most days.)

My physical therapy place always smelled like rubber resistance bands, so I wouldn't expect it to fade anytime soon.

Jess said...

No, I think you're better off without bangs. They're so trendy that you'll look back at photos and wince. And I like your hair now.

Mickey said...

No pain, no gain.

Sorry, I find ridiculous, worn-out rhymes hilarious. My favorite is "you snooze, you lose." Sometimes I'll say it even when it's not appropriate, just because it makes me laugh.

lizgwiz said...

I didn't know I could be a Fan of Jews. I am, however, a Fan of Homosexuals. ('Cause who doesn't love the gays?)

I sort of have some bangs now, but if I hadn't become an at-home self-hair cutter, I probably wouldn't, because the upkeep involved to keep them out of my eyes would make me crazy, too. Now, of course, if they start getting in my face, I just whack at them.

It seems like I used to notice the rubbery smell of my resistance bands, and now...not so much. I don't think I use them so often that I just don't notice it anymore...I think the smell must have faded.

Alice said...

hmm... i have a sort of resistance band thingy, from my physical therapy, and... huh. well, it definitely still smells like rubber, but i don't think my HANDS smell like rubber when i use it.

i am thoroughly unhelpful.

Lara said...

YOu crack me up, Stefanie. Oh, hey, did I tell you - I became FB friends with the Stephanie-with-a-ph that I met on vacation, and as I clicked "accept friend request", I thought, "Man, her name looks weird spelled that way."

Also, I almost just asked what a resistance band was but then figured it out based on the context. Ergo, I have no idea if they always smell like cheap rubber.

Lastly, did I tell you that I got a FB friend request from the wife of the guy who I may have caused to call of their wedding the first time they were supposed to get married? At first, I accepted it. Then I defriended her. THEN, she friend-requested me again! At that point I figured if she really wanted to keep up with the minutia of my live, well, so be it.

Wow, that was a long comment. I totally could have emailed you all that.