Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Random thoughts during my yoga class

I wonder, in any given yoga class in the Twin Cities, what percentage of participants have on at least one item of Mossimo active wear?

I wonder if the number is just as high in other parts of the country, or if the fact that Target is headquartered here and there's a Target store every 3.2 miles along any road makes our Target habit much more pronounced than it is in other markets.

I wonder whatever happened to the guy we called "Garth Barks" (because of a stupid novelty t-shirt he wore nearly every week, featuring a cartoon dog in a cowboy hat with the caption--you guessed it--Garth Barks). I don't miss him; I'm just curious.

I wonder why this is so damn much harder than it looks, and if I'll ever be able to do it anywhere close to correctly with anything close to grace and balance.

I wonder if the guy across from me knows he looks like Gollum when he's upside down, blood rushing to his head, face winced in the effort to maintain a good sirsasana.

I wonder if I look just as weird from that same angle.

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