Monday, September 11, 2006

Off with a hitch*

Since a few of you asked about it via e-mail or in the comments (and since I mentioned it often enough that I feel some need for closure and resolution), my friend's wedding was lovely. The weather could have been a bit milder, but when you're planning a fall ceremony on the shore of Lake Superior, you have to know you run the risk of wind and chill. The poor grandmothers of the bride and groom were bundled in so many blankets that I'm not sure they saw any of the event, but those of us in strapless gowns came through just fine.

I don't think I'll make a habit of this photo-posting thing (for many reasons--two very important ones being my embarrassingly tedious dialup connection and my probably foolish desire for mystery of some sort), but if there's ever a time to show my face to the world, it's when I'm rocking the updo and the taffeta** like this.

Team Bridesmaid
(Click for slightly bigger and less jagged. Clearly I don't have the mad skillz with photo resizing.)

I considered garnering guesses as to which member of Team Bridesmaid is me, but more than a few of you have already seen a photo,** so I figure there is no point. I'm in the middle, flanked by four lovely ladies who in no way granted permission to have their faces published on the Internet; therefore don't be too surprised if this post disappears before too long.

And since I'm photodocumenting again, here are a few other assorted shots from the event:

The flowers were gorgeous... (I didn't hear the bride say she wanted to marry her bouquet, but I wouldn't really have blamed her if she had.)


The cake, was, too...


And the resort simply oozed Northwoods charm...


Just some of the many items in the "I Spy" game that was our room. See if you can find the following: a suspended mini-canoe, one of the room's three birch-log table lamps, a pair of tiny snowshoes, tree branch shelf brackets, a paddle, a hardbound copy of The Legal Aspects of Credit. (Apparently books might be at least one area where they skimp.)

Oh, and the toast? I survived. Moreover, I actually got compliments (several, in fact), which means either word spread that I was paralyzed by nerves and people were kindly trying hard to make me feel better or I actually did all right after all. The crowd laughed at things I didn't even think were funny, which was a most welcome surprise indeed. (I'm well aware our friend alcohol likely played at least some part in that, but I'll take any help I can get.)

All in all, it was an excellent weekend and a fine party with wonderful friends. If I have to lose a Singleton girlfriend every now and then to have good times like this, then so be it, I guess.

* I've never understood why people say weddings "went off without a hitch." Isn't getting hitched just what the couple is there to do? Wouldn't no hitch mean no wedding? It confuses me no end, but I should really let it go.

** Not to mention the late-summer tan lines... made only worse by my futile attempt to correct with self-tanner, but just ignore that part, OK?

*** I mean, a photo shot close enough to actually identify me in a lineup; that far-off tractor shot at the fair
doesn't count.


nabbalicious said...

Yay, pictures! Those dresses are nice, too.

Congrats on surviving the toast. Toasts are a prominent feature in my version of hell.

The first one I ever gave was at my sister's wedding, and I was pretty drunk for it. I managed to get something out about being sisters and best friends, and it made her cry, so I suppose it was a success. Unless she was crying because I was so drunk and ruining her wedding. I'm klassy, all right.

Stinkypaw said...

Glad to read that your toast went well and that you had a good time - that's always a good thing!

Gorgeous ladies, flowers and Northwoods charms as you mentioned. I found all items, and I must say that little "ever green" in the corner, looks scared or something, poor thing...

beingmccrary said...

I have to write a MOH speech for this weekend, I've already started it but I just keep deleting and rewriting....any tips? I'm so freakin nervous and I don't want it to sound impersonal. I've been friends with this girl for 14 years!

Darren McLikeshimself said...

I don't think "going off without a hitch" is an expression reserved just for weddings, is it?

"Jim, how'd your root canal go?"

"Went off without a hitch, Tammy. Thanks for asking."


Agreed. Toasts suck. I AGONIZED over my brother's toast. It went off without a hitch (SEE?!) and without the benefit of being drunk (there really wasn't much liquor served at the reception). And without anyone really paying much attention. Thanks, family! You're the reason I'm in therapy!

stefanie said...

Nabb--Yes, I have to give credit to the bride for picking a dress I actually thought was really elegant and pretty. (Expensive, but pretty.)

Spaw--It's probably scared because I kept shoving it out of the way to make room for all of my luggage and such. Oh well.

BMC--I will give you the same formula everyone kept giving me. You start by saying hello, welcoming everyone, and thanking the couple for asking you to be part of their day. Then you talk about how you know the bride and share a meaningful memory or two. Then you talk about the couple a bit and wish them luck and happiness and all that. If you're anything like me, you will be well aware of this formula and still have no idea what the heck to say for the specifics. I pulled it off, though, and I'm sure you'll do fine, too. Good luck!

Darren--I know, I know; the phrase isn't just for weddings. But when used in the context of weddings, I just don't think it makes sense. Oh, and I deliberately had only one glass of wine before the toast, but two minutes beforehand, I was wishing I'd downed a bit more! And "not much liquor served at the reception"? That's just wrong, as I'm sure you know.

-R- said...

All of you look gorgeous! Were bright blue eyes a requirement to be part of the wedding party?

I'm glad your toast went off without a hitch.

Guinness_Girl said...

You look so pretty! Those dresses are quite nice, actually - not bad at all! Your resort room cracked me up, as did the cake topper which appears to have included the priest...I've never seen one of those before...

stefanie said...

R--No, but apparently brown hair was. We were joking that perhaps the bride chose us so she'd be the only blonde.

GG--Yes, I actually liked the dress, and entertained the possibility of someday maybe going someplace fancy enough that I could wear the top again with a black skirt or pants, but then I went and spilled red wine on it at the very end of the night, so that may no longer be an option. Really I was just trying to fathom getting some additional wear out of such an expensive outfit, of course.

Oh, and as for the cake topper, yeah, I thought it was odd that it included the minister, too, but it was the groom's parents' topper from when they got married, so when I heard that I thought it was kind of sweet.

Carrie said...

As part of Team Bridesmaid, you have full permission to use this photo, despite the fact that I look like an armless wonder. Now that's something for the state fair freak show -- the amazing armless bridesmaid! How DOES she carry her flowers?