Friday, September 15, 2006

Unsolved Mysteries: Highway 36 Edition

OK, so... consensus on that last post seems to be "toilet seat." Now if anyone could tell me why someone would want twelve-plus toilet seat decals on their vehicle, that would help me out.

Seriously, I'm just glad no one's said, "Duh... You don't know that's the logo for [insert name of super-famous band that I should know about but don't here]??" That reminds me of a funny story, actually...

I have a former co-worker who told me he once bought a car on which the previous owner had stuck a large NIN* rear window decal. Being a good Christian, Celine Dion-listening man (youth minister and everything), my co-worker had no idea what the crytic icon meant, but he thought it looked cool nonetheless. Only when someone clued him in did he decide to scrape it off his new car. I guess Head Like a Hole and Closer were not ones he felt worthy of personal theme songs. Go figure.

* Just pretend that second "N" is backwards, OK? I have no idea what the HTML code for that might be.


-R- said...

I found out what the symbol is, kind of. H and I were walking through our neighborhood and saw the symbol on a homemade skateboard ramp. I asked H what the symbol is and he said it is from an independent skateboard company. I have no idea if he was just making that up, but it made sense to me!

stefanie said...

That's awesome, R. I love that you saw the symbol, too, and remembered it as something you saw on the Internet. Thanks for [almost] solving the mystery. You *ARE* "-R- Drew" after all! ;-)