Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Dreams May Come

I really can't explain what the hell is up with my subconscious these days. I know I said I wasn't going to keep documenting my weird-ass dreams, but I can't help thinking maybe somebody out there has some insight on this absurdity. Amateur dream analysis? Anyone? Here are two more for you.

One: A couple nights ago, I dreamt I was in prison. It was nothing like OZ or Prison Break or anything like that (I’ve actually never seen either of those shows; I’m just guessing for lack of a better reference point). No, it was a reasonably habitable and friendly, no-bars sort of place. There was a common area that looked a whole lot like the church basement where we had school events and sloppy joe dinners when I was a kid, and the whole lock-in thing seemed to be on an honor system more than anything else. I have no idea why I was there, but it seemed to be for some sort of political protest or civil disobedience kind of thing as opposed to a “real” and heinous crime like killing or stealing or whatnot. I actually met a very nice young man there who I seemed to be connecting with quite well, and when I woke up, I immediately felt sad to have lost him. (I surely hope this isn't my brain's way of suggesting I start looking in more unconventional places such as prisons for new boyfriend candidates. I'm really not even close to that desperate right now.) Perhaps strangest of all, though, was the fact that I was in custody (you know you want me to say it: “I’m incarcerated, Lloyd!”), and yet, my biggest (and possibly only) concern was how I was going to send my mortgage payment in from the fake church basement prison. Yes, even in my dreams, I'm an overly responsible and boring dork. Perhaps what my subconscious is telling me in this particular case is that I need to let loose and get out more.

Two: Last night, I dreamt I was visiting my parents at their house in Wisconsin. It was late at night, and I went downstairs for a drink of water, and when I turned on the light, I woke up my infant baby sister--an infant baby sister that I do not have, mind you, and an infant baby sister who was, for some reason, sleeping in a crib in my mother's office off of the kitchen instead of in a proper nursery or bedroom upstairs. She cried for a bit, and then called out clearly, "You've left me alone in here too long! Come hold me!" So I went into the office to pick her tiny self up out of the crib, whereupon we had a meaningful chat in clear and grown-up words that infants generally aren't able to articulate. I asked her if she wanted to go to a movie tomorrow, and she replied, "I'd like that." She then explained how she always felt she didn't get a chance to really know me because I was at college when she was born. I graduated from college nine years ago, so perhaps baby sister had some sort of stunted-growth disorder and maybe that explains the age-inappropriate linguistic ability. Still, I have no idea what to make of this.

In that same dream, I found myself with a need to look up some topic or other, and I went to my parents’ bookshelf for a reference book. The reference book I was looking for (and, of course, unable to find)? Wikipedia. That’s right; I was looking for a bound, printed version of Wikipedia. Again, I am a tremendous nerd, even when I’m asleep. Lord help me.


LC said...

You have got to watch Prison Break.

I got hooked in less than a week.

If only for the eye candy.

nabbalicious said...

Ha! I used to have a lot of dreams where I was either writing really great poetry or computing complex math equations. Very bizarre, since I have a knack for neither.

This also just reminded me to write about my appearance in other people's dreams, in which I'm nearly always doing something asshole-ish or lame.

-R- said...

The first dream clearly means that the love of your life is in prison right now, but if you keep making your mortgage payments, he will get out and find you (in a non-creepy way).

I think the second dream means you ate too much spicy food before bed.

Red said...

If you're ever in jail and call me and say "I'm incarcerated, Lloyd!" then I'll bail you out, no matter the amount. Or the crime.

Stinkypaw said...

Interesting dreams you have! Good things you write them down, it's interesting to revisit dreams sometimes.

It'd be interesting to know what you did to end up in the fake church basement prison.

As for the other dream, did your mother ever miscarried? Once I saw a fortune teller who basically argued with me that I had a brother and sister. I was pissed off and told her "Listen I've been alone with my parents for the last 25 years, I think I'd know if I had a sister or brother!" But she kept insisting and comming back to that point through out the session. When I got home, I called my mom and when I mentioned that to her she said: "Well I lost twins before you...". I knew she had a miscarriage before me, but didn't know it was twins...

Maybe you wanted a younger sibling or something, somebody you can relate, blood related?

stefanie said...

LC--Wentworth Miller is indeed a fine reason to watch a show, but so is Michael Vartan and yet for some reason I never got into Alias. Go figure.

Nabbalicious--I've seen Darren and Red in a dream before, but never you yet. If and when that happens, I'll let you know what assholish or lame thing you're doing so you can add it to the list, OK?

R--But he's in prison for a minor and almost admirable crime like political protest or civil disobedience, right?? Right??

Red--I shall keep that in mind. Who knows--it may be a handy offer someday.

Spaw--I actually do have a younger sister, just not a baby one. Maybe the dream means I still think of her as a baby, even though she's 26? Maybe I feel like I've lost touch with her since we live in different states now? Who knows.