Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What about Who now?

It's been a while since I documented any of the bizarre little scenes my subconscious cooks up while I'm asleep. In case anyone was thinking that was because I'd actually started having nothing but normal and sensical dreams, let me tell you about last night.

Last night, I dreamt I was sitting around a large, circular table on a warm sunny patio with the cast of What about Brian. We were enjoying drinks and light snacks, and I was chatting with them about how I'm the only one I know who's actually watching their show.

I told them about how excited I was when one of the Fug girls also claimed to be the only person in America who's even aware of the show and about how frustrating it is to have no one to complain to about how very annoying and vile Brian's new girlfriend is (not to mention how creepy and unsettling it is for him to be routinely having sex with someone his father "bagged" as well).

I also told the girl who used to be Felicity's roommate how strange I thought it was that the cast was culled so heavily from the WB's pool of stock actors. She just sneered at me in reply, perhaps rightfully peeved that I referred to her as "the girl who used to be Felicity's roommate" instead of by her proper name. (Which is Amanda Foreman. Happy now, Meghan? I looked it up.)

I am pretty sure I can attribute this dream to the fact that I stayed up well past my intended bedtime watching last night's episode on tape, because I was detained in small-talk with a meMarmony match during the 9:00-10:00 slot when it originally aired. I've already realized I need to put a curfew on my Internet time, because when there is no buffer between when I turn off my computer and when I head to bed, somehow bloggers and e-mail friends inevitably creep into my dreams shortly thereafter. Apparently the same holds true for TV characters as well.

Of course, the other possibility is not just that I need some buffer time between TV and bed, but that I simply need a life as well. Let's just go with the former, though, OK?

Edited to add: By the way, I swear this post was neither endorsed nor paid for by ABC. You know, just in case that somehow wasn't abundantly clear.



Poppy Cede said...

High five (not really), I watch "What About Brian" too! I watch it online exclusively, so that Hay doesn't have to see it. :)

stefanie said...

Why wouldn't Hay want to watch it, Poppy? Does he not know about the hot redheaded stripper-wife? Because if he knew about her, maybe he'd watch!

-R- said...

I couldn't even remember her character's name was Meghan! I just remember that she was crazy and married that one guy who had his own apartment (except I think later Ben moved in). And she was a phone sex operator for like one episode. Ok, why am I outlining Felicity for you?

NancyPearlWannabe said...

I've never even heard of that show- but now that I know that Felicity's roommate is in it (who is also Marshall's wife in Alias), I might need to check it out.

3carnations said...

Apparently it's dream week in blogland, since GG posted hers, too. I guess I have my post for today, although my dream really wasn't all that interesting...

stefanie said...

R--I totally forgot about the phone sex operator plot, and I almost forgot she married that big awkward guy, too.

Nancypearlwannabe--Hi; I love your screen name. :-) Felicity's roommate was on Alias, too? I think the guy R was referring to from Felicity was on Alias as well. So maybe the cast is not so much culled from WB actors as from J.J. Abrams actors. But then, that doesn't explain Madison from "Everwood" and Matt from "7th Heaven" being on it. It does, however, cover Felicity's friend Julie, who was in a few early episodes as well.

3Cs--Last night I dreamt about GG's blog. Not even GG, mind you, but GG's blog. My boss and her daughter were reading Red Red Whine and saw a comment from me and ended up finding my own blog that way. Apparently my subconscious is still terrified someone I don't want to see this thing is going to find it.

3carnations said...

Dreaming about blogs? That's a whole new category of dreams...Have we gone too far with blogging when we dream of blogs? ;)

stefanie said...

Possibly. :-)

Poppy Cede said...

He hates 7th Heaven and anything that might remind him of it (Brian/Barry).

I just spot checked my comments and none of them are anonymous. Blogger sure messed up for a lot of people, but didn't seem to mess up for me...?

lizgwiz said...

I wasn't even tempted to start watching "What About Brian"--should I have been?

And what's with glossing over the MeMarmony suitor chatting, hmmm? Anything interesting?

And why is this comment composed entirely of questions? ;)

nabbalicious said...

Hey! My comments keep getting eaten up by Blogger. The hell?

Maybe it was for lameness, because all I wrote is that I thought I saw Amanda Foreman's lookalike at the mall this weekend and it was funny that you just dreamt about her.

guinness girl said...

Ha - you dreamed of my blog! That is silly.

I used to watch WAB, but then got bored by it. Wilman, however, is still faithfully watching. :)

stefanie said...

Poppy--Well that's understandable, I suppose. I can handle Barry what's-his-damn, but if anyone else from that damn show ever makes an appearance on What About Brian, that might be the end of it for me.

1. Probably not. I don't even know for sure why I'm hooked. I definitely watch it on purpose at this point, but I don't know that I'd really miss it a lot if it vanished.
2. Unintentional; it wasn't a key part of the story is all.
3. Not really. It was just a phone call.
4. That's something I can't answer for you. ;-)

Nabb--Grrr. I am sorry. Stupid New-Blogger. I have said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not pleased.

GG--It is silly indeed. I can't explain my subconscious, really.
So Wilman watches but you don't? Would Wilman want to complain with me about how annoying and vile Brian's new girlfriend is?? ;-)

metalia said...

My very favorite part of the dream is that Felicity's ex-roommate got all pissed off at you.

stefanie said...

Ha. That was a nice touch, wasn't it? :-)