Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Five: I got nothin'. How about you?

I thought about skipping my Friday Five this week because, frankly, I just don't have a good topic idea today. Not that I am convinced all my other ideas were so good, mind you, but today I don't even feel inspired enough for a lame one. I shall blame it on the fact that my head is in a stuffed-up fog due to the cold I managed to pick up (which, in turn, I blame on my own dumb self for arrogantly stating, "I have not been sick at all yet this year!" more than two times right out loud).

Anyway, rather than tarnishing my perfect record of 29 consecutive weeks of fives (Really! I just counted! Can you believe I've been doing this for 29 weeks already? I can't.), I thought I would steal the idea 3Carnations used for her Thursday Thirteen yesterday and do a Q&A Friday Five.

Yes, yes, I know I already did a Q&A a few months ago (a two-part one, no less), and there's been a resurgence of this form elsewhere lately as well. I don't care. Head fog, remember? You can't possibly expect creative and unique ideas from me in this state.

So. My Friday Five is up to you folks today. Ask me something. Anything. The top five things you don't know about me but want to. (Or the top one thing, as my hope is that four more people will come along with a question shortly after you.) I will answer the first five I receive or the first five that amuse me in some way. Just kidding. I'll probably answer damn-near anything, and if you ask me more than five, I'll just file them for a later post. Sound OK? Thanks.

And... go!


3carnations said...

OK...let me think. I've got to come up with something good since you linked me (twice!) and sked me a question.

1. What was the most shallow reason you ever didn't want to date a particular guy?

2. Have you ever had to almost literally bite your tongue to keep from correcting someone's terrible grammar faux-pas?

3. What's the worst thing you've ever done/said to get out of a date?

4. What is the last movie you saw (theater or DVD)?

5. What is your absolute favorite food?

3carnations said...

Asked me a question...not "sked" about proofreading!

lizgwiz said...

What would your "last meal" be, if you were allowed to choose?

And if you were allowed a dining companion for that meal, anyone living or dead, who would you choose?

Stargazer said...

1) when you were little what did you want to be when you "grew up"?
2) Do you have any recurring nightmares/Dreams
3) Is there one specific personality trait you wish you could adopt
4) someone was going to give you a whopping gift certificate--what store would you want it to be to?

-R- said...

If you could change one thing about your house, what would you change?

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

stefanie said...

Wow; you guys are great! I am debating whether to pick five for now or wait for a few more and do a Friday Fifteen. I should probably go with the latter... If I'm going to be lazy and make you guys pick my topic for today, at least I can triple the item total.

guinness girl said...

Wah. I cannot remember what I've already asked you! So....what is your ideal cake/frosting combo?

L Sass said...

Ooh! Tell me your favorite bar in Mpls. I'm always looking for suggestions when I am home visiting the 'rents!