Sunday, October 14, 2007

For the man who said all he wanted was a favorable entry on my blog...

...and for the handful of friends who didn't understand why I paid him any attention in the first place.

Why? Lots of reasons.

  • Because he left a surprise gift on my doorknob one day.
  • Because he appreciates a good vocabulary.
  • Because he may be the only guy who's ever brought me flowers for no real reason more than once.
  • Because he thought my nerdy, play-by-the-rules self was "edgy."
  • Because he cried during Once.
  • Because he thought it was cute that I took a list of movies I wanted to see to the library and searched through 34 titles before finally finding one that was in stock.
  • Because when I texted him (from 30 miles away in the midst of a work day) to say I'd blown a tire on my car, his immediate reply was "Do you need saving?"
  • Because he has more style and a better eye for decor than I could ever hope to hone.
  • Because he thought I was beautiful.
  • Because of the way he kissed my neck.
  • Because his social conscience exceeds mine.
  • Because he thinks I'm a better writer than I really am.
  • Because maybe I'm not as completely independent as I let on, and it felt good to land in one place for a while.

It may not have been right, but I'd never say it didn't mean anything.