Sunday, October 07, 2007

Who am I?

It was a bit of an unusual weekend around here. Let's talk about the several unlikely or out-of-character things I've done recently, shall we? In the past two days, I...

  • Bought a pumpkin not for ornamental purposes. Did you know you can actually slice up and eat those things? OK, you probably did. But have you ever actually done it? I had not. Thanks to Noelle for the inspiration on that.

  • Attempted to make a 40s-esque hair accessory from a pair of fishnet stockings. Incidentally, it is not as easy to make your own snood as I thought it might be. Live and learn. I'm not quite as crafty as I'd hoped, I guess.

  • Curled my stubbornly stick-straight hair for the first time in three years. In lieu of the snood, I thought I'd try for some Rita Hayworth-type waves for Saturday's vintage-dress wedding. Unfortunately, the rainy and unseasonably humid weather turned those waves back into my usual straight and lifeless locks in 15 minutes flat. Oh well. For a few brief moments before I left my house, it looked like this! Pretty, no?

  • Read something I wrote in front of 300+ people I do not know. Incidentally, it went mostly well (aside from my annoying inability to keep my hands and legs from shaking noticeably the whole time). Thank you all again for your fine suggestions for my speech. I will post it tomorrow; I promise.

  • Drank damn-near my weight in gin and tonics and yet woke up with only the slightest of headaches or hangover. Maybe sticking to one drink for the entire night really is the key. It should not have taken me 12 years as a legal drinker to figure this out.

  • Turned on my window AC units on October 7. OCTOBER 7! I shouldn't even still have the AC units in my windows this late in the year; it really shouldn't be hot and stuffy enough in my house to need them. Maybe now we will all start listening to Al Gore? Good lord.

And that about wraps up my weekend, I guess. Like I said, I'll post the wedding reading a bit later, along with a link to my pictures from the event. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, 80+ degrees or no.


Jess said...

See, that's interesting. When I straighten my hair, humidity immediately makes it curly again. I didn't realize it also worked in reverse.

Anonymous said...

The hair looks great! Mine falls out within 15 minutes any time I try to do something with it. And how did the pumpkin go? Man, those things are not easy to cut. I hope I gave you enough warning.

Anonymous said...

Yay pretty hair! And congrats on getting your speech out of the way. I'm sure it was great!

lizgwiz said...

It's like I don't even know you any more. ;)

It's been unseasonably warm here, too. And apparently some runner dropped dead of the heat during the Chicago marathon and they had to cancel the race. WHAT global warming?

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty!! I can't wait to see more pics. Glad it went well, and thanks for the tip on sticking to one drink. Dammit, why haven't I learned that lesson yet?

-R- said...

Like everyone else, I am glad the reading went well. Sorry the hair didn't last longer, but it did look good!

Stefanie said...

Jess--Yep, it totally works in reverse. I have a few curly-haired friends who've been equally surprised about that.

Noelle--You did indeed warn me, so I was expecting the worst. (Frankly I'm not sure why I still felt up for the challenge.) It did take a while (about a half hour), but a decent knife is definitely the secret. I acquired a good chef's knife as a gift recently, and I'm amazed to see what a difference the proper knife makes, even for simple-to-cut things like onions. Who knew?? (Well, anyone who cooks regularly and has a properly stocked kitchen knew. I fall into neither of those groups, however, so it was news to me.)

NPW--Thanks. People laughed in mostly the right places, and I got several compliments from strangers later, so I'm going to trust that it went over well.

Liz--Yikes! I hadn't heard about that. I hope everyone finished the Twin Cities marathon with no casualties!

Nabbalicious--I don't know; apparently it's not a lesson I can stick with, either. Also, maybe I was just lucky. Even when I stick with wine all night, I sometimes don't feel fine the next day, so this may not be an absolute rule.

R--Thanks. :-) Mainly I just had to post that to prove to all my real-life friends who saw me Saturday that it was, in fact, curly when I left the house. (I complained about that far too often that afternoon.)

Anonymous said...

My teenage daughter is always in a hissy fit because her hair won't stay straight.

Both of you in better shape than me, I just want mine to stay in my head.

Anonymous said...

It IS pretty! That sucks it didn't last longer.

metalia said...

You look FOXY in that curly hair picture! SO glad the toast went well! :)

Stefanie said...

Dr. Syn--We all want what we don't have, huh? Thanks for putting it in perspective, though! ;-)

Simone--You know I just had to post that so that real-lifers like you (to whom I complained about my ugly, humidity-wrecked hair all day) could see what it looked like before! :-)

Metalia--Thanks, lady.

Whiskeymarie said...

I posted a comment already, but now I see it has disappeared. And I can't remember what I said, but I'm sure it was brilliant.
Nice hair though. Very retro.

kirida said...

I want rockabilly hair, but I just get hillbilly hair.