Sunday, February 18, 2007

Can I get a "Whoo!" (or maybe some equivalent though nerdier exclamation)?

It seems my shameless campaigning paid off, as I have been granted the 2007 Poppy Award for Grammar and Spelling. Yay!!

I would like to thank the academy, except, um, there is no academy. There is only Poppy and you guys. Oh, and my 12th grade English teacher Mrs. Millmans, who taught me more about proper grammar than any other teacher or professor I've ever had and whose name I just spelled incorrectly on purpose to avoid having anyone connected with my old high school inadvertently Google upon my blog. Ah, the irony of a deliberate spelling error in a post celebrating my spelling prowess. I hope my award isn't revoked for such an offense.

I am pleased to report that I actually won two Poppy awards. The other was a category I suggested myself, knowing I'd be a shoe-in to win. Since Poppy is all secret and anonymous, though, I didn't think she'd actually post such an award. Since she did, I think I can safely mention it here as well.

Poppy is one of at least three Stefanie-with-an-F's who has come to and commented on my blog seemingly solely because of our uncommon name. Clearly we're not quite as rare and original as I thought. It might be a depressing thought if I weren't in such fine company.

Congrats also to Maliavale, Nabbalicious, and Darren for their well-deserved recognition in the "Best Music Reviews" and "Best Photos" categories. And a special shout-out to Liz, who took away the "Most Feral Cat Posts in a Single Blog" award, a category that I'm pretty sure came straight from a suggestion in my comments. Liz, it really is too bad that the Poppy Awards don't come with a trophy, because this has "Year of Liz" written all over it, don't you think?


Bob said...

I still read, just through RSS now.

The Other Girl said...

Congradulations! Your allsome!

Anniina said...

Congratulations, you Queen of Spelling, you Goddess of Grammar, you r All-around Awesomeness!!! Yay!

(and no, I'm not drunk, but for some reason this post really made me giddy with delight)

guinness girl said...

Hey! Congradulations, indeed! I like you alot, and I'm glad their are others who do to.

(yes, I know I stole the bad-speller-comment idea from The Other Girl, but I really wanted to write "alot" like that.)

And - hilarious that Liz won a Most Feral Cat Posts in a Single Blog award! Ha.

lizgwiz said...

Congratulations! And your awesomeness somehow bled over and won me an award, too. Cool!

Maybe I'll just buy a bunch of little trophies and give them to myself periodically for the next year, the Year of Liz. Hee.

stefanie said...

"Bob"--That's cool. I'm loving Bloglines myself, so I totally understand. Glad to know you're still out there, though. :-)

Other Girl, Anniina, and GG--Thanks! And nice use of painful errors, OG and GG. If only you'd stuck some text-speak in there, too, and neglected any and all capitalization, I might just have gone blind reading your comments.

Liz--I was pretty amused by the add-on award myself. You deserve it!! :-)

metalia said...

Woot! Congrats on this well-deserved honor! ;)