Sunday, December 21, 2008

Clearly this post was just one more excuse to use that "Hobos" label.

Is it really Sunday night already? How did that happen? More important, is it really only four days until Christmas? Tell me, is my house the only one subject to time warps, or do you guys have that problem as well?

First, let's review what I did do this weekend. I did manage to...

  • Clean and ready my house for a Christmas party last night.
  • Shovel six inches of snow.
  • Host a holiday party for several of my friends.
  • Get pictures from said party online within 24 hours of the event.
  • Write my Christmas cards.
  • Eat my weight in guacamole and layer bars.
What I didn't do, however, was everything else on my list, including wrap my family's Christmas gifts, pack for my trip home this week, and answer the several neglected emails waiting in my Inbox. Oh. Also, I did not hear from the aforementioned Bachelor #3, despite that aforementioned last-date-of-the-year being, from my perspective, one of my best dates of the year.

That's right, folks; you heard me. I had a GOOD DATE. Or, I thought I did, anyway. Apparently either the two of us were on entirely different dates or my instincts are way, way off. It is frustrating and more than a bit disheartening and frankly I have little more I want to say about it than that. I actually liked this one, people. Really. I don't even know what to do with myself over that.

So it seems I will be ending 2008 just as I began it, which I suppose is fine, really. The single life usually agrees with me anyway. I have my own space and make my own schedule, and I celebrated my singlehood today by sending not at all husband-friendly pretty pink and brown glittery Christmas cards. I am now covered in glitter, as is my kitchen table, but all that sparkling should only serve to get me in the holiday spirit, don't you think?

But back to my party. It was a warm and festive evening in my cold but charming basement, and I think I can confidently say that a lovely time was had by most. Menu props go to The Pioneer Woman, who (unlike Bachelor #3) has yet to let me down thus far. I made her goat cheese with fresh dill and paprika rolls (which were fine but actually taste much better when the goat cheese you pay $10 for actually tastes like goat cheese and not like strangely tough Brie) and also her spicy molasses cookies, which happily were a much greater success than the unintentionally rock-hard molasses cookies I tried to make last year. Also, if you read Mighty Girl's post a few weeks ago and wondered, "Should I really put pears and pomegranate in my guacamole?" the answer is YES. Yes you should. I love avocado in nearly any form, but never has guacamole been so delicious.

Also, I received several excellent presents from my fabulous friends, including a knitting book with at least twelve patterns I want to make immediately, a lovely blue glass necklace, and a pair of knit wrist warmers that are much more awesome than the pair I was never going to get around to knitting myself. I am currently typing away in toasty-knuckled comfort just like a modern, techno-savvy urban hobo. Yay!

And with that, I'd best shut down and get some sleep, as the few hours I got after the last of my guests left in the partying-like-a-rock-star wee hours of the morning simply did not suffice. I'm looking forward to two short weeks in a row before the drudgery of January, with its gray bleak days and its cruelly long five-day work weeks, begins. If you are already on vacation until 2009, kindly suck it. I kid, I kid. That wasn't particularly warm-hearted and holiday-minded of me. Happy Christmas week, all.


3carnations said...

How long has it been since the date with Bachelor #3? Are we beyond a reasonable time frame? That was always so frustrating - To think a date went really well only to find out that not all involved parties agreed.

Also - glitter on cards? Sorry, but that is actually a pet peeve of mine. It gets everywhere. This year we received a card SO covered with glitter that the included photo was also covered in glitter.

Anonymous said...

I was skeptical of the guacamole recipe when you first told me about it, but it was actually very fabulous. Maybe even best guac ever.

I bet Bachelor #3 is world-weary from all this dating and needs an email from you, the wit of which will remind him how clever and worthy of seeing again you are.

MplsMel said...

Bachelor #3 could be busy with his own Christmas stuff. It is the busy time of year, isn't it? Just a thought.

Cute hand warmers :).

Danielle said...

Love the hand warmers, and your party looked fab. But I don't think you told us about the date with Bachelor #3, so dish!

nancypearlwannabe said...

Boo, Bachelor #3. BOO. But maybe it's just a stressful time of year and he's super busy? We need more information on the time frame, clearly.

Happy successful party! Those wrist warmers would make any urban hipster proud, Stef.

Stefanie said...

3Cs--The date was last Wednesday, so in my mind, yes, beyond a reasonable time frame. :-( And I'm not a big fan of glitter on cards either, but these were so pretty! Also, I didn't realize they were as glitter-shedding as they are until I had them home, unfortunately. Oh well.

Carrie--Best guac ever? Yay! And I am feeling too defeated to be clever. Let me know if you have any good lines I should use.

MplsMel--True, I suppose, though if he thought the date went well too, wouldn't he have wanted to make time to send a damn email? :-(

Danielle--I was going to write about it on Thursday, but I didn't want to jinx anything. Fat lot of good that did, apparently...

NPW--Four days and counting now. Five if it's late enough in the day that today counts.

3carnations said...

Why don't you end the year of Stef by contacting him? That way, you don't have to wonder about it through the end of the year. Go out with a bang! :)

Jess said...

I'm sorry the date doesn't seem to have made as big an impression on him as it did on you. Here's hoping you're wrong and he's just busy with holiday stuff or something. Only one way to find out for sure...

lizgwiz said...

I really, REALLY hope that #3 is just swamped with holiday preparations. Or maybe he's in the hospital, without a cellphone or access to email. But he CANNOT be blowing you off. Unactheptable!

And, while I will agree that January sucks, I think February sucks even more.

Alice said...

LOVE the handwarmers!! so cute!

stupid dates. i freaking NEVER know if they like me back. well, except for the ones i don't like, because they invariably go in for the kiss at the end of the night.

Courtney said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I like your hand warmers.

There are still a few days left in 2008! Still time for Bachelor #3 to swoop in for the Year of Stef!

flurrious said...

Okay, Liz's comment is cracking me up. I'm trying to think of other reasons Bachelor #3 hasn't called yet, and I've become fixated on "trapped in a well." Cell service is horrible in wells.

I love the hand warmers too. I'm hoping someone gives me some, as well as a Slanket.

Mickey said...

Nice fingers!

You were fishing for finger compliments, right?

Yeah, January can bite me. And probably will.

Stefanie said...

3Cs--I think I'll do that. I just didn't WANT to because isn't that HIS job? Isn't that what every bit of dating advice keeps telling us?? Man, this stuff is frustrating. :-(

Jess--And that way is the same thing 3Cs suggested?

Liz--Oh goodie. So I have dismal February to look forward to, too? Joy.

Alice--Word. (Minus the kiss part, I mean. I don't think I've ever had a first date from the Internet go in for a kiss. They wait until at least the second date to do that.)

Courtney--I am waiting. So far, no swooping. :-(

Flurrious--There's usually no Internet in wells either. I think you're on to something.

Mickey--Actually, if I was fishing for anything, it was advice on the vanishing man. You're a guy; don't you have any advice for me?? No? Oh, well. Thanks for the finger compliment.

3carnations said...

Did you contact him?

Red said...

Ooooh, that guac recipe sounds good. But I'm also enough of a guac fiend (like you, it seems) that just reading about it on your page made me happy. Seriously, what is it about mushy avocados that makes the heavens sing?

If you're looking for speculation (you may not be!) Bachelor 3 may be a busy bee this time of year. OR he's the guy on the new season of the actual Bachelor. In which case, homeboy better give you a rose.