Friday, October 27, 2006

Or maybe "Imaginary Roaches"

I haven't really been watching my Referrals list in Sitemeter lately; my stat-checking obsession seems to wax and wane regularly, and the waning part is the side to which I guess I swing most often. I had to take a look today, though, to see if anything new or amusing had turned up.

And what did I find? Surprisingly few of the usual search terms (which I would repeat here if I didn't know that it will only perpetuate those same searchers continually ending up at my blog). But I also discovered that I am currently the #1 hit for the search tank unitard Minneapolis, MN. Yay me.

This actually makes me lose a little faith in Google more than anything else. I don't know where I would look instead for tank unitard info in Minneapolis, but if you're coming for it on my blog, you're going to be sorely disappointed.

In other news, I think Phantom Ants would be an excellent band name.

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