Friday, October 13, 2006

I Never

I'd like to thank -R- for giving me a topic for this week's list. Without her, I may have been forced to tell you all more about my weird-ass dreams or perhaps list five run-of-the-mill obscenities I growled at other drivers on my way to work this morning or five snacks I would really enjoy right now. Instead, I'm doing a round of "I Never," a game that, unlike -R-, I have played before (back in college, when there were actually a hell of a lot more things that I hadn't yet done; I've always been a late bloomer, after all).

Five things I've never done

  1. Been to Asia.

  2. Gone on a date with Michael Vartan. (What? It could happen.)

  3. Tried any illicit drugs. Well, except pot. Does pot count? I mean, wait. Never mind. Just kidding. I have never tried pot. Of course I haven't.

  4. Done anything with a boy (or girl) that has a name I would have had to look up here. Or hell, even here.

  5. Stayed awake for the duration of The Godfather. (Oh, just settle down now. Is that really all that heinous a crime?)

If we were actually playing "I Never," I doubt this list would be long enough to get even the lightest of lightweights any sort of buzz. If anyone actually drank on number 2, however, I will buy you a drink myself. (And then I will want to hear all about it.)


-R- said...

At first when I read this, I thought you meant that you didn't have to look up the person's name in the urban dictionary or wikipedia. And this is despite the fact that I am completely sober after reading your list. Although, dang it, I wish I had to drink for the second one.

3carnations said...

I watched the Godfather. I also watched Godfather 2 and 3. You can thank my husband for that...

I will likely steal this list next Thursday.

stefanie said...

R--Ooh. Good point. I guess that wasn't written all that clearly. Technically (being an English major dork here), if I meant the boy's or girl's name, I would have said "WHO has a name" rather than "THAT has a name," but I shouldn't expect that just using the proper pronoun avoided any confusion. Glad you figured it out. :-)

3c--Wow; all three of them? Even the ex-boyfriend who made me watch the first one (or, made me watch the part I saw before I fell asleep) told me I could skip #3 and not be missing anything.

And steal away! -R- started it, and I'm sure she won't mind, right?

-R- said...

I hope you realize that my comment was intended as I'm so dumb for not understanding your sentence and not a criticism of your grammar skillz. (Yes, with a z.)

Poppy Cede said...

I've never tried any illicit drugs (pot or otherwise) that weren't expressly prescribed to me by a doctor.

It's easy to fall asleep to The Godfather, it keeps playing that theme song over and over and over again!