Sunday, March 23, 2008

If there's carrot cake and stroganoff in hell, it can't be all bad, I guess.

Well, crap. Is it Sunday night already? How on earth did that happen? I think we're all in agreement that time speeds up as we get older, so I suppose the weekends flying by in a blip should be no great surprise, but it annoys me anyway. I dream of a world with inverse weekends--two days of work followed by five days to spend as I see fit. Unfortunately, I have a friend who's living that dream right now, and it seems monetarily that plan is lacking just a bit. So it's off to work again tomorrow for me. Those of you with a four-day weekend due to that whole Easter thing? You can kindly bite me, OK? Thank you.

That said, I do have only a three-day work week in front of me, and for that, I rejoice with glee. Yes, Internets, I haven't yet shared this publicly, but I'm heading out of town again this weekend, bound for the east coast this time. I'm taking care of #4 on my list of New Year's resolutions and finally meeting my Internet BFF, Lara, in real life. And I'm managing a few other blogger meet-ups in the process. Full details later (with pictures, I'm sure). And it's good that that resolution is finally panning out, because the rest of them? Not so much, it seems. I'm actually doing pretty well on the vitamin one (and the calcium supplement, too). It seems marking myself accountable on my kitchen calendar was the key I needed to make that one stick. And the "get fucking organized" goal? I'm working on it. One problem area's been taken care of, and a remedy for the mess in the basement is in progress. Really. Unfortunately, the closest I've come to fixing the budget crisis was finally paying off my credit card with a disappointingly large portion of my tax refund today, and as for the getting to bed at a reasonable hour on week nights one? Well, it's currently 11:25 on a Sunday night and I'm still on my computer, so I guess you be the judge of my success on that one.

All of that said, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, if you celebrate it, and a fine, old-timey, no-stores-open-today Sunday if you don't. My friends and I had a tasty brunch this morning at a restaurant we really should visit more often, if for no other reason than the free brunch on a return visit that we earned by our purchase today and for their eight-glasses-for-$25 wine club, which is a club I really ought to join, I think (despite my fear-of-commitment aversion to organized memberships of any sort). Next time, however, we need to shoot for later in the day. I bragged that skipping church makes for an easier reservation, but the diners who arrived after church got the better brunch, I fear. As we divvied up our bill, we glanced at the dessert table and saw a cheesecake being brought out that wasn't there before. I mean, sure, my peanut butter bar, mini cream puff, and carrot cake were tasty, but cheesecake? The ultimate in desserts? I feel cheated. We saw that, and I said, "I bet if we wait long enough, they'll bring mashed potatoes out, too." And for some reason, just before we paid, I said it again, such is my love of mashed potatoes (even in a big silver bin on a buffet). And wouldn't you know it? With our coats on, heading out the door, a man in a white apron brushed right passed us, giant tray of mashed potatoes in his sweaty little hands. Seriously: the Christians got a better brunch for their $12. Our risen savior rewards his followers with cheesecake and mashed potatoes. The lazy heathens get carrot cake and stroganoff (which, granted, was still not a bad deal, mind you, but obviously my love of mashed potatoes is strong).

All right. I thought I had more inconsequential nonsense to ramble on about, but this late Sunday night is quickly growing even later, and dead tired on a Monday is my least favorite (even if seemingly unavoidable) way to start the week. So perhaps later I will bore you with my questions about just why the slow and disturbing No Country for Old Men was such a shoe-in
for Best Damn Picture of the Whole Damn Year, or why mixing up a glass or two of Instant Ghetto Sangria is both a good and a terrible idea on a Sunday night. Meanwhile, how was your weekend? Good? Good. Do tell.


3carnations said...

It was a buffet, yes? Why didn't you just go up and get a piece of cheesecake? I'm sure you could have eaten a bite or two, at least...and washed it down with mashed potatoes. :)

Noelle said...

It was a good weekend for me. Not as good as next weekend might be, but pretty good. I suppose it would have been better if cheesecake were even an option, but what are you going to do? At least you didn't have to sit through an hour of church while dwelling on how good brunch was going to be. That was always one of my least favorite things about church.

nancypearlwannabe said...

If you get to claim Lara as your internet BFF, I am claiming Noelle. No matter, your east coast extravaganza is going to be funfunfun!

Also, I'm with 3cs: you totally needed to jump on the cheesecake and potatoes.

lizgwiz said...

I am so jealous--of you for getting to meet Lara, and of Lara for getting to meet you!

L Sass said...

Your weekend sounds way better than mine. I like AS's family and everything, but they don't drink enough. I like to celebrate Easter with mimosas!

-R- said...

We had tons of mashed potatoes and cheesecake at our brunch after church. Suck it, non-churchgoers!

Lara said...

WOO, Internet BFF Meetup 08!!!!

Aaron said...

Looking forward to your east coast jaunt! I'm concerned about the Christians-get-the-best-brunch thing, however. Does this mean God really does exist? Because I am so screwed.

Mickey said...

This is the second time today that I've had the thought that feasting is the best justification for religion I know of, and here you've proven it again. I'm tired of getting the culinary shaft! I want mashed potatoes! I beseech thee, Lord!

Nah, stroganoff is fine.

Stefanie said...

3Cs--Because the cheesecake came out AFTER I had already had two mini cream puffs, a bar of some sort, and a slice of carrot cake. Even I have some limits on how many desserts is too many.

Noelle--Luckily, my family rarely goes anywhere with particularly good food after church, so I didn't have that problem, I guess.

NPW--Well, I suppose that's only fair. I thought you'd already claimed Noelle as your Internet Secret Lover, though. (I suppose there's no reason at all she can't be both.)

Liz--You are sweet, my dear. I only hope I get to meet YOU someday, too!

L Sass--My family doesn't drink enough either. That's why it's best to enjoy Easter with friends instead. :-)

R--Whatever, Catholic. ;-)

Lara--WOO indeed. Could I possibly be more excited? (In fact, I could not.)

Aaron--I prefer to think God has better things to do than keep me from enjoying mashed potatoes, but it's some food for thought, isn't it?

Mickey--Stroganoff is fine, but mashed potatoes are better. And the problem with using feasting as a justification for religion is that religion often involves fasting as well. It's a sad tradeoff, it seems.

Jess said...

Yay for blogger meetups! And also, from my extensive experience (read: I met two bloggy friends on Friday), blog friendships translate perfectly and easily into real life friendships. You and Lara are going to have such a good time!

Metalia said...

Whee! Have fun with Lara; I'm so jealous of both of you. :)