Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Tulsa, someone's ears are burning.

I met an old friend tonight for what was supposed to be an economically sound and culturally rich evening. Thursday nights are free at the Walker, so we decided to browse the galleries and try our hand at the current project in the art lab. Instead, we perused exactly one gallery, discovered that the art lab was full, and spent two hours chatting over wine and overpriced appetizers instead. What's that you say? Budget schmudget. At least the "let's catch up" part went as planned.

In any case, when I got home, I had exactly one task in mind (well, one task before "get my tired ass self to bed before I collapse forward onto my keyboard"), and that was to answer the interview questions that 3Carnations was kind enough to pass along to me. Naturally, however, before I could do that, I had to check in on my Facebook Scrabble games, and that put me a wee bit off schedule. You know how Liz doesn't want to admit to the Internet exactly how many cats she has? I may be in a similar position with the number of concurrent Scrabble games I have going. It's not my fault, people. I swear I started only half of them. I don't have a Scrabble problem. I can quit any time. Ahem.

So anyway, the interview questions will have to wait a bit longer. Meanwhile, speaking of Liz, she has a new litmus test for me to determine whether a potential suitor is worth my time. Remember how I successfully drunk-spelled my way to victory in that bee last year? You might be surprised to learn that "I won the Twin Cities' first Drunken Spelling Bee" doesn't garner quite the awe and respect you might think it could. As marginal claims to fame go, I'll admit it doesn't rank that high. It's not like I designed the Summit label or named Rocky Road, after all. But seriously... Nothing, boys?? Not a single date I've told that story to (save for the one who signed me up for the bee in the first place) has been impressed by my mad skillz or dumb luck. That is, until last night. Last night, The Buddhist and I were talking to my good friend Amy (who did design the Summit label and has gotten due props from past dates on that fun fact), and the topic of the spelling bee came up. And finally! HE was impressed! (Or, said he was, anyway.) Liz has decided this is a good measure of The Buddhist's worth. He has passed the spelling bee litmus test. Surely it's all only uphill from here. (No?)

And because I might as well mention Liz one more time in a post that is quickly becoming more about her than about me, let's play a little game I saw in an e-mail she forwarded me today. The message asked me to describe Liz in one word and one word only--click "Reply" on her message, type the word, and send it just like that. After sending my word about Liz, though, I was supposed to send the same message to all my friends to see what word they'd attach to me. My friends aren't exactly the "responsive to e-mail forwards" type, and besides that, if there's one way to make an exercise like this slightly more self-absorbed, it's to post it on my blog. So tell me: what's the one word you'd use to describe me? I'm gonna go with "lazy," given that I'd apparently rather milk a post out of three idle details than actually write the post I'm supposed to be writing, but maybe that's just me. Have at it.


nancypearlwannabe said...

I'm oddly excited that you and the Buddhist are hanging out! I will email to learn further details, of course.

And my word to describe you is ADORABLE.

3carnations said...

Procrastinator (since you didn't answer my questions)

Just kidding!


badger reader said...


I love your stories and they make me wish I could hang out with you in person. It is quite a bummer that more people do not appreciate good spelling. Go Buddhist!

lizgwiz said...

Well, of course we previously discussed this, and I'm sticking with "smarticulate." Hee.

You know, I'm surprised how many people have actually responded to that email. And so far, I've only gotten one "heartless bitch." (It was totally a joke. Or was it? was from a man I've never been romantically involved with, so...I'm going with joke.)

Shelly said...


And funny. But you said one.

Courtney said...

Grammarian! (That's a word, right?)

steve said...


M said...


Lara said...

I am thrilled that The Buddhist was appropriately impressed! Woot!

My word for you is: ROCKIN'. Because "wonderful" sounded cheesy.

flurrious said...

CRUCIVERBAL. And DRUNK. Sometimes simultaneously.

Anonymous said...


Carrie said...


(What's mine what's mine?)

How's that cake coming along?

Mickey said...


Ang said...

Persnickecharming. Since we were talking of making up our own words. You add some charm to persnickety.

-R- said...

Umm.. hello? I left a comment here, but it is now gone. My word for you was Gilmore-y (like the Gilmore Girls).

Stefanie said...

NPW--Aw, thanks. Funny, because that's one of the first words I'd think of for you, too.

3Cs--No worries. That's fair. Particularly since I STILL haven't done the interview! What can I say; it's been a busy/rough weekend.

Badger Reader--Indeed. The world needs more people who value spelling. :-)

Liz--I like that made-up word. Thanks.

Shelly--I had a hard time with just one for Liz, too.

Courtney--That's totally a word. (If it isn't, we'll make it one.)

Steve--Maybe online. You haven't seen me stammer in person. ;-)

M--I had to look that up. That word looks way more like an insult than a compliment. (I'm glad it wasn't.)

Lara--You rock too, my friend.

Flurrious--Good point.

Monkey--Did you mean precise? If so, I'm not sure if that was a joke or an amusingly ironic typo. :-)

Carrie--I want to say "unconventional," but I'm using that word very weightily, to cover all manners of convention.


Ang--You are cute. Maybe I should have sent this out via email to have us all play. :-)

R--I hate it when my blog eats comments! As for Gilmorey, I'm guessing you're talking rate of speech, right? I promise I don't eat like a Gilmore! (Well, not usually...) ;-)

Alice said...

i am very interested to keep hearing about the Buddhist... :-) :-)

CAPTIVATING... because i keep wanting to come back and read more :-)