Monday, August 07, 2006

GG says "jump"; I say "how high"?

So apparently I got tagged. It doesn't happen terribly often, so I feel somehow compelled to comply when it does. Besides that, our Girl Guinness is such a lovely, charming gal; who wouldn't want to obey her every command? (Yes, GG, you can tell Wilman I said that, OK?)

Anyway, it's time to be all bookish and readerly. Off we go...

Name one book that has changed your life
Well, Dianetics surely had a significant impact... Just kidding. Books as a whole have enhanced my life in many ways, but I'm having a hard time coming up with one that I'd say really changed my life somehow permanently. The first time I read Ishmael, it definitely shook up my thinking about the world and our place in it, but the last time I read it, I found it frustrating. I'm sure I will come up for a better answer to this question within hours of posting this, but for now, I guess Ishmael's the best I can do.

One book that you have read more than once?
Naturally I have childhood favorites that I read (or had read to me) nearly every day for years (e.g., Tikki Tikki Tembo, Goodnight Moon, an old Little Golden Book called Baby Dear that seemed to aim--unsuccessfully, in my case--at creating a whole new generation of pretty little domestic engineers). If we're talking grown-up novels, however, Animal Dreams is just as beautifully written each time I come back to it.

One book that you would want on a desert(ed) island?
I'm with GG on this one: definitely some sort of instructional manual for surviving and getting the heck off that island... maybe that Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, or perhaps Time-Life's Guide to Making Rafts and Radios Out Everyday Outdoor Objects?

One book that made you laugh?
If you haven't read Shannon Olson's Welcome to My Planet yet, you really must. (I was tempted to go with Bridget Jones's Diary here, but I doubt Helen Fielding really needs any more plugging.)

One book that made you cry?
For whatever reason, I'm very, very rarely a book-crier. I know I cried a bit the second time I read Why Girls Are Weird, but I'm pretty sure that had nothing to do with the tone of the book and everything to do with my frame of mind at the time.

One book you wish had been written?
How about The Lazy Girl's Guide to Making a Million Dollars and Finding the Love of Your Life All without Really Trying? (Anyone except me interested in reading that one?)

One book you wish had never been written?
American Gods was my own personal albatross for way too long a few months back, but I know there are a lot of Gaiman fans out there, and for their sake, it's not really fair to wish this one out of existence. If I'd heard Nancy Pearl talk about the Rule of 50 while I was fighting my way through it, however, I very likely would have tossed it aside for good.

One book you are currently reading?
As noted over there in the sidebar, I'm still working on Never Let Me Go. Reading's been slow-going this summer. I've been furiously knitting instead.

One book you've been meaning to read?
I can think of many a book to list here, but the first one that comes to mind is On the Road. I've heard extremely mixed opinions as to whether it's worth my time, but never having read Kerouac leaves a hole in my cultural literacy, I think, so perhaps that's something I should remedy.

Now tag five people
Nope, no tagging for me. If you want to play along, though, be my guest.


Guinness_Girl said...

YAY! Thanks for humoring me, Stefanie! I have never read this Animal Dreams book - will check it out!

Liz said...

I love Animal Dreams each and every time I read it, as well. Good choice!

Monkey said...

I really like Kingsolver- she is one of my favorite contemporary authors. I love Poisonwood Bible. I read Ishmael right after reading this book. I now look back on that time as "the summer I felt guilty about being an American and a gluttonous consumer."
Great list- thanks for sharing

-R- said...

Shott, I have never read On the Road either. I need to add it to the list!