Monday, August 28, 2006

What's that about the road to hell? They say it's paved with what now?

On Saturday, I spent approximately $142 and consumed in the neighborhood of 1,327 calories and 10 or 11 alcohol units, all as part of my dear friend Lisa's bachelorette party festivities. I fully intended to post (or at least return some long-neglected emails) yesterday, but that would have involved being vertical for far longer than my body felt capable. Instead, I spent the full day bonding with my couch, watching movies and consuming the four basic hangover-friendly food groups: water, grease, carbs, and more water.

To counteract all this excessive spending and gluttony, I vowed to go to the health club each day this week and to avoid opening my wallet for several days unless absolutely and entirely necessary.

How is this plan going so far? Well, I forgot my bag with my workout clothes--which I realized, conveniently, once I'd already reached the club's parking lot (yay me). I then decided that I didn't want the sad little Lean Cuisine entree I had stashed in the freezer at the office and I spent $5.59 on a Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad instead.

It's good to have goals. Maybe one of these days I'll even start to keep them.


nabbalicious said...

Mmm, grease is totally the best hangover cure. It works like a charm every time!

-R- said...

I have no advice (not that you were asking for any) because I am just as bad. My new lunch go-to is an Amy's Organic Burrito from Super-T. WAY better than a Lean Cuisine. Geez, I leave the lamest comments.

Stinkypaw said...

Reads like quite a bachelorette party!!! Love this "I spent the full day bonding with my couch" - that's the kind of bounding we should all do when being vertical feels like an extraordinary task...

Hope you'll feel better and attain some of your goals!

stefanie said...

Nabb--Isn't it, though? I eat probably three Big Mac value meals a year, and they're almost exclusively post-drinking. That's about the only time a Big Mac counts as "comfort food."

R--I will have to try these Amy's Organic burritos. So see? Not a lame comment! Quite possibly a useful tip! :-)

Spaw--Yes, it was fun, and I'd pretty much decided in advance that Sunday I'd be good for nothing. Still, I've gotta start curbing the spending (and the eating).