Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where you lead, I will follow*

I've been working on a post that I've been meaning to write for a couple months now already, and I hope that when I'm finally done with it, it's not so damn long that you all say, "Seriously, girl? I'm not reading that." Perhaps I should make it a series--split it up into various elements. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I'm going to follow and copy the "Q&A and/or random-tidbits-about-me" theme that's been surfacing here and there lately.** Perhaps it is hopelessly self-absorbed of me to assume that anyone out there has a burning question he or she is dying to ask me, but if I weren't at least a teensy-tiny bit self-absorbed, I wouldn't have a blog, right?*** Beside that, I have actually enjoyed reading the clever questions and interesting answers that everyone else has been posting, so I am deluding myself into thinking it might be enjoyable over here at Stefanie Says as well. Humor me, won't you?

By the way, I share GG's fear that this could backfire tremendously and I will get no questions at all, but I've decided that is a risk I am willing to take. So ask away. Oh, and all you lurkers out there? The lovely folks who I'm happy to see stop by on a pretty regular basis but who are too shy to say Hi in the comments? Feel free to take this opportunity to step up and make yourself known. (Or not. You know; whatever. No pressure.)

And just as GG did, to start things off, I have a few small questions for you...

1. What food are you really not to be trusted around? (And I don't mean in any sort of sick and dirty American Pie sort of way; I mean because there's just no telling when you'll find the "enough" point and stop eating already.)

2. What TV show are you embarrassed to admit that you watch?

3. Is it true that everyone has one bizarre, freak-show body thing? You know, like an elbow that bends in an unnatural fashion or an eyeball trick that would scare small children or a toe that should be covered at all times? (Only one of those is me, incidentally.) Yeah? What's yours?

4. And OK, fine, an easy one: what was the last CD you bought?

* And with this subject line, I keep the Gilmore Girls references going for three posts in a row. How much longer should I keep it up??

** I know I have read more of these than this, but I am too lazy to go hunting around for more links at the moment. Surely you understand.

*** Actually, I don't think this is particularly true, as wanting people to read about my life was really not at all the reason I started this blog. But it seems to come with the territory.


Stinkypaw said...

Two years ago, in Athens (Greece) I found out (the hard way!) that I should not be trusted around "Stifado". That is a dish, stew like, sometimes made with lamb or rabbit and lots of onions - those onions are lethal! I had gases that I just couldn't believe came out of "me"! I thought some Greek critters must have crawled up my butt and died in there or something... My husband still talks about it with tears welling up in his eyes...

I "was" somewhat embarrassed to admit that I wanted to watch the new Gene Simmons' show "Family Jewels" (on A&E), but since I started watching it, it's hilarious! I love the dude and his kids are truly fun! Other than that I guess, the fact that I still watch "Days of Our Lives", that's somewhat embarrassing...

Besides the way my brain often works, the only freaky-body thing I have, might be that I can get my thumb knuckle (left) to go inward when I bend my thumb.

The last CD I bought was "Jonas" local artist. Check him out:

I'm curious to know YOUR answers to these same questions! Humour me!

Guinness_Girl said...

Okay - here are my answers, followed by questions for you:
(1) Cookie dough (chocolate chip) and ice cream. Not together - separate. Oh, and Starburst jellybeans. I CANNOT control myself around them.
(2) Wow, I apparently have no shame, because I'm not embarrassed about any of them! Ok, Seventh Heaven was pretty embarrassing to admit watching, but it's been a couple years.
(3) Yup, I think so. I once knew a girl who had 2 and a half nipples. Seriously. There was this weird patch of extra nipple tissue on one of her boobs. As for my own weird body freakshow...I'm embarrassed to tell it!
(4) Last CD I, I don't know. I pretty much buy stuff from iTunes now, and rarely the full album.

OK, now questions for you:
(a) Which (if any) is a bigger dating dealbreaker for you: the guy has a child, the guy has a pet snake, the guy is unemployed, or the guy uses poor grammar?
(b) What's your favorite potato chip?
(c) Do you read any magazines regularly? If so, which?
(d) Do you own any work clothes that you have to force yourself to wait at least a week to wear again? If so, describe the outfit.
(e) What's your favorite hair product?
(f) If you made a goal to do something "daring" (meaning, outside your comfort zone) this month, what would that thing be?

-R- said...

1. salt and vinegar potato chips- I will eat the whole bag. And then I would eat another bag if one were available.

2. Last night I watched some special about Hillary Duff on E!. It was not interesting, and yet, I watched.

3. I don't have any weird tricks. Maybe that makes me the bizarre one.

4. Weezer's most recent cd. I do not buy cds very often.

I will try to think of some good questions for you.

Julia said...

I'm probably considered a lurker, although I have commented a few times. I dig your blog and love your love of the Gilmore Girls.

1. I cannot stop eating french fries. Even if I am super full and I tell myself I don't want anymore, if there are some on the plate in front of me, I'm gonna eat them.

2. I am not a fan of reality TV, yet I somehow still get sucked into some shows. Monday I caught myself watching Wife Swap. Also, I couldn't seem to turn of So You Think You Can Dance when it was on, though thankfully last night was the last show.

3. I don't really have anything that freaky. My belly button is kind of off center and it bothers me, but I don't think anyone else would notice.

4. Rabbit Fur Coat, Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins. I know I'm months behind on this CD, but I got a iTunes gift card for my birthday and finally snagged it. I am thrilled with the purchase.

stefanie said...

Spaw--I have never heard of Stifado, but I shall heed your warning and stay away. I watch "Days" at the health club, but I still consider that "not on purpose." I popped over to Jonas's site--cute curly-haired singer boys almost always work for me!

GG--I knew you'd come through for me with some questions! :-) Thanks for starting the list. Cookie dough is one of my "don't trust me with it" foods, too, and I'll admit to watching 7th Heaven a few times in the early seasons, but the past couple years it's just been too unbearable to endure. I cannot believe they canceled it and then changed their minds and decided to BRING IT BACK. Agh. Bad move, CW (or whatever the hell that network is called now).

R--Ooh. I love those chips, too. And I have been sucked into all sorts of bad drivel about divas I do not care about (hello, "My Fair Brady," so I certainly understand the Hillary Duff thing.

Julia--I do think I recall seeing you in the comments before, but thanks for speaking up! :-) I do not do reality TV, but I'll admit I got sucked into the first season of American Idol and the first couple seasons of The Apprentice. Nothing since, however. Oh, and I love that Jenny Lewis CD. Good choice.

beingmccrary said...

1. Chocolate covered cashews or almonds or even peanuts. It's the size, I just think one more doesn't matter. Now if it was a piece of cake, I'd say to myself one is enough. I don't get it.

2. Big Brother. I'm not embarrassed that I watch it, I'm more embarrassed the way I act while I'm I know them or something. I catch myself saying.."oh that Boogie, he is SO funny." hahaha. And I laugh. Out loud. Luckily my fiancee over looks this.

3. I have a split Uvula. You know...the hanging ball in the back of your throat..I have 2. I never knew I was only supposed to have one until I was 19. I'm not concerned that mine is split as much as I'm bothered that it took me 19 years to realize it.

4. Ray LaMontagne

I love Gilmore Girls so I have zero complaints about that.

beingmccrary said...

I forgot to ask questions:

1. What color is your living room?
2. What is your favorite color to wear?
3. What physical trait do you like most about yourself?
4. Do you have a word that when you hear it, you cringe?
5. Do you have any favorite names? (like for future children)

stefanie said...

BMC--I totally understand the size issue with snacks. I think you're onto something with the idea of eating only piece-of-cake-sized treats.

Thanks for the questions; I'll add them to the [not very long, really] list!

Luscious Lumpkin said...

ok! fine! you've dragged me out of my comfy lurkdom ;)

1. Garlic and creamcheese mashed potatoes. I really don't have an off button and have made myself sick from overeating this stuff. It is just heaven on a plate and I'm sad for any of you that haven't tasted some.

2. Flavor of Love - I'm not totally ashamed because the show is so trashy it is awesome.

3. I don't have any strange body thing really...I have some very stubby toes...yeah, that is the best I can come up with

4. The last CD I bought was way back in 2000 (in my pre-Napster days) and was The Roots

Melinda said...

1. Potatoes...any kind and variation drive me to some sort of base and primal version of myself.

2. House Hunters on HGTV. What is the point? Why do I want to watch others select a new home?

3. I have a triangle-shaped top bi-cuspid tooth. Orthadonture made it invisible to others, but occassionally, I bite down on my tongue with the inside pointy part of the triangle and am painfully aware of my not-so-perfect body part.

4. The last cd I bought: "it's time" by Michael Buble. Not terribly quirky, but the guy has an incredible voice!

Darren said...

1) Uh, Chipotle. CLEARLY.

2) Huh. Well, I don’t have a TV right now. I’m tempted to say that I watched “Saved by the Bell” long after it aired its last episode, but a) you already know that and b) I’m totally not embarrassed about it.

3) I’m just going to go ahead and throw the whole package in there.

4) Amy Millan, Honey from the Tombs

Okay, what color is your hair?

stefanie said...

Lumpkin--Hi and welcome! :-) I am totally with you on the mashed potato love. That is one of my "no off switch" foods as well.

Melinda--Again, I understand the potato thing. And Michael Buble? It's odd that I've heard of him only two or three times ever, and yet his name has now come up twice in two days.

Darren--Silly question for you, I know. Chipotle was a no-brainer, I suppose. Oh, and yes, I know about your Saved by the Bell habit, and I'm not judging you for it. But I admire your bold pride with that one.

Maliavale said...

My belated responses because I'm SO sure you care:

1. Velveeta macaroni and cheese. Frozen chocolate chips. Squeeze cheese (the kind in a can) and Wheat Thins. Wine of any type.

2. Unfortunately for this question, I don't watch a lot of TV, nor do I get embarassed about my guilty pleasures. I do like "Made," if that makes anyone feel better.

3. Ooh, is that true? Cool! My wrists crack multiple times when I bend them a certain way. I always say it's from shooting jump shots because it's the wrist motion it makes after that, but that's just a big, fat lie.

4. Ehhrrrm. Does it have to be "bought"? Because ... holy crap. I ... don't ... I mean ... shit! The last one I "got" was M. Ward's latest, "Post War."

stefanie said...

Malia--Ooh, mac and cheese is on my list as well. And wine? Yeah, that goes without saying.

I wondered how many people would respond "CDs? People still buy those??" to that question, but I've never really been an early adopter of technology, you see.

Poppy Cede said...

Stef: 1. What is your most favoritest thing in the whole wide world to do?; 2. What do you hope to have accomplished in 5 years?; 3. What's the meaning of life?; 4. Are you a coffee drinker? (I can't remember...)

My answers:
1. I really can't be too trusted around melted cheese, such as fondue or homemade mac and cheese or fresh fettucine alfredo, etc. It's just a recipe for overeating.

2. Anything on MTV or Fox.

3. My right thumb used to be uber-flexible, but has since stopped.

4. I believe it was the soundtrack to Walk the Line.

stefanie said...

Poppy--Anything on Fox?? But... but The Simpsons is on Fox! ;-)