Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I really should have titled this before I started typing, because now all I can think of is Hans Moleman

At the private boarding school featured in Prep, one day a year is designated as "Surprise Holiday." The students show up for roll call that morning and are told, "Surprise! You get the day off. Go do with it as you please."

I would like to institute something similar for every time there is construction going on in or near my office. That shouldn't be too much to ask, should it?

The condo building next door is apparently having some sort of roof work done, which means I get to hear hammering and shouting and the low and constant rumble of some sort of large machinery idling for what I can only assume will be most of the day. Fun! Hello, headache that I had during all of December (when our office remodeled and expanded into an adjacent part of the building--an area conveniently located on the other side of the apparently rather thin wall directly to the left of my head). Can't say I missed that constant throbbing pain one bit.

Also, the roof crew's trucks and machinery are now consuming a full two-thirds of our tiny parking lot, which seems not particularly fair or right, but since I'm not the one who owns the place, I guess I won't complain. Also also*, would it make me sound like a judgmental old lady if I point out that the crew looks like a band of misfits pulled straight out of Boys Town? It would? OK, forget that part then.

* Apparently I
like that word as much as -R- does. (Apparently I also like the word "apparently.")

(Sidenote: Know what’s one thing I do not need to hear when I am already in a bad and agitated mood? The one man here at That-Place-That-Shall-Not-Be-Blogged-About who annoys me and makes my stomach turn the most, strolling through the hall singing "Ifff you want my body, aaand you think I’m sexy..." Ew. No, sir, I do not want your body, nor do I in any way find you sexy. OK, I am cranky. I apologize. Moving on.)

In other news, I saw Eagle vs. Shark last night, which will not be in wide (or, I guess, limited) release until June, according to Rotten Tomatoes, but which was screened here as part of the film festival this week and which I am certain will be widely talked about and near-universally adored when its release date arrives. I say near-universally because I didn't particularly love it myself. It was OK; I liked some of the characters, and there were several amusing parts throughout the film, but overall I didn't laugh nearly as uproariously as the people around me did. Those people also probably loved Napoleon Dynamite, however (the film to which this one draws some very immediate and obvious comparisons), and I did not. Don't get me wrong. I am all about rooting for the underdog, and I love me a quirky nerd hero. In my mind, though, the nerd must be subtly charming and self-deprecating, not an unjustifiably arrogant idiot who's rude and cruel to the few people who inexplicably want to spend time with him. It's entirely possible I'm taking things too seriously, however. After all, I'm also the girl who can't stand hidden camera practical joke shows or slapstick physical comedy because it makes me nervous. Perhaps I need to lighten up. Or perhaps it's entirely OK that this style's just not for me. Anyway, Eagle vs. Shark. You may love it. (Most of my fellow theater patrons last night seemed to.) I did not. Let me know in June, I guess.

Tonight I am off to see Warchild, and later in the week I am heading to Once, because apparently the Film Festival is my excuse to make up for the fact that I saw only two movies on the big screen between August and December of last year, and now I'm getting them in all at once. I may be spending so much time in dark, smelly rooms this week that I become some sort of mole-person in the process. For the benefit of my already sad dating life, let's hope that’s not the case.


Darren McLikeshimself said...

I was saying "Boo-urns."

Blitz Krieg said...

You work with Rod Stewart? His accent would drive me crazy.

L Sass said...

I'm really excited to hear what you think of Prep. I thought it was a really fun read!

lizgwiz said...

My dog caught a baby mole once (it was very sad for me and the mole; Pudge was thrilled) and, I have to say, it had the most beautifully soft hair and skin EVER. So, you know, that might be a benefit to becoming a mole-person. Just looking for the bright side. ;)

Noelle said...

Much like you could only think of one subject, I can only think of one comment, and Darren beat me to it. Damn.

stefanie said...

Darren and Noelle--And here I was thinking Moleman quotes were too obscure for anyone to get. Obviously I should have known better. OK, so the alternate (though equally non-descriptive) title to this post is now "Drinking has ruined my life. I'm 31 years old!" Hee. :-)

BK--Many things about this man drive me crazy, but oddly, his accent isn't one of them. Also... yeah, bet you didn't know Rod Stewart was working in a tiny office in suburban Minnesota, did you?

L Sass--It's fun so far... and a pretty quick and easy read, too.

Liz--Hee. Way to find that silver lining, my dear.

NancyPearlWannabe said...

If you like Prep, you should definitely ready Looking for Alaska, by John Green. So good.

Now that I've said my librarian piece, how much would I love surprise holiday?! I wouldn't even mind that I had to wake up and drive to work to get the surprise because- HAPPY!- surprise! No work.

metalia said...

"Some people are trying to watch the movie!" (In honor of Hans Moleman, as well as your movie plans for the evening. See how I tied it all together? It's a gift, I tell you.)

-R- said...

I did not realize that the moleman guy had a name! Does the bumblebee guy have a name too?

That musical sounds interesting. I hope you have fun!

don't call me MA'AM said...

I would love a Surprise Holiday from work as a basic rule. Oh, and Siesta, too. I still have no clue why that hasn't taken off in the States. We're too busy trying to be PRODUCTIVE or something. I'd be much more productive with a nap under my belt.

But I digress...

We are even expected to work in our buildings when there is construction in OUR BUILDINGS. The paint smell, the constant pounding... I get sick every time. Grrr. Feeling your pain!

Boys Town? I live about 5 miles away from that. Really.

Anniina said...

If you're in the mood for theatre, since you're around Minneapolis, I hear there's a great new play out called "Reservoir Bitches", based on Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" but with an entirely female cast. Sounds like a fun time, heheh, especially if you're feeling cranky - might release some of that :)

stefanie said...

NPW--I know; it might actually even be better to have to drive to work first, because I wouldn't just spend half the day sleeping in (like a normal day off). I'd already be up and dressed and therefore more likely to think, "Well, I'm up. Better think of something fun and worthwhile to do today!"

Metalia--Good work, my friend.

R--Maybe Darren, Metalia, or Noelle can correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe the Bumble Bee Guy's name is, simply, "Bumble Bee Man." Only a few seasons ago did they give Comic Book Guy a "real" name, though, so maybe there's hope for the Bee guy yet.

DCMM--I am with you on that. Siestas should definitely be the norm here by now. Can we get that scheduled without also having to work an extra hour or two in the evening, though? That'd be great.

Anniina--This may be some sort of crime, I realize, but I have never actually seen "Reservoir Dogs." That play sounds like a cool spin on it, though; thanks for the tip.