Friday, April 20, 2007

Two Friday Fives for the price of one (which granted doesn't mean much, since the price is "free")

So -R- and One Smart Cookie played a fun game yesterday wherein they detailed just what would be deemed splurge-worthy if they suddenly found themselves buried in gobs of superfluous cash. Handily enough, they chose to itemize their choices in five-point form, which makes this topic a perfect fit for my weekly Friday Five thing for today.

Because I love lists but I hate making decisions, I am already stressing out about all the obviously better choices I am undoubtedly forgetting (because, you know, someone is actually going to bequeath upon me ridiculous sums of money and thereafter hold me to precisely what I've written here). To avoid this undue mental agony, I am just going to go with the first five things I thought of and find peace with that somehow.

That said, here are five luxuries I would absolutely think were worth splurging on if money were no concern:

  1. Remodeling. First up would be my bathroom, which desperately needs an overhaul for reasons I already detailed once before (see #11 in that post if you're actually curious). After that, I'd refinish my basement and put in a workout room and a retro-swanky bar (where I would thereafter have awesome parties using my new-found mixology skillz). Then I'd build a patio in my backyard and pay someone to landscape my property appropriately (nothing fancy or elaborate--just something prettier and more cohesive than the random shrubs and what-not I've got now). Although, hell, if I'm doing all this and money is truly no concern, I could just say "screw it" to my generic little shoebox and buy a cuter, pricier house that already has amenities such as these. I suppose that's a fine and valid option for this windfall as well.

  2. Snow shoveling and lawn mowing services. I've always firmly believed this is not worth my money, as shoveling and lawn mowing take comparatively so little of my time and are things I am more than fully capable of doing on my own. If I have all the money in the world to toss away as I wish, however, you can bet I wouldn't be wasting even a minute of my free time on annoyances such as this.

  3. A personal shopper. -R- picked this, too, but it would have made my list even if she hadn't mentioned it. I have no idea what to wear anymore and no interest in spending days at the mall trying to figure it out. I lost my love for clothes shopping somewhere around 1998 and haven't found a way rekindle it more than sporadically since then. I want to be cute and stylish; I just have no idea how to make that happen anymore. I would love to pay someone else to help me with that.

  4. Awesome vacations. I would take way more trips than I do now, and I would pony up for lots more fancy meals, souvenirs, and add-on activities when I do.

  5. A trampoline. Yes, this one is ridiculous, particularly since I'd also have to build some sort of cloaking structure around the thing so my neighbors do not think I am a lunatic (33-year-olds playing on trampolines are not the norm in Minneapolis, sadly). I don't care. It's my list, and trampolines will never not be fun.

The other side of this game is to list the five things you would never waste money on, no matter how much of it you had--the five luxuries you think just aren't worth it in any way. Here are mine:

  1. Designer purses. I couldn't tell a real Fendi or Kate Spade from a fake one, and I really just do not care. Are Fendi and Kate Spade even the right examples to use here? See? I have no idea about these things. My everyday purse right now is a little red Liz Claiborne one I got for $14 at TJ Maxx, and it suits me just fine.

  2. Music. I know this will be a controversial one, but it makes the list anyway. I love music, and in theory I would love to have a massive collection that I add to regularly. The reality, though, is that I just don't take the time to listen to lots of stuff from new artists. I'm not much of a downloader (I don't even know how to get iTunes tracks on my iFraud*), and most CDs I buy end up spending more time in my CD rack than in the player. It's not that I don't listen to music; on the contrary, in the car or at home something's playing at almost all times. Ever since the Twin Cities got a commercial-free radio station that I actually enjoy, however, I've spent a lot less time picking my own playlist for the day.

    * TM The Other Girl. (I miss you already, Regina!)

  3. Products. I am fascinated by all the wonders within Sephora, and I love perusing "favorites" lists from true connoisseurs, but having a cupboard and shower full of half-used bottles of impulse buys I just had to try makes me weirdly nervous in some inexplicable way. I think I'm just easily overwhelmed. Perhaps I need a mentor to hone my product love.

  4. A Cabin. Around here, it seems it's everyone's lifelong dream to own lakefront property somewhere up north.** I do enjoy a weekend cabin getaway as much as the next girl, and "Friend with Cabin" and "Cabin in the Family" are useful reference points without a doubt. But my own cabin? No thank you, sir. First, I do not enjoy keeping up with maintenance and repairs on my own primary house. Having to maintain two homes sounds like no fun to me at all. Second, people who have cabins feel compelled to go to the cabin every weekend from May until September. Going to the cabin becomes a task in and of itself. All that packing and unpacking, every single week? Uh-uh. Not for me. Spending summer evenings on a jam-packed freeway traversing between the city and there? No interest, thanks. I'd rather spend lots of summer weekends hanging in town with my friends and spend my cabin money on getaways to different places regularly.

    ** "Up north," to Minnesotans and Wisconsinites, is essentially anyplace north of where they live. It could be an hour, it could be three hours, but it must be north in order to count towards the dream.

  5. A decorator. I know this sort of goes against what I said about a personal shopper up above, but I always sort of think hiring a decorator for your home is cheating in a way. I would love for my place to look great and I wish I had the knack for effortlessly pulling colors and textures and nick-knacks together to create a homey and cohesive look, but I think my home should be a reflection of me and my tastes, and to have someone pick stuff for me seems phony in some way.

So, want to play? You know you do. What are your picks for "worth it" or "not worth it"? Diamond-encrusted gloves? High-priced champagne? I'm dying to know.


lizgwiz said...

And, money being no object, you'd pay for all your blog friends to join you on your awesome vacations, right? So sweet of you! In return, we'll be sure to tell you if your personal stylist has made you look like an idiot. ;)

steve said...

You need to somehow hook up the trampoline thing, have it installed before I move out of Minneapolis, and then invite me, the random blogger guy you've never met, over to jump on it. With The Current on a boombox. That would ROCK.

*I miss Regina too.

Red said...

Did I hear someone ask for a product mentor? Let's go shopping and get that Sephora onto your MUST HAVE list. :)

-R- said...

I agree about the cabin up North. H really wants to get one. Not that we can afford one right now, but I've told him I don't want one that's more than an hour away. So I guess we'll get a cabin in Woodbury or something. =)

Anonymous said...

Four of your five nevers are my musts. I buys cs every week, subscribe to sat radio and am a member at the local public radio station. Products? Purses? Shoes? All I can say is more, more, more.
I live in WI, so that is probably why I would like something "up north." Ideally, a cabin in Door County.
Other worth it splurges include travel, liquor and food.

Great questions!

stefanie said...

Liz--That sounds like a fair and reasonable agreement, so... sure. :-)

Steve--If I acquire a trampoline, I will surely invite you over to try it out. There's safety in numbers, after all. ONE thirty-something on a trampoline looks weird, but multiple thirty-somethings looks like a party!

Red--If we lived in the same state, you would so be my product mentor.

R--I actually know someone who lives in Maple Lake, and know someone else with a cabin there. So, you know, a cabin in Woodbury? I've heard of stranger things. ;-)

Anon--Hi! Door County is lovely, so I can understand the draw. I still don't want the upkeep of a second place, though. I am, however, an NPR member, so we've got that in common, anyway. :-)

Darren McLikeshimself said...

The problem I have with the trampoline is that if you ever drive through the more rural parts of the country, it seems that everyone has the same three things in their yard: a car on cinder blocks, a satellite dish, and a trampoline. It's very white trash is what I'm saying. And if you ever watch "America's Funniest Videos," you know that nothing good comes of the things.

stefanie said...

Darren--Well, just call me Cletus, I guess, because I totally want a trampoline. Also, why are you watching "America's Funniest Home Videos"?