Friday, April 18, 2008

We get by with a little help from our friends

A dear blog friend of mine (actually, scratch that "blog" qualifier; she's totally a real friend by now) had a bit of a rough week, for ridiculous reasons that I still can't quite wrap my head around. Anyone who reads Noelle's blog already knows all the nonsense she's had to put up with the past few days, all because a bunch of people with no sense of humor or perspective couldn't tell the difference between a sarcastic, self-deprecating post and a sincere, shallow jab at a nameless man, and they decided that disagreeing with a couple hundred words on a stranger's personal blog (a couple hundred words that weren't even written to be taken seriously or literally by any means) was cause to spew hate and judgment and in some cases, actual calls for bodily harm. It was absurd. And although I'm sure Noelle herself knows it was absurd and would probably much rather just move on and forget about all this than have any of us dwell on it any longer, I'd still like her to know that the people who actually know her and have read more than that one isolated (And also? Hilarious.) post know that there are plenty of reasons every rude, thoughtless word typed about her is entirely wrong.

So with that, today’s Friday Five is for you, my friend.

Five reasons Noelle is awesome
  1. She had the strength to end a relationship with a man whom she loved but couldn't give her what she needs. A whole lot of us know how easy it is to make excuses, to tell yourself things are "good enough," to coast along in a situation that's comfortable but not entirely fulfilling because it's easier than acknowledging that something important is missing and having the guts to break away and start over again from scratch. Knowing what's best for yourself in the long run is one thing. Having the strength to do what's best even when it's scary and sad and lonely is quite another.

  2. She gets to work with books every day of her life, and she spends her weekends working with books some more. Also, in an age when so many people assume the independent bookseller is doomed, she makes her living getting books to them.

  3. She managed to post every day of NaBloPoMo, despite landing in the hospital with a broken ankle on the very first day of the challenge and being laid up with (one would think) little to write about for several weeks thereafter.

  4. She has more discipline than I can comprehend or relate to in any way. Getting up two hours before the sun in the cold dead of winter to shiver her way to a swim workout? Eschewing cheese and ice cream for an entire month and all forms of pasta for the following one? I cry a little bit inside just thinking about it. Noelle, you’re some kind of superhero as far as I'm concerned. Go you.

  5. She created a brilliant recap of The Ruins that by several accounts is far more entertaining than the film itself. If ever a post of Noelle’s deserved a flurry of 136 lively comments, it was this one, not the one that proved to us that the Internet is not always the warm, happy supportive place we've grown to love. I am telling you, if you have not yet seen Noelle’s Dollar Store doll reenactment of The Ruins, you must click over immediately. I promise it's the funniest thing you will read all week.

On top of all that, she is smart and clever and pretty and she lives on a Christmas Tree farm! What's not to like about any of that? I could go on, but you get the point. Noelle is the proverbial cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, and all sorts of other non-animal-related superlatives as well. Show her some love in the comments, if you'd like. And happy Friday, all.


lizgwiz said...

Noelle is the coolest, it's true. As are you, and several others I could mention, all of whom have the good sense to know HUMOR when we fall over laughing while reading it. ;)

Noelle said...

Holy shit, no way! You are the awesomest Stefanie!

Now I actually feel a little guilt that I slept in every day this week since the pool was closed for cleaning. I'm such a slacker, and you think I'm not!

Can't thank you enough for the love.

3carnations said...

Very nice, Stefanie. I couldn't agree more. Noelle is funny, sarcastic and did not deserve that. I've never even SEEN something like that before, where dozens of people come together to bash an innocent post.

I tell you, though, it's always the posts you think will have no controversy at all that bring out the crazies. I'm glad they finally seem to have gone home. :)

badger reader said...

I too found the point-tallying post hilarious and still have trouble fathoming (is that a word?) why it caused such outrage. Maybe I have been in the dating pool too long because I also have a similar train of thought in my head quite often. (and combining 2 random people to make the post more enjoyable? even more brilliant I say). Noelle, we love you! Like Stefanie I am in sheer awe of your willpower when it comes to morning workouts and dietary-excluding themed months. You are awesome and don't let the mean part of the world get you down!

Aaron said...

This is the second comment I've left today that starts "Amen", but its apropos: Amen, sister! Noelle is awesome times a hundred, and it actually kept me up the other night fuming about the sexist, cowardly dinks who bombed her hilarious blog with disturbing comments.

Christmas Christmas Tree = The Best.

Mickey said...


And well said.

Courtney said...

That's your best Friday Five yet! I also was appalled at the comments left on Noelle's blog, especially the ones that called for bodily harm. It's sad that some people feel the need to be so hateful.

Love you, Noelle! (And you too, Stefanie!

-R- said...

Let's all go drink wine in a juicebox and eat fried cheese curds to celebrate !

Melliferous Pants said...

What a kind post! I just lurked over to see what all the comment war was about...what a bunch of total and complete assholes. Truly awful how out of control some people get when guarded by the anonymity of the internet. Ugly stuff.

On the up...her writing seems hilarious! I will adding her to my reader, for sure!

The Ex said...

Oh lord, I just read all that nonsense over at Noelle's blog and WOW some people are big assholes.

But it's people like you that make it worth it!

Whiskeymarie said...

Never in a million years would I have thought that a fairly benign post like the one in question would cause such an uproar. I was shocked when I read it all.
All of those "hit and run" trolls that left nasty & threatening comments should be ashamed of themselves.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Okay, I think I just cried a little at how sweet you are, Stefanie. Don't tell anyone. It's probably partly hormones!

L Sass said...

You forgot "Noelle loves Battlestar Galactica!"

Noelle is fabulous... and so are you!