Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm not The Luckiest

Well. That was fun, wasn't it? Thank you to everyone who played my little guessing game on Friday. I suppose I've kept you waiting long enough. Here's the follow-up to my "Four mini claims to fame and one great big ol' lie" post.

  1. My friend Amy designed the Summit beer label.
    True. I actually meant logo, not label, but whatever. Close enough. Amy is a graphic designer for a local advertising agency, and Summit is just one of the many brands she's worked on. She got married last fall, but in her online dating days, this tidbit proved an excellent fun fact to share in early emails and first dates. Oddly, the men I date aren't nearly as impressed or interested when I talk about my job. Go figure.

  2. My friend Carrie once had a poem published in Sassy.
    True. When I learned this about a year ago, I was sure I likely still had the issue in my old bedroom at my parents' house, and I was excited to go look for it the next time I went home. As it turns out, my old Sassy issues must have ended up in the same black hole that my prom pictures did. I have three years of Seventeen (in all their stirrup panted, blue eye shadowed, mall haired glory), but any evidence that I ever subscribed to a more reputable teen mag is entirely missing. Oddly, though, when Carrie mailed me the poem to share with all of you, I honestly thought I remembered reading it years ago. Maybe I do.

    I missed the inauguration
    while I was studying
    war was declared
    I'm not sure why
    I was studying
    during a breathtaking sunset
    I was in my room
    when the wall fell
    I was studying.

    Carrie also shared with me her thought process behind the poem. She says, "I have a weird memory of studying for a biology exam when the Gulf War was declared. Things felt disjointed because I was just a teenager and biology was supposed to be important, not war, and I couldn’t study for the exam. I wrote this poem, which I loved at the time because you could back up and repeat the line you just read along with the next one and string full sentences together."

    I remember writing my concerns about the war in my journal instead of studying the week the first Gulf War began, too, but my thoughts never got published in a magazine. Or anywhere, obviously. I am a poster child for mediocrity. Moving on...

  3. My friend Tina's brother had a brief role on the WB gem What I Like About You.
    True. I learned this when I stayed at her apartment in Seattle a few months ago. Flipping through her DVDs, I came across a few currently unreleased DVDs from the last season of the show. Obviously she had no idea What I Like About You was a guilty pleasure of mine when it was on the air, because she rushed to defend and explain herself. "Hey, I actually liked that show," I reassured her. "Really?" she replied. And then, "Yeah, I guess it wasn't so bad." Regardless, I do not remember her brother's character, so I'll have to borrow those discs (or wait for them to show up on Netflix) to see him.

  4. I once got to join Ben Folds on the piano at First Avenue (in a lucky "volunteer from the audience" moment).
    False. As soon as I clicked "Publish," I thought I'd made this game entirely too easy and surely all of you would know this was not true. (3Carnations guessing this one right out of the gate only reinforced that suspicion.) So I was glad to see that at least not all of you immediately thought this was obviously and ridiculously untrue. I maintain that it is not entirely absurd an idea... I've been to two Better than Ezra shows where they took a volunteer from the audience to accompany them on guitar, so I say it could just as easily happen with Ben and the piano. I played piano for several years, so technically I'd be qualified to volunteer, but I haven't practiced in years, so I'd surely make much more a fool of myself than the Better than Ezra groupie kid did. I'd probably struggle with the notes just as woefully as Kerri Green in Goonies. Being booed at every wrong note is probably a more favorable fate than having portions of the ledge I'm on fall beneath me with each mistake, but it would be no less nerve wracking, I imagine.

  5. My friend Jenny's grandpa named Rocky Road ice cream.
    True. Her grandpa owned an ice cream company in St. Paul, and apparently one day he decided that Chocolate Marshmallow Nut Swirl was "too damn long," so he decided to call it Rocky Road instead. The name stuck. Or so the story goes. Wikipedia doesn't corroborate the story, but I believe her anyway. Wouldn't you?


Maddie said...

I LOVE that your friend had a poem published in Sassy!

Anonymous said...

I am very very sad that I missed this contest. It sounds lovely.

3carnations said...

It wasn't too easy. Apparently I was just having a really intuitive day. :)

shelleycoughlin said...

Wow, I was totally convinced that you had played with Ben Folds. So much so, that I already told Chris that you did, and he was very impressed. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I thought 4 sounded like something that would happen to you, what with your crazy concert-going ways. Oh well!

Poppy said...

I didn't want to say anything before, but I figured #4 was the lie because it was about you (and it's safer to lie about yourself) and because it's the only one with ()s. :D

Anonymous said...

Damn - I got sidetracked by the type hunt and forgot to cast my vote on Friday. I was going to vote for number 3 being the lie though. Maybe I shouldn't admit that since I would have been wrong.

Who did your friend's brother play? I, er, may or may not have seen many episodes of that show...

Noelle said...

Poppy is a primo investigator! I never would have thought of that. BTW, #4 was my first choice, but ultimately, it's my desire to win that leads me to guess what no one else has.

L Sass said...

Um... I guess I didn't read very well, because I thought there was only one truth among a bunch of lies!!

Pleased to know that the Summit AND the Sassy stories are true!

don't call me MA'AM said...

Rats... sorry I missed this! It sounds like fun! And I totally would have believed #4 and guessed that Rocky Road was the lie. :-)

Aaron said...

I figured four was too good to be true, but I was holding out hope. What a story that would be.

Stefanie said...

Pants--I know; I love it too. :-)

Lara--Well, you were busy staring at newborns. It's understandable.

3Cs--Oh good. Good to know. :-)

NPW--Oh, damn. Well, you can keep letting Chris believe that if you want! No harm in him being impressed with me.

R--I don't know about "crazy concert-going ways," but unfortunately no, I've not yet played a duet with Ben.

Poppy--I didn't think about the parens, but I did think the fact that it was the only one about me might catch some people's attention. Aren't you smart.

Cookie--He played one of Vic's friends... or one of Vic's brothers... something like that. I didn't see very many episodes the last season, so I'm hazy on who was even involved in the story lines that year.

Noelle--Well, that's just as good of logic as Poppy's, if you ask me.

L Sass--Nope; all true! (Or, almost all true.) But you know that now.

DCMM--Well, Wikipedia doesn't mention my friend's grandpa, so maybe it IS a lie, but I choose to believe her anyway. Who's gonna argue with a piece of family history that awesome?

Aaron--What a story indeed. Terribly sorry to disappoint.

Mickey said...

This is one of the better Goonies references of late among the blogs I read. Very appropriate. Well done.

Unknown said...

Ooh, I am so sad I missed this contest. All of these are awesome.

Stefanie said...

Mickey--Thank you. Glad someone caught that part. :-)

Metalia--No worries; I'm sure I'll have another contest someday. (Maybe even one with prizes.)