Monday, May 05, 2008

Apparently I blog only once a week now (and only in bullet points)

You know that Ben Lee song? The one that goes, "A lot goes on, but nothing happens"? That's pretty much what life feels like right now. I feel very busy and preoccupied, but I am primarily busy and preoccupied with my much talked about basement remodeling project, and I very much doubt that is particularly interesting as an ongoing topic to anyone but me. Do you want to hear about my trek all over the northwest quadrant of the Twin Cities in search of cheap furniture and throw pillows? Do you want to help me decide whether three storage ottomans* in a row is a brilliant or a ridiculous coffee-table-plus-extra-seating alternative? I didn't think so. Moving on.

* Yes, three. It is an absurdly long (91-inch) couch.

I have actually been busy with things other than hanging pictures and painting and Mod Podging old end tables, however. In the past five days, I have...

  • Enjoyed a live (via satellite) special production of This American Life, at the bargain price of $8 rather than $20 thanks to an error on Fandango's Web site. (Thanks, Fandango! Your marginal loss is my much-appreciated gain.)

  • Snagged a third-row, front-and-center view at my fake boyfriend Bob Schneider's latest show.

  • Met a charming young man at said show who leaned over between songs to say, "You're really pretty. I'm gay, but I just had to tell you that."

  • Saw Planet of the Apes on the big screen.

  • Skipped the much-hyped Twin Cities May Day Parade in favor of leaving time for yard work I never did (because of the aforementioned furniture quest and Mod Podging as well as a usual stretch of Sunday time mismanagement and laziness).

  • Decided I am officially tired of salads. (Alternative healthy eating suggestions, anyone?)

Furthermore, in the next five days, I will...

  • See DeVotchKa for the second time (and likely decide temporarily yet again that aerial dancing on giant velvet sashes is the perfect hobby for me).

  • Attend a premiere screening of a locally made horror movie, despite the fact that I am terrified of horror movies (even low-budget, independent and locally made ones).

  • Attend two parties in the same day--one centered around roller skating and one centered around a fancy home-made meal (and both therefore entirely awesome).

  • Finish my basement remodeling project. (Maybe? I hope? Yeah, probably not.)

All of that is to say that if I'm scarce on the Internet this week, it's not because I don't love you or I've forgotten about you or heaven forbid have actually found Mr. Right and am holed up on the sofa with him whispering sweet nothings and memorizing his face. No, nothing like that, though if you want to imagine a more exciting life for me than the one I'm living, be my guest. In fact, feel free to tell me what he looks like if you conjure up my Mr. Right. It might help me finally spot him when I see him. Thanks.


Aaron said...

You know what? Quality over quantity. Better you write one or two good posts a week than five lame ones like I've been.

Also, dude: The original Planet of the Apes rocks. One of my faves. They're showing it at the Brattle next month, and I have to go. Never seen it on the big screen.

nancypearlwannabe said...

I am impressed with your dedication to Project: Revamp Basement, and I think the ottomans are cute. Three isn't too many for a long couch, you want to be able to put your feet up, right?

Random compliments on how awesome you look are always nice, even when they end the comment with, "but I'm gay".

3carnations said...

I'm kind of stuck on "You're really pretty. I'm gay." I guess that is the best compliment ever. You must have looked incredible if he felt the need to point out to someone he does not know and would not date. You wouldn't tell the woman next to you, who you have never met, that she is pretty, would you? Didn't think so. :)

Noelle said...

Being loved by the gays is a good first step towards... anything, really. Congrats. We'll be here when you get back.

Actually, no, I'll be on vacation. But after that, I'll be here.

lizgwiz said...

I would be happy to hear about your basement remodeling project. Any distraction from my current mode of "oh, poor me" would be welcome. And somehow I'm sure you could make it entertaining. :)

A locally-made, low-budget horror film sounds fabulous. I hope there's lots of obviously fake blood.

Roller skating? Is it someone's Sweet 16 birthday party? ;)

L Sass said...

I was totally in the live audience of TAL last week. Did you see me???

-R- said...

I don't know. Your life sounds pretty fabulous to me.

The Twin Cities has a May Day parade?

Jess said...

When I get sick of salads I go for whole wheat pita with hummus and sprouts. So yummy. And also lots of lean protein like chicken and fish because I think my protein craving is what puts me off salad to begin with.

double_g said...

We have two storage ottomans as a coffee table (very similar to the link, but a bit bigger), and I have to say, they work quite nicely. And I don't think they necessarily have to span the length of the sofa - the beauty is that they can move around at a moment's whim.

Melliferous Pants said...

I like bullet points.

I love gay men!

Stefanie said...

Aaron--I like that you're considering this quality, but I think you're being too kind. :-) Also, I didn't expect to like Planet of the Apes much... I figured it would be campy and not hold up for its 40 years, but you know what? I liked it! Who knew?

NPW--I know; I'm just having a hard time justifying the price of three of them when I could relatively easily make something similar if I had more time. Also, do I really need that much storage? In my basement? No, I do not. (I'm still thinking on this, obviously.)

3Cs--That's what I thought: that a compliment from a guy who wanted nothing from me in return was actually a pretty good compliment.

Noelle--It actually occurred to me to tell the guy that I was in the market for a new gay boyfriend and ask if he was available, but I wasn't sure if there's some sort of protocol for that question. Oh, and have fun on vacation!

Liz--No, it's someone's Sweet 38 birthday party. And as I've said before, roller skating ALWAYS = fun! :-)

L Sass--You were?? Cool! Sadly, I didn't see you. I kept looking for Darren (a former blogger you may or may not recall) in case he was there, but I didn't know to look for you!

R--Indeed, it does. I haven't ever gone either. Apparently that's some sort of crime (or so a particular friend of mine would have me believe).

Jess--I hate sprouts, but I do love hummus. Pitas aren't a bad idea. Oh, and I've been putting various types of beans in my salads, so I shouldn't be protein starved, but who knows. I think it's just that I'm sick to death of lettuce.

Double G--That's what I like about the idea--they could double as both a coffee table or extra impromptu seating. It is a crazy long couch, though. I am a big nerd, and I cut templates out of newspaper to gauge the size, and two really seems too dang small.

Pants--Well then I guess you liked this post! :-)

metalia said...

The gay guy would've totally made my day.

Lara said...

Oh how I love bullet point #3!!! ALso, I think three storage ottomans in a row would be perfectly fine. Damn, though, that is a long couch.

I wish I knew someone who would throw a roller skating party. I would host one myself, but where??? And perhaps mroe importantly, who the hell would I invite? Am not sure I have any local friends these days.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I'm with 3car and metalia-- I would have kissed the gay guy on the cheek and asked him if he wanted to be my new best friend. :-)