Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's the little things

This week has actually been a pretty excellent week...

On Monday's season finale of that show no one but me is watching, Brian for once kissed a perfectly nice, well-mannered, and smart girl, instead of a flighty or infuriating one. Yay! I don't care if current-girlfriend has the same name as me; I still cannot stand that woman.

On Tuesday, I had a lovely home-cooked dinner without actually having to do any cooking myself. (The Magical Boy's got some serious mad culinary skillz... I believe he wants me to mention that publicly in the hopes that "[his] stock," as he calls it, will climb).

Last night, I saw the Guthrie's production of The Merchant of Venice (por gratis, no less, courtesy of a boy who has twice now shared the other half of his season tickets with me).

And yesterday when I returned from lunch, there was a package from Amazon waiting on my desk--a belated birthday gift from Poppy, who scouted out my wish list and decided to send a surprise. She is awesome; is she not? (Thanks, Poppy!)

Whee! Presents!

I will NOT, in fact, beat your ass.

Incidentally, is it a sign that you've "made it" as a blogger when you start receiving "blifts"?* Actually, no, that's getting ahead of myself more than a bit. I think you've "made it" as a blogger when your blog starts paying your mortgage, and that's not something that's bound to occur at any point in my life.

The good week will presumably continue tonight, as I have a "blate" with -R- for a movable feast at the sushi-boat buffet. And then tomorrow it's off to see Minnesota boy Mason Jennings** at First Avenue with my good pal Lisa.

All in all an excellent week, right?

And yet, despite all those very good things going on, do you know what made me the most happy of all this week? The thing that sent joy and relief to the core of my soul for more than a brief moment or two? That'd be the fact that the left shoe in my beloved pair of brown Danskos, which has been making a bothersome and embarrassing squeaking noise with each step ever since approximately the third week I owned these shoes (shoes that were far too expensive to stop wearing simply because they make me feel like an old lady in orthopedic footwear... or worse, a mild-mannered psychopath hiding out at a photo-mat), finally and suddenly stopped squeaking!

Consequently, the thing that made my heart sink and hit me with a shot of disappointment unparalleled in my life of late? When that damn shoe started squeaking yet again.

Sigh. I should have known it couldn't last, right?


* That'd be "blog gifts," for those of you who haven't yet incorporated this whole "merge the bl- prefix" thing into your lexicon.

** Who I recently learned is married to a girl from a neighboring hometown, who I actually met at several parties in 12th grade but who I'm sure has no recollection whatsoever of having any idea who I am.


Poppy Cede said...

Ohhh! I love the wrapping paper that (I didn't do myself but paid some poor kid who makes less than minimum wage to add)!!! Yay!

Stef, what kind of camera are you using? I'm in the market...

sognatrice said...

How fun, except for the resqueaking incident. I have black Danskos that I've been wearing for 4 years. I don't care if I feel orthopedic b/c, like you said, they sure are costly buggers...but oh so comfy (when not squeaking).

3carnations said...

Sounds like a lovely week, indeed!

I figure you've "made it" as a blogger when you get double digit comments on a regular basis...Particularly in the 20s...That's a lot!

Magical boy? I don't remember reading about him...Did I miss a post, because I have no idea who you are talking about...But yay for homecooked meals cooked by someone else! :)

-R- said...

On Jen's blog (Sunday Undies), she mentioned something about sex in a cow pasture on What About Brian. You will have to explain all this on our blate.

stefanie said...

Poppy--It was a lovely wrap job. I was quite impressed. :-) And I've got a Canon PowerShot Digital Elph. Mine's the SD450, but I'm sure there's a newer model or two since then. The main selling point for me was how tiny it is (it very easily fits in my pocket or purse), but it takes good pictures, too (which probably isn't fully evidenced by the ones I post on my blog, as I'm not the skilled photographer some people are).

Sognatrice--Indeed. I'm totally spoiled by my Danskos now (and by my Eccos and Birkenstocks in the summer). I can no longer buy shoes unless they're comfortable!

3Cs--What? You don't lock in to memory every single thing I write?? I am shocked and dismayed. Just kidding. I've mentioned him only a few times, I guess (here, here, here, here, and here) so I wouldn't necessarily expect you to recall it. And double-digit comments are exciting, I agree. You're often in double-digits yourself, aren't you? I guess that means you've "made it"! Whoo. :-)

stefanie said...

R--(Sorry; you slipped through when I was ridiculously creating all those links in my last comment.) I will have to read that post! I am NOT, it seems, the only person watching that show. Yay! And yes, I will explain it to you. :-)

P.S. to 3Cs--I know I need to update your link in my sidebar. I just keep forgetting to do that. Since I got sucked in to the wonder that is Bloglines, I rarely use my links list anymore.

lizgwiz said...

That DOES sound like a lovely week, squeaking shoes aside. I've had an incredibly irritating week for the most part--not bad enough to take joy in blogging about its badness, just full of little irritations. Argh. (And hey, apparently it's turned me into a pirate. Maybe I'll get an eyepatch and a parrot for fun.)

3carnations said...

Wow! Thanks for the references to Magical Boy. You are certainly efficient!

I get double digits frequently enough now, but seldom in the 20s...Today I seem to have had my first post to unintentionally offend at least one person...I definitely don't think that means I "made it"...

Don't worry about the link...anyone who clicks that gets the link from my old blog anyway. :)

stefanie said...

Liz--Well, we know that you already know where to find an eyepatch (possibly even while under the influence of possibly illegal substances), so I suppose it's really just the parrot you need to locate. :-)

Sorry you've had an irritating week!

stefanie said...

3Cs--You offended someone? Whoo! That's another sign you've "made it," i think! ;-)

Jamie said...

Hey Stef, I saw "The Merchant of Venice" at the Guthrie, too! We'll have to compare notes, as I have some strong opinions about that production... Hopefully we discuss it on Friday over tapas at A's b-day party. Looking forward to catching up with you then!

don't call me MA'AM said...

Those all sound like wonderful things! I do so love "Little Miss Sunshine."

I've only had one blate ever (with -r-, no less!). I think I need more, but there aren't a lot of bloggers in our group who live near me. *sigh*

Have a great blate!

-R- said...

Ha! I guess I get around.

nabbalicious said...

Aw, what a nice week! Except for the squeaky shoe. I have a couple pairs that do that, and it drives me insane. I always seem to wind up walking on my tiptoes to minimize the noise!

The Other Girl said...

I'm going to go with the "offended someone" definition of how you've made it because then that means I made it last week after someone didn't like my reply to her comment about American Idol and unsubscribed me from her Bloglines. I know! It's insane! (But not as insane as how I'm kind of looking forward to my first hateful email, which I think is going to be any day now.)

I feel like I haven't been here in ages. I'm glad you're having a good week, and happy belated birthday!

NancyPearlWannabe said...

I totally love my Danskos... they just opened an outlet here that sells last season's for about 40% off. I set up my direct deposit to automatically send 10% of my check to that store every pay period.

L Sass said...

Hooray for many degree-ed connections to fame!

I knew someone who acted in children's theater in grade school with Josh Hartnett. Josh and I both attended her birthday party. I'm not sure why that doesn't translate into Josh inviting me to all his movie premieres now.

3carnations said...

You are the only person who could appreciate this, I think - Turns out being a grammar/spelling freak is hereditary. My mom sent me an email that said "Sounds like your having good weather." I, of course, noticed the misuse of "your", but let it go...

Five minutes later I get a very short email from her: "YOU'RE, not your...I do know how to spell it"

stefanie said...

Jamie--Guess we forgot to discuss the Guthrie last night... I am interested in your "strong opinions," though!

DCMM & R--Yeah, apparently R is a blore (i.e., blog whore). Clearly she gets around. ;-)

Nabb--Exactly. That or the side of my foot. Neither is probably good for my posture (and both probably make me look like a fool).

TOG--You can actually tell who's subscribed to you through Bloglines? Guess I haven't figured that out yet. But good for you for having an awesome attitude about stirring controversy. And thanks for the belated birthday greetings.

NPW--40% off? Ooh. I wish we had one of those shops here!

L Sass--Ha! You are right. That should totally translate to awesome invites now. (Sidenote: I saw Josh Hartnett at a DFL event right before the 2004 election. He doesn't invite ME to premieres as a result, either.)

3Cs--Heh. I've totally sent notes like that. And I've received them from friends who were worried I'd chastise their unintentional errors as well.