Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cuatro de Mayo

Photo posts would be more compelling if I had a better camera. Really my only point in posting this is to show you that I took the advice of the popular vote and went with Fiesta Casserole.

Since I'm letting near-strangers from the Internet make my choices for me, however, tell me--what would all of you like to decide on my behalf next?


The Other Girl said...

Mind control! Next: platinum grills for your teeth.

Poppy Cede said...

It's fun to let bloggers make decisions for you. I've never been steered wrong by the blogger majority.

guinness girl said...

That looks delicious! Mmmm.

abbersnail said...

Girl, that margarita looks freaking fantastic!

stefanie said...

TOG--Nice try, but I may have to draw the line somewhere.

Poppy--Agreed. Except... see above. ;-)

GG--It was. TOG didn't steer me wrong (platinum grills suggestion notwithstanding).

Abbersnail--Indeed. Do you know, I had never made margaritas from a drink recipe (as opposed to the bottled mix) before? So easy! So good! Why didn't I try that sooner??