Friday, May 04, 2007

RIP, Loreleis

It's official. Goodbye, Stars Hollow. Thanks for the memories.

Guess I'll need to find a new set of imaginary friends and neighbors to fill the void.

P.S. Rory, please don't marry Logan. You're too young.


nabbalicious said...

Aw, I know she's young. But I love Logan, even if he was kind of a shit at first. And I want them to get married, if only because I need a resolution to the show. Plus, she'd move to San Francisco, and ain't nothing bad about that!

Also, Lorelei and Luke? Get married. Now. And please invite me.

Oh, what's that? They're not real people? YES THEY ARE.

-R- said...

I was going to e-mail you about this! Isn't it strange that they would make this announcement when there is only one (I assume) episode left, and it has already been filmed?

I hate Logan, but maybe that is because I stopped watching a season or two ago, and he was evil and smarmy then. Even if he is not evil now, you are right, they are too young.

I think I will miss Michel the most. And Suki.

lizgwiz said...

I don't particularly care where they go with Rory, but if they don't get Luke and Lorelei back together in the final episode, you will all hear the screaming. I need some closure, damn it!

I will miss them all, and I will miss the show, last season's horrible mess notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

How is it we get sooo attached to our friends on screen?

Courtney said...

I'll miss the show, too. And I agree that Rory shouldn't marry Logan -- she should go find Jess, who has turned into a big-time author, and chill with him instead. I loved Jess.

Although if Lorelai and Luke get married too, that would be kind of incestuous, wouldn't it?

Jurgen Nation said...

See?! You and Peter DeWolf, The Handsome Canadian, are made for each other!!

stefanie said...

Nabb--They are totally real people, and if you get invited to the wedding, you had better invite me as your date. (Actually, did you read in that CNN article that Lauren Graham said it would be her worst nightmare if the show ends with a wedding? Funny.)

R--My little sister made a t-shirt design that says "Logan = Tristan. What the hell, Rory?" I loved that. Of course, she also made one that said, "Logan: He's almost OK." (That was actually a Lorelei quote--from last year, I think.) I am still sort of torn on him, but either way, they're too damn young to get married.

Liz--I will be listening closely. Think I'll hear the scream all the way from Oklahoma?? (If so, then wow, you really DO have some pipes!) :-)

Desiree--I am totally attached to my imaginary Stars Hollow friends. I have no idea what I'm going to watch next year.

Courtney--Or Rory could just find a NEW boyfriend, instead of continually recycling the old. Right?

JN--You are hilarious. I was, however, once compared to Lauren Graham (by a date). I've totally got the brown hair, blue eyes, and fast talking thing. AND I've got the glasses like Lorelei wore in that photo. So maybe you're on to something. (Kidding. Just kidding. But you do crack me up.)

Peter DeWolf said...

"The Handsome Canadian"

Ha! LOVE that.

I am already suffering from Lauren Graham withdrawal.

Darren McLikeshimself said...

I just found out about this! From your blog!