Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where you lead, I will follow

I promise this entire post won't be about the last new episode of Gilmore Girls I ever get to see. I realize that not all of you ran into your living room this evening as soon as you heard the words, "Previously, on Gilmore Girls..." coming from your TV. I know that not all of you danced around your coffee table during the theme song for what will presumably be the last time ever.* And surely not all of you had to get up to grab the Kleenex box from your bathroom at approximately 7:45 Central time because that damn show had made you teary-eyed and sniffly for the third time in under an hour.

* What? You think I'm really the only one who does this??

I realize all of this, of course, but... Wait. What was my point? Actually, I don't think I had one. I did want to show you this, however. Just in time for the series finale, I got myself a shirt proclaiming my new mantra.


It's just in time, too, because I am finding myself more kayak than ever. Date #2 with the very nice man who I'm unfortunately not at all attracted to was last night (in case you're wondering, he was the guy I met at that "Learn to be a Liquorologist" class a while back), and that second date will be a last date. I'm just not feelin' it, all his fine points be damned.

On top of that, I have recently been Miked for the second time in less than a year. I suspect you might not be familiar with that term, since I just made it up myself today. My friend Amy would understand, as she's been burned by men named Mike so many times that she refuses ever to date one again. She has often encouraged me to adopt this same boycott, and I've always replied that it's ridiculous to write anyone off solely on the basis of his name. Well, unless his name is Barry. Or Larry. Or, maybe, actually, Gary. (Sincerest apologies to any Barrys, Larrys, or Garys out there. I've just never been a fan of the "-arry" names.)

Now, however, I am beginning to suspect some possible credence to her theory. Hence, the new vocabulary word. "Mike" as a verb could have many meanings, to cover a wide range of being jerked about and mistreated by a man with that unfortunate name. In my case, however, to be Miked is to have a man flirt with me, express interest in me, tell me how very much he likes me and would love to date me, but then follow it with a "but I'm dating someone else at the moment; so sorry about that, really."

So enough with the Mikes. Amy's a wise woman, obviously. Too bad I actually owe one of those Mikes an email reply yet tonight...

Since I'm in a bit of a funk about my second Miking and actually don't have much else to say, I thought maybe I'd try something that the Funky Brown Chick did recently. She writes about dates and dating even more than I do**, and last week she decided to put out a call for questions about her dating life. Anything we wanted to know, she would answer. Maybe it's presumptuous of me to assume you want to know anything about my dating life, but since I do from time to time get e-mails and comments asking, "What ever happened with...?" perhaps there might be at least something on your minds. So ask and I shall answer. What do you want to know about my dating life? Put a question in the comments or an email, and I'll answer it later this week.

By the way, it does occur to me to place some disclaimer here, reserving the right not to answer anything I deem just too personal, but I can't really imagine too many questions that would fall into that group. That wasn't a challenge, mind you. Go at least sort of easy on me, OK?

** Which I would like to think is not all that often, as I never really intended to create a dating blog, but based on the number of dating-related search engine results I see in Sitemeter, it's obviously a frequent theme.


abbersnail said...

I am now in love with the verb "Mike." I have been Miked once, and it was a disaster.

I have no room to judge your Gilmore Girls grief... I bawled at the last episode of Alias, and it wasn't even a tearjerker.

Sharka Girl said...

I use to think all Scotts were a-holes.


Ooh, ooh, ooh ... me, me, me!!!

I have a question ...

Is there one particular (past or present) dating relationship that has become the standard by which you measure all others?

(Pssst! Thanks for the shout-out, by the way.)

3carnations said...

I guess I was Miked two times, now that I think of it...That was a long, long time ago. Things like that keep you from dating them when you're single, and stay in memory long enough to keep the name off of your potential baby name list, too. Andrew is another one. That was the #1 name on my baby name list for a lot of (single) years. By the time I was married, it was way off the list.

Dating question...What was the length of your longest relationship? Tell us about him. :)

Poppy Cede said...

Ringer shirt! Nice!

I have no appropriate questions to ask about your dating life. :D

The Other Girl said...

I'm studiously avoiding your first paragraph since I haven't watched the show yet. Also, I've never been Miked, but I've been Alexed, which is very similar except that Alex doesn't tell you he has a girlfriend, and to make matters worse, the girlfriend turns out to be your boss or your cousin.

My question is: now that you're north of 30, what do you call someone who, were you ten years younger, you would call your boyfriend? I can't figure this one out. Sometimes I think I'll get married, just so I can stop saying, "this is my ... uh, person who I'm seeing on a more or less exclusive but not committed basis."

lizgwiz said...

I wept through most of the last half-hour of Gilmore Girls. I admit it. I'm not proud. And that kiss...

Sorry to hear you've been Miked. I've never actually dated a Mike--I have, however, been Dennis'd more than once. That doesn't work so well as an all-purpose term, though.

What's the age range you've dated? How many years older, and how many years younger than you?

beingmccrary said...

I have never been Miked or actually dated anyone with that name. And I'm happy about that since my brother's name is Mike and...well..no thanks. I have been Timed and Tomed though.

I was all eager to watch GG...and I fell ASLEEP! What am I? 80? I'm upset about that. And even though I pretty much know what happened, it's not the same as seeing it. I'm just out of sorts because of it...I'll stop typing now. :(

But wait..question...how do you decide what to wear on a date? Do you buy something new or go with something you already have?
I'm done now.

Noelle said...

I got Miked hard core right before I met Birmingham, and on our first ten dates, I kept asking him over and over again if he was really single. It's a burn that doesn't heal.

-R- said...

I love the shirt!

I must come to the defense of Mikes. I dated a Mike once, and he was nice. But not very smart.

I saw the last half hour of GG and loved it. It ended exactly right.

nabbalicious said...

I haven't watched GG yet, but I've got big plans to this afternoon.

I dated a Mike when I was in 8th grade (so does it even count?), but your friend's theory is dead-on. I've also dated TWO Larrys, and they were both horrid people. You're right to be wary of the -arry names.

I'll ask a question: what are your non-negotiables? I mean, aside from the guy needing to have good grammar and spelling skills (which I agree with).

Paisley said...

I would also like to know your non-negotiables.

I was right there with you on the whole GG thing. I used to wait for Tuesdays with bated breath. The last few years have been a little less than, but I still love Lorelai, Rory and the gang at Stars Hollow. I'll miss them. It ended perfectly. You are right. I mean, you just KNOW Luke and Lorelai are spending the summer fishing (ha!) and going on roller coasters. :) I liked that it said a lot without having to tidy up everything all neatly and boxed. A nice conclusion.

Still. I cried.

L Sass said...

I feel the same way about Jays. My friends declare "STAY AWAY FROM JAY"

Fortunately, there are far fewer Jays out there than Mikes. Phew.

NancyPearlWannabe said...

Hmm... never been Miked. But I'd love to hear your best/worst dating story. I may have already missed that in a previous post, since I only started reading around November (I think?), but you can just add the links in if you like. I'm easy like that. :)

Married Jen said...

Here's my question:

Do you believe in "dating karma"? Like if you don't like a guy who is obviously interested in you, that it will happen to you the next time?

Oooh one more:

What's the most creatively planned date you've ever been on?

LC said...


I COVET that tshirt. Want it so badly.

And on the Mike story: I am the total opposite. I've already decided in my mind that I will marry a Mike or one of his derivates, all of the Mike's I've met have been fun and nice to me. There's something about the name that is like a magnet for me.

Question: How do you feel about dating someone younger than you, nevertheless he shows he is a mature individual?

NancyPearlWannabe said...

Oh, and I concur with l sass. Jays are dangerous, far more so than Jasons. I also hate the -arry names, although my dad is Garry, so I guess I can't be too hard on the poor guys.

metalia said...

My dating question: Do you have an emergency plan to fall back upon (possibly involving friends, and code words) should the date turn out to be a bust from the get-go?

stefanie said...

Thank you all for your questions! Keep 'em coming! (I mean, if you want. If there's really nothing you want to know, I surely don't mean to force it...)

Poppy--How about an inappropriate one? ;-)

TOG--Oh my. That does sound worse. As always, thanks for the perspective.

Liz and Paisley--I knew I wasn't the only one who couldn't hold it together through that whole episode! Nabbs, I'm sure you will cry, too (if you haven't watched it and done so already). Also, -R-... I agree. It ended exactly right. :-)

The rest of you--I have things to say to all of you, too, of course, but I am too tired to reply to everything right now. Thanks for the questions!

Shesabigstar said...

I was out of town last weekend visiting a couple of friends...as I was meeting all kinds of new friends at the bar, within 1 hour I had met 4 different guys named Mike. I was feeling a little chlostrephobic...or mikeaphobic! Weird...I think your friend may be right about the whole Mike thing.

Poppy Cede said...

Sorry, I just am now seeing your request for an inappropriate question. The question that I always want to know: Do you you respect the 3 date rule, wait a lot longer, or go for it on the first date if you feel like it?

You asked! :)

steve said...

Screw the shirt, I dig your specs.