Friday, May 04, 2007

Five questions no one can really answer for me

  1. If you have a date with a very nice man who is well-mannered, kind, smart, outgoing, and interested in an admirably wide range of fun activites, but whom (despite all of those very good and promising qualities) you find yourself not physically attracted to in the slightest, is there any chance whatsoever that an attraction might develop, or is it best to save his time (and your own) and decline the second date?

  2. For my own private Cuatro de Mayo festival this evening, should I make the tasty-sounding Swiss Enchiladas I saw when I was on Cooking Light's Web site the other day, or the delightfully retro "Fiesta Casserole" (featuring crushed Fritos, just like all good Midwestern hotdishes should) that The Other Girl sent me in reply to my call for super-easy recipes recently?

  3. How long will this entirely uncharacteristic cooking kick last? Am I just temporarily amused by the novelty of it or actually trying to make a legitimate life change? And what will be my trademark element of charming ineptitude if I manage to make "real" cooking be routine? These are important questions, people (or rather, three important questions in one).

  4. Will I ever do the meme that Anniina tagged me for days upon days ago? That was actually going to be my Friday Five for today (anyone who offers a topic I can enumerate in five-point form really should know by now that it's bound to become a Friday Five for me). Instead, I apparently decided I had far more pressing things to ponder at the moment. (See #1 and #2 above, which surely don't fit into an itemized "Why I blog" list.)

  5. Why did I request Tully from Netflix? That disc has been sitting in my living room for so long that I don't even remember why or when it got there. Was it a Netflix recommendation based on something else I chose, or was I clicking from page to page on IMDB and found myself in a Julianne Nicholson mood somehow? I really don't remember, but I do hope it doesn't suck.

Bonus question (#6): Will my Internet connection be working again when I get home? I certainly do hope so, but if you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know why. I'll admit I'm a little curious just how many productive things I might get done if forced to spend an entire weekend offline, but since the weather forecast predicts rain, I don't know that this is the best weekend to find that out. (So fingers crossed, Qwest; fingers crossed!)


lizgwiz said...

I'd give the guy at least one more date. Occasionally I do find myself growing attracted to someone once I've known them a while. And it doesn't sound like the date would be painful, at any rate.

Oh, go retro on the casserole. Crushed Fritos make everything better, right?

I have no answers for the rest of your questions. ;)

Paisley said...

Give the guy another chance. Sometimes people you never thought were attractive become so the more you know them. If not, nothing lost, eh?

I am sad GG is gone and yet not so much. I kind of feel like they died a few years ago. I'd still go live in Stars Hollow, though. Meet me at Al's Pancake World at 6:30?


Anonymous said...

Tully is a lovely, lovely little movie. I think you will be very happy and satisfied when you find the time to sit down and watch it. It's quiet. And small. A bit sad, but not too. And it ends with a heavenly lil' song called 'Tangled and Wild' by Oh Susanna. It's a favorite of mine (along with The Zero Effect, Harold and Maude, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and The Shawshank Redemption...). Hope you'll find it worth the wait.

-Wendy in Seattle (a first-time commenter, frequent lurky loo)

The Other Girl said...

1. Go on one more date. Even if it turns out to be chemistry-free, at least you'll know for sure, and won't look back on it later (when you're on a coffee date with a guy who isn't entirely sure who Barack Obama is) and wonder if you should have given him a second chance.

2. Fiesta! Oh, and I forgot to say that if you halve the recipe, use an 8 x 8 pan instead of a 9 x 13 (you probably would have figured that out, but I'm a control freak and had to say it). Or just make the whole thing and invite the guy from question 1 over. Two birds! One casserole!

3. Eighteen months to two years. Both. Auto repair.

4. I don't know.

5. I don't know.

6. I don't know.

7. Considering how contentless I managed to make it, this comment is ridiculously long.

Anniina said...

1. I'd say "waste of time" (but you knew I would say that).

2. I vote for casserole (we Finns, like our Minnesotan cousins) love stuff in casseroles. Fritos? Heaven!

3. You're probably going through a nesting period because of the spring. By mid-June I predict it'll be over. Unless, as you suspect, it might be a whole changing-your-life -kind-of-thing, and then it'll possibly stick :)

4. Yeah, you'll do it sometime (you can save it for one of those Fridays when you don't have a list popping up organically, I'm not in a hurry).

5. I don't know. If it's good, let us know.

6. I don't know about Qwest - if it were Comcast, my guess would be "No" (see any past post of mine, entitled: "Comcast is the Devil").

Return question: Did you see your imaginary boyfriend (P. R.) is in a new movie? Roper waxed enthusiastic about his performance the other night.

Anniina said...

Irritating parentheses/punctuation error in #2. Apologies.

abbersnail said...

Go on a second date. "They" say it actually takes three dates to know if you have chemistry with someone. My current quasi-bf is someone I wasn't bowled-over by at first, and now he makes me weak in the knees, as cheesy as that sounds. If all else fails, I feel like the "smell test" determines whether or not I'll ever find someone attractive. Hug him and see if there's a noticeable good or bad smell. That's my free advice for the day.

stefanie said...

Liz--It seems the popular vote says yes on the second date and fiesta casserole instead of enchiladas. I was actually sort of leaning towards the other option on both of those. But since I'm letting you guys make my decisions for me... ;-)

Paisley--Excellent plan. And then we'll have breakfast at Westin's tomorrow morning, right?

Wendy--Hi! Thanks for delurking! :-) It always surprises me what sorts of things make people speak up and finally comment. Thanks for the thumbs-up on Tully. I will probably watch it tonight (with my Cuatro de Mayo fiesta casserole).

1. You have an amazing memory. I am impressed. :-)
2. I would have figured that out, but I can relate to the control-freak need to clarify something like that.
3. But MOST people are inept at auto repair. How would THAT be unique or charming??
7. But funny. :-)

Anniina--I DID see that! I might go see it this weekend, if "Waitress" isn't playing yet. Actually, I saw a preview for the new Paul Rudd movie when I was at "Pucini for Beginners" with The Magical Boy, and I turned to him and said, "Ooh! Paul Rudd! He's one of my imaginary boyfriends!" And MB (who, coincidentally, cannot seem to figure out why people occasionally aren't sure if he's straight) replied, "Good choice."

Anniina again--Eh. I knew what you meant. ;-)

Abbersnail--That's what I've always thought (that sometimes chemistry takes time). I'm just feeling pretty confident it's not there with this guy, but I suppose anything is possible. He was very, very nice (and interesting), so I should give it a chance, I guess.

Blitz Krieg said...

1. Since it is a guy, I have no idea.

2. Fiesta Casserole sounds good to me. The Frito Bandito, now there is a great guy.

3. If you are asking, it can't last much longer.

4. I think there is a seven day limit when playing tag.

5. I've not heard of Tully or Julianne Nicholson.

6. Rainy days without the internet suck. That is unless you have someone to spend the day in bed with and no children are in the vicinity. Maybe very nice man isn't busy this weekend.

stefanie said...

BK--Ew. I am still debating the worthwhile-ness of a second date. I am NOT anywhere NEAR ready to picture this guy in my bed. :-(

(If it were someone else we were talking about, however, then you'd make a good point.)

Maliavale said...

OK. I was going to say screw it, save your time, but the other comments convinced me. One more date, with more wine. =)

Anonymous said...

1) Doesn't that just suck. The guy has all the other qualities, just no chem. And then, theirs the other hot guys with tons of chem, just don't have the other qualities, it makes you wonder,? why can't they make aguy who has it all, or perhaps they are all taken? You just want to go out and take two of them and smush them together so you can get the "perfect" guy.
Don't go out again just to see if the chem suddenly appears, it won't.

2) I'd prefer the swiss enchiladas myself.

3) Typically, 4 1/2 months. ( The first time, you come back to it again)

4) Not sure either, wouldn't have been on my hot list! But then again, you get a chance to critique it later.