Monday, July 23, 2007

The correct answer to #5 is "Teen Spirit"

Many years ago, when I still subscribed to misogynist drivel useful and culturally relevant literature such as Glamour, I remember reading an interview article featuring Gwyneth Paltrow. In the interview, she mentioned that her friends had begun teasing her about her sudden climb to fame. "I only do art films," she apparently insisted, to which they replied, "No way; you're totally a cheesy movie star."

Art films. The woman said she does only art films. Clearly this was before she signed on for View from the Top and Shallow Hal.

I'd have to say it's an unlikely and rare occasion for me to be drawing any comparisons between Gwyneth Paltrow and myself. I mean, sure, I suppose there's a possibility that I'll someday sustain a bothersome head injury and thereafter start speaking in a fake British accent and naming my children Blueberry and Potato, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's a long shot at best.

I am, however, a big ol' hypocrite just like Ms. Paltrow, apparently. When I started this blog, I was somewhat against the "list-about-me" memes. Then I decided to pick and choose which ones I was against and which ones seemed fun or worth doing. Now I'm not just posting a meme, but asking YOU GUYS to fill it out! My word; I know it is summer, but WHERE will the lazy blogging end??

Ahem. With that compelling introduction in place, allow me to tell you about the fun game Sognatrice is playing over at Bleeding Espresso right now. There's a list of twenty questions, or actually, twenty fill-in-the-blank type statements, but rather than Sognatrice completing each one with her answer, she's put it out to commenters instead. This really isn't the cop-out that it might seem to be; aren't you just as curious as I am how well people know you or don't?

So then. If you'd like to play along, copy and paste this list (or whatever portion of it strikes you) into the comments, completing each sentence with the "true" answers if you know them or amusing and absurd ones if you don't. And then go do the same thing on your own blog (if you want, of course) so we can all be lazy summertime bloggers together. Whee! Doesn't that sound like fun? I thought so. Here we go.

Stefanie is.....
Stefanie needs.....
Stefanie's best friend is.....
Stefanie's dog is named.....*
Stefanie smells like.....
Stefanie drives like.....
Stefanie craves......
Stefanie's favorite TV show is.....
Stefanie hates the actor whose name is.....
Stefanie's alcoholic drink of choice is.....
Stefanie's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....
Stefanie's favorite musical artist is.....
Stefanie's favorite cupcake flavor is.....
Stefanie's hair is.....
Stefanie's celebrity crush is.....
Stefanie's occupation is.....
Stefanie's favorite book is.....
Stefanie's favorite color is.....
Stefanie hates.....
Stefanie wishes.....

Thanks in advance for humoring me (I hope... I could very well be met by crickets on this one, I know). Also, if it's not too much to ask, please make me smile rather than laugh. I promise that none of you are on my nemesis list, so don't be a hater, OK?

* This is a trick question, of course, but I decided to leave it anyway, rather than replace it with something more appropriate (you know, like "Stefanie's imaginary boyfriend is named..." or "Stefanie likes wine better than..."). So do with this one whatever you like.


joshua said...

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Feel free off course to comment as you wish and remember: don't take it wrong, don't think that this visitation I make is a matter of more audiences for my own blogg. No. It's a matter of making universal, realy universal, all this question of bloggs, all the essential causes that bring us all together by visiting and loving one another.

You must not feel obliged to come and visit me. An invitation is not an intimation. Also know that if you click on one of my ads I'm promised to earn 8 cents for that: I would feel happy if you did click it, but once again you're totaly free to do what ever you want. I, for instance, choose immediatly to click on one of your ads, in case you have them. To do so or not, that's the whole beauty of it all.

I think it's to UNITE MANKIND that we became bloggers! Don't see language as an obstacle but as a challenge (though you can use the translater BabelFish at the bottom of my page!) and think for a minute if I and the rest of the world are not expecting something like a broad cumplicity. Remenber that pictures talk also. Open your heart and come along!!!!!

3carnations said...

Wow, look at you making a new friend. The least he could have done was complete the list. :)

Stefanie is the 2007 Winner of Spelling and Grammar Award.
Stefanie needs people to use proper grammar.
Stefanie's best friend is someone I don't know.
Stefanie's dog is named TBD.
Stefanie smells like lip gloss.
Stefanie drives like a maniac.
Stefanie craves a trip to Target.
Stefanie's favorite TV show is What About Brian.
Stefanie hates the actor whose name is (really? HATE an actor? Does she even know him?)
Stefanie's alcoholic drink of choice is not wine from a box, as that is -R-'s drink of choice.
Stefanie's NON alcoholic drink of choice is something unknown to me, but I like root beer.
Stefanie's favorite musical artist is also unknown to me.
Stefanie's favorite cupcake flavor is quite possibly chocolate.
Stefanie's hair is dirty whenever she runs into a former date at Target.
Stefanie's celebrity crush is most certainly blogging about HER right now.
Stefanie's occupation is some technical.
Stefanie's favorite book is not able to be narrowed to just one.
Stefanie's favorite color is green.
Stefanie hates memes.
Stefanie wishes she would get lots of witty comments on here.

Noelle said...

This is nerve wracking, and I frankly think that Joshua said it all anyway.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

But, but I always need YOU! It's fine with me that you didn't actually complete my meme before you borrowed it--I did the same thing with the poor blogger I stole it from too. Keep it on the DL, umkay?

Here we go!

Stefanie is like Stephanie but not.
Stefanie needs to make blueberry muffins and ship them to me.
Stefanie's best friend is someone who would never mistake "it's" for "its" or "accept" for "except" or "affect" for "effect" or...need I go on?
Stefanie's dog is named Luna, like all adorable dogs are named.
Stefanie smells like teen spirit! Man I've been holding that one in.
Stefanie drives like, you know, a driver.
Stefanie craves new glasses. Or is that me?
Stefanie's favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls, now and forever.
Stefanie hates the actor whose name is Charles Grodin. Oh, again, me.
Stefanie's alcoholic drink of choice is a margarita because a Bloody Mary sound so, ew.
Stefanie's NON alcoholic drink of choice is Snapple of some sort, or it must've been at some point.
Stefanie's favorite musical artist is someone very talented. I'm thinking Prince, but that may be because "1999" is playing on my Internet radio right now.
Stefanie's favorite cupcake flavor is cupcakey.
Stefanie's hair is attached to her head--very well indeed!
Stefanie's celebrity crush is destroying the Earth as I type.
Stefanie's occupation is something wordy but not verbose.
Stefanie's favorite book is on one of her book lists (Eat Pray Love?).
Stefanie's favorite color is a lovely shade of Crayola.
Stefanie hates memes, but it's all a cover because she really wants to start a whole blog just for them!
Stefanie wishes to change the plural of nemesis. See, I pay attention.

Oh, and I do hope you decide to unite mankind. That'd be nice of you.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Oh I forgot to add that on Number 5, I didn't care that you had given it out as the answer already--it's been firmly planted in my head since I saw the original meme, and there was no reason to try to think of something else today on the spot.

Too much pressure.


-R- said...

Stefanie is a Sconnie.
Stefanie needs cheese curds.
Stefanie's best friend is Rhett Miller.
Stefanie's dog is named Paul Anka.
Stefanie smells like, well, you know.
Stefanie drives like a person who owns a Saturn.
Stefanie craves mojitos.
Stefanie's favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls.
Stefanie hates the actor whose name is Robert De Niro.
Stefanie's alcoholic drink of choice is red wine.
Stefanie's NON alcoholic drink of choice is Coke.
Stefanie's favorite musical artist is that one band that has a tuba in it.
Stefanie's favorite cupcake flavor is pumpkin.
Stefanie's hair is straight.
Stefanie's celebrity crush is Ethan Hawke.
Stefanie's occupation is very technical.
Stefanie's favorite book is Eat, Pray, Love.
Stefanie's favorite color is purple.
Stefanie hates people who say Sconnie.
Stefanie wishes she could attend my brother-in-law's wedding with me this weekend.

Anonymous said...

It's important to choose the perfect post on which to delurk, and this one is mine. I used to be a technical writer at a telecommunications firm in Minnetonka and I lived in a pink duplex on Harriet and 28th. (Now I am a horse trainer and freelance writer/web designer in
Vermont.) Most significantly I am also a Stefanie...I found your blog a couple months ago while doing a vanity google, and have been snooping - er, lurking - daily every since.

With that background, since this post is filed under Me Me Me and is all about *me*, being Stefanie and all - here:

Stefanie is hungry because she skipped breakfast this morning.
Stefanie needs to get off the internets and go work a couple of horses.
Stefanie's best friend is a 55 year old named Grant.
Stefanie's dog is named Balavan. Or Cairo, depending on which one you're looking at.
Stefanie smells like horse manure a lot of the time.
Stefanie drives like an old lady ever since her Subaru was totalled two winters ago by a snowplow. Can't be too careful!
Stefanie craves more sleep. Or more money. Or maybe bacon. Yes, definitely bacon.
Stefanie's favorite TV show is Monk, or at least it WOULD be if we could get television on this side of the mountain without having to pony up for satellite service. Thank the heavens for NetFlix!
Stefanie hates the actor whose name is Keanu Reeves.
Stefanie's alcoholic drink of choice is a margarita. Or a mudslide. Or a pomegranate martini. Or red wine. Um, or white wine. Or sangria...I'll stop now. (Really, I don't drink very much or very often! I just have a lot of favorites.)
Stefanie's NON alcoholic drink of choice Reid's spicy ginger ale. Oooh, or limeade! Yeah - definitely it's the limeade. Mixed with a little selzter, and maybe a splash of pomegranate juice.
Stefanie's favorite musical artist is different every week. This week it's Sarah Vaughn.
Stefanie's favorite cupcake flavor is chocolate.
Stefanie's hair is just below the shoulders; it's brown with waves in it, unless it's blown dry (which it rarely is) in which case it dries straight and smooth.
Stefanie's celebrity crush is too embarrassing to admit here.
Stefanie's occupation is Professional Renaissance Woman! Horse trainer/Master Sergeant in the Mounted Response Unit/writer/editor/webhead/etc.
Stefanie's favorite book is Eat, Pray, Love. I've lived a lot of Liz's story...aside from that whole traveling to Italy/India/Bali part. Okay, I lived the bathroom tears, leaving a marriage and ultimately being put back together by a man 17 years older parts, but it was enough to seriously relate!
Stefanie's favorite color is usually an earth tone of some sort. Today I'm really liking green.
Stefanie hates bad grammar, people who abuse their horses or dogs whether they mean to or not, cilantro, mechanical pencils and the color pink.
Stefanie wishes that the owner of this blog would come to Vermont to meet her sometime so they could compare stories first-hand!

lizgwiz said...

Stefanie is smart and funny.
Stefanie needs to come to Tulsa and ride the Sushi Train.
Stefanie's best friend is undoubtedly someone equally smart and funny.
Stefanie's dog is named Wiley. He's currently living in my garage--shall I ship him to you? ;)
Stefanie smells like some sort of product purchased at Target.
Stefanie drives like...I have no earthly idea, and I can't think of anything funny to put here.
Stefanie craves cheese. No wait, that might be me.
Stefanie's favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls. Or Two and Half Men. (I kid, I kid!)
Stefanie hates the "actor" whose name is Paris Hilton. (See how I did that with those quotation marks? Aren't I "clever"?)
Stefanie's alcoholic drink of choice is a glass (or bottle) of red wine, or a perfectly muddled mojito.
Stefanie's NON alcoholic drink of choice is something purchased at Target. (I'm making that my default answer. I think it's safe.)
Stefanie's favorite musical artist is someone I'm not cool enough to know.
Stefanie's favorite cupcake flavor is white with chocolate frosting. (That's mine, but she can share it with me.)
Stefanie's hair is in a ponytail every time she sees Adam from MeMarmony.
Stefanie's celebrity crush is Ethan Hawke. Or Michael Vartan.
Stefanie's occupation is explaining how to use software. I think. I believe there may be flowcharts involved.
Stefanie's favorite book is "eat, pray, love."
Stefanie's favorite color is available in many forms at Target. (See above re: default.)
Stefanie hates bad grammar.
Stefanie wishes the plural of "nemesis" was "nemisi."

Mair said...

Stefanie is more organized than she thinks she is.
Stefanie needs recipes from Real Simple. So simple! So few ingredients!
Stefanie's best friend is a person I don't know.
Stefanie's dog is named QWERTY.
Stefanie smells like Target. In a good way.
Stefanie drives carefully, yet absentmindedly, in a Saturn.
Stefanie craves peace and quiet.
Stefanie's favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls!
Stefanie hates the actor whose name is not Peter Sarsgaard.
Stefanie's alcoholic drink of choice is crap, I should know this. Let's go with ... white wine?
Stefanie's NON alcoholic drink of choice is cranberry juice.
Stefanie's favorite musical artist is Old 97s/Rhett Miller.
Stefanie's favorite cupcake flavor is chocolate with vanilla frosting.
Stefanie's hair is never, ever frizzy. Jealous!
Stefanie's celebrity crush is Michael Vartan.
Stefanie's occupation is editing technical thingies. And knowing the right words for it, unlike me.
Stefanie's favorite book is Eat, Pray, Love.
Stefanie's favorite color is green.
Stefanie hates the smell of paper mills.
Stefanie wishes we knew her better.

metalia said...

Too! Much! Pressure! Can't I just write you a guest post instead? ;) Also, I think Joshua's comment is the best thing I've ever read. Ever.

Stefanie said...

You guys are awesome. I suddenly wish I had fancier commenting capabilities than Blogger allows, so I could comment in-line to all of you. :-)

3Cs--Can you believe I almost forgot about "What About Brian"?!? The summer hiatus is much too long for my short attention span, apparently! I do like root beer, though I probably wouldn't have thought of it as a top choice. Chocolate was definitely a good call on the cupcake one, though. Also, thank you for incorporating grammar and Target into so many of your answers. :-)

Noelle--Fair enough. And you're right; it is nerve-wracking, which I suppose is why I stole Sognatrice's idea without even answering it on her blog. That said, look how well so many others are stepping up to the challenge!

Sognatrice--I do enjoy margaritas, and I think you're right that I was on a Snapple kick at one point. (Also Fruitopia. Do you remember Fruitopia??) And you are correct, of course: Gilmore Girls now and forever. :-)

Sognatrice again--It was actually the "is destroying the Earth" one that confused me, but thanks for the clarification on the Teen Spirit one!

R--I do need cheese curds, and I would love to be Rhett's best friend. Good call on Ethan Hawke, too. (I would also have accepted Michael Vartan, Paul Rudd, and the aforementioned Rhett Miller as top answers.) Also, I would love to join you at your brother-in-law's wedding, but I'm afraid I can't hang out with anyone who calls me a Sconnie. Sorry. ;-)

VermontStefanie--Hello! Thanks for delurking! You are actually the third Stefanie-with-an-f to tell me that she found my blog by vanity-Googling her name. You are also the second Stefanie-with-an-f I know in Vermont. Crazy. Even more crazy is how many of your details and answers match mine. I am a technical writer; I am often hungry; I almost always crave more sleep (and money, and oh, OK, sometimes bacon). :-) I am also not a fan of Keanu Reeves and I enjoy margaritas, mudslides, pomegranate martinis, and wine. I don't think I typically smell like horse manure (I hope!), but if I ever make it to Vermont, I will not let your horse-wrangling ways stop me from popping in to say hello.

Liz--I was actually just thinking about the Sushi Train the other day! I would love to go there with you sometime. :-) Good call on the celebrity crushes. (See my reply to R above.) And I love that you brought up the flowcharts. You have an amazing memory, my dear.

Malia--If I ever do get a dog (or a cat), QWERTY would be an excellent name! Seriously, I love that. And I DO drive carefully yet absentmindedly! How did you know that?!? Also, paper mills DO smell bad, though I haven't thought of that much since my days living on the east side of Wisconsin (Paper Valley, as it's sometimes known).

Metalia--You can write me a guest post anytime you want, my friend. Of course, that might set the bar too high for my own follow-up posts, but it's a risk I'd be willing to take.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second! I totally posted a super-long list here. Where the hell is it??

Anonymous said...

These are lame, but I promise, the first ones I did were funnier.

Stefanie is witty and fun and beautiful and delightful and fantastic.
Stefanie needs to stop running into meMarmony boys at Target.
Stefanie's best friend is someone I don't know. :(
Stefanie's dog is named Mr. Nonexistent or Invisible Doggy Man
Stefanie smells like tiki bars.
Stefanie drives like the wind.
Stefanie craves honeycrisps and cheese curds (even though "curd" is a gross word).
Stefanie's favorite TV show is duh, Gilmore Girls.
Stefanie hates the actor whose name is um...Philip Seymour Hoffman? That's just a wild guess. She does not, however, hate Michael Vartan.
Stefanie's alcoholic drink of choice is wine, of course!
Stefanie's NON alcoholic drink of choice is water?
Stefanie's favorite musical artist is damn, I do not know.
Stefanie's favorite cupcake flavor is all cupcakes are lovely.
Stefanie's hair is shiny and pretty.
Stefanie's celebrity crush is not Bono.
Stefanie's occupation is writing technical stuff.
Stefanie's favorite book is good lord, there are way too many delicious books to choose just one.
Stefanie's favorite color is wine! Or blue or green.
Stefanie hates bad spellers.
Stefanie wishes we could drink wine in person together!