Monday, July 09, 2007

My weekend, in bullet points (again)

Is it a sign of unforgivably lazy blogging when nine out of ten of your last posts involve a bulleted or numbered list of some sort? I care not. It has been hot, and I have been wallowing in lethargy. Here we go.

This weekend, I...

  • Wrote my 54th Friday Five entry. Can you believe I have been creating those damn lists for a full year now? My first thought is, "No wonder I have such a hard time coming up with topics for those lately!" My second thought is, "Wait a minute. 54?" Help me out on the math here, folks. If my first one was the last week of June 2006, and my most recent one was the first week of July 2007, shouldn't that be 53? Perhaps I've forgotten how to count in this heat, or perhaps I need to add calendars to that growing list of basic concepts I apparently do not understand.

  • Saw three movies (one on DVD, one in the theater, and one outside in a parking lot) and watched six Netflixed episodes of What I Like about You, an entirely cheesy sitcom that I should probably be embarrassed to admit I like and yet, I persist in telling the Internet about it. (Note: I also think the son-in-law on Reba is occasionally hilarious. You see? I have no shame.) (Note to the note: If it redeems my poor taste at all, I have never seen a full episode of According to Jim or Two and a Half Men. -R-, does this mean you can still be friends with me?)

  • Sold an old air conditioner to an overweight drag queen (No! For real! I saw his WhySpace page!) and a dehumidifier I'm no longer using to an aging hippie in a wife-beater and felt clogs. (Thank you, Craig's List, for the extra $55 in my wallet now. Whoo hoo!)

  • Managed to complete a 21-mile bike ride on a 98-degree day without either collapsing from heat stroke nor melting and fusing to my seat.

  • Finished The Time Traveler's Wife. Unfortunately, I finished it five days after it was due (the library wouldn't let me renew it because there are several holds on it behind me), which means not only am I a book-hoarding jackass, but I have incurred a library fine for the first time in at least 16 years. I was a little worried that deliberately keeping the book past its due date would be a bit more expensive today than it was in my tiny home town nearly two decades ago, but it turns out the late book rate has skyrocketed up to only 30 cents per day. Pshaw. They can have my $1.50, I say. Hell, the library is a good and worthy cause; maybe I'll throw in an extra $1.50 just to show my apologies. See? I'm a rebel and a philanthropist! Delinquency has an upshot after all.

  • And finally, last but not least, received an award from the lovely Poppy Cedes. This pink-tastic prize is apparently making the rounds, because last week, Sognatrice was kind enough to bestow it on me as well. I am thoroughly flattered, ladies. Even if this logo does call up memories of Barbie & the Rockers (or better still, Gem & the Holograms), I will post it proudly anyway. (Gem is truly, truly outrageous, after all, and who's going to argue with that?)

    I rock

In response to that last one, I'm supposed to pass the prize along to five other deserving lady bloggers. Obviously my friends -R-, Poppy, and Sognatrice have already received it, but even that doesn't make it much easier to narrow this down to five. I assure you, you all rock. This list is just a small sampling (in no particular order) of the fabulous women I'm happy to call my Internet friends.

  1. Noelle, because she approaches workouts with the same sort of twisted logic I employ on a regular basis, because she wrote probably the best "How I spent my summer vacation" essay I have ever read, and because she introduced the terms "landlesbian" and "waterlesbian" into our lexicon. That last one alone is worthy of an award, I say (even if -R- may have actually coined the latter, if my recollection is correct).

  2. Liz, because she is nicer to animals than I am to most humans. Also because she is capable of doing all sorts of things that I most certainly am not. Like fix her refrigerator, and exercise 70 days in a row, and avoid unnecessary and superfluous cheese. Oh, and sing! (Really, folks. I've heard her on CD. The woman has a fabulous voice.) Also, her comments routinely crack me up. Her feedback on my posts (and those on other blogs I read) is as entertaining as her own, actual posts, and it makes me think, as Darren once said to Red, "Save the A-material for your own blog!"

  3. Maliavale, because she is a genius and a visionary (I am still waiting for that International Size Tribunal idea to take hold) and because her now-infamous "Tiny ponies in sneakers" post is still quite likely the funniest thing I've seen all year. Also, she is one of the most positive, optimistic, "the world is my oyster" people I've ever met (or, almost met, if being "virtual" friends counts). And I very much admire her for that.

  4. Metalia, because she is smart and charming and consistently hilarious, not to mention incredibly helpful, what with all the wonderful product recommendations and movie reviews and all the recipes she sends to my poor domestically challenged self. Plus, she is downright lovely, with her perfect hair and dark brown eyes and her impossibly adorable family. Metalia is like that beautiful and popular girl in high school who you wanted to hate but couldn't because she was actually down-to-earth and nice instead of bitchy and judgmental. Plus, she is apparently even more clumsy and accident-prone than I am (not to mention magnetic to in-the-street-peeing hobos), and really, how can you not love her for that?

  5. And finally, Nabbalicious, because she taught us all about waxing and Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers and reminded us how very tasty Cadbury Creme Eggs are. And also because at least 127 times, she has written something that has so perfectly encapsulated my own thoughts or experiences that I just have to say Nabbalicious is obviously a cooler, wittier, more ambitious, more talented, and overall more awesome version of myself. And since by at least two accounts, I rock, surely Nabbalicious rocks as well.

OK, so that is five, but it would be terribly remiss if I didn't also include a shout-out to my pal Guinness Girl, who has been terribly busy with real life lately and therefore not spending nearly as much time online. She is still witty and fabulous, however, and therefore very deserving of some accolades. As are the rest of you, of course. Let's just say we all rock and leave it at that, OK?


metalia said...

Oh, my! I'm so very flattered; thank you so much, Stefanie! Commencing dance of (Though I will probably trip over a potted plant and/or hobo in the process.)

Noelle said...

Thanks! I've always wished I was more like the rock and roll version of me. Also, I think you should take into account that maybe it was a leap week?

What did you think of Time Traveler's Wife? Totally worth $3, no?

lizgwiz said...

I am unbelievably touched. Here I was, starting the day all cranky, and now I'm smiling 'cause Stefanie thinks I rock. I feel like an Oscar nominee--it's just an honor to be in the same category as noelle, metalia, maliavale and nabbalicious!

I love that you're selling off used household goods, and making the world a more beautiful place. 'Cause really--who needs overheated drag queens and damp hippies?

The Other Girl said...

If the last week of June 2006 is week 1, then the penultimate week of June 2007 is week 52. So the last week of June 2007 is week 53, which would make the first week of July 2007 54. Also, have you seen my pocket protector?

I used to watch Yes, Dear. I ... don't know why.

Stefanie said...

Metalia--Yes, knowing you, it's probably best that you commence your dance of joy in a completely obstacle-free area. :-) Also, was "dance of joy" an intentional or unintentional reference to Perfect Strangers? (Are you even old enough to remember Perfect Strangers?) Because that's yet another not-very-good show I used to watch on purpose. I'm not proud.

Noelle--Definitely worth $3, I think. Also, now I am wondering what a rock & roll version of ME would be like. I don't see it for me, either.

Liz--See? There you go again. Overheated drag queens and damp hippies indeed. You make me laugh, my friend.

TOG--Gah! OK, now that you explained it so logically, it makes perfect sense, and I am a bit embarrassed that I was so confounded by it. Sigh. Also, I should know by now not to be drinking anything when I read your comments. I about spit out my tea on the pocket protector line.

-R- said...

Ha! I have seen and enjoyed What I Like About You. The only show that will make you my enemy if you like is Two and a Half Men.

Mair said...

YAY!!! You're totally the best. The world is YOUR oyster, dammit. Or it's just a tiny pony's world, and we're all living in it.

I'm curious to hear what you thought of TTW.

L Sass said...

I know MANY people who love What I Like About you and Reba!! And, if you're still feeling silly for watching it, consider this: I've been watching a ridiculous amount of HANNAH MONTANA on the Disney channel lately.

I'm going to go crawl into the Tunnel of Embarrassment and hide now.

Poppy said...

You. make. me. laugh. hysterically.



Stefanie said...

R--I don't really have any plans to start watching that one, so I think we're safe. Whew.

Malia--I am glad you are happy with your award. I was a little worried after your post the other day that one more pink thing tossed your way might send you over the edge. :-)

L Sass--I will admit that I have actually seen at least an episode and a half of "Hannah Montana." But I'd take "What I Like About You" or "Reba" over that one any day, if for no other reason than the lack of Billy Ray Cyrus in either of them.

Poppy-- :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww, *blush*. YAY! Thanks, woman! It's an honor. I'm always happy to dispense with the waxing/lip gloss advice, and it's nice to know when someone totally gets where you're coming from.