Thursday, July 26, 2007

Obviously this sort of thing is contagious

Most of the people in that "real life and in-person" category of friendship don't make themselves known in the comments here very often. They read (or, some of them do), but they rarely mention they've been reading, so it's only when I start telling some little story about the ridiculous or amusing thing that happened to me recently and they stop me with, "Yeah, I read that on your blog" that I'm at all aware they've stopped by. (Yes, I do have a Sitemeter account and of course I periodically examine my stats, but despite apparently popular belief, I have no idea which St. Paul-based Comcast visits are actual friends of mine and which are people popping in via -R- or WhiskeyMarie.)

Sometimes, however, I get e-mails from friends that let me know they're still here. For example, the other day a good friend of mine forwarded a message that a co-worker of hers sent to their company at large. Apparently it reminded her of something I was appalled by a couple weeks ago myself...

From: [Friend's co-worker]
To: [Entire company]
Subject: It won't happen again

I just wanted to apologize to anyone I may have upset yesterday by wearing my socks-and-sandals combo. I understand the error of my ways, and it won't happen again.

[Friend's co-worker]
[Title, Company]
[Phone and Fax numbers]

The friend who forwarded me that message wondered which was the greater offense: wearing socks with sandals in the first place, or sending out a company-wide e-mail apologizing for it. I actually think it's the former. The latter proves a redeeming sense of humor and humbling nature, after all, so I must give him credit for that.

I'd also like to note that the offending co-worker at my own office wore his white socks with leather sandals again yesterday and offered nothing by way of an apology (or good humor) for it. Since scientific law commands that every dorky action result in an equally dorky reaction, however, I've continued to prove myself a winner lately as well. Case in point? Twice (twice!) in the past week, I have stepped into the shower with my glasses still on.

Stones and glass houses indeed.


L Sass said...

When we called my coworker out for his socks / sandals ensemble, he posted a photo of this combo from MSN Careers with the caption "WHAT NOT TO WEAR TO WORK."

It's nice when people have a sense of humor!

Whiskeymarie said...

That e-mail is hilarious. It's always a good thing to own up to your nerdery.

-R- said...

I remember going to class in college without my contacts in and not realizing this until I tried to read the board. Oops. But I have never gotten in the shower with my glasses on. That is hilarious.

I also love the company-wide e-mail. Although I hope it is a small company because otherwise that is kind of weird.

lizgwiz said...

Well, obviously some part of you felt you really needed to SEE what you were soaping up. ;)

Personally, when I'm naked anywhere in the vicinity of mirrors that's the one time I wish I DID have bad eyesight.

I've had a couple of real-life friends confess that they've read my blog, and it feels kind of weird. My first reaction was "oh my god, did I say anything about THEM?" Which I hadn't. And won't, of course, now that I know they pop in from time to time.

Noelle said...

Sometimes I shower with my glasses on, especially at the gym, or if I've seen some nasty bug in my home. Even worse, I've never gotten a pair of prescription sunglasses, so I just pop my sunglasses over my regular glasses. I do it so often, that I forget how geeky it really is. My sister called me on it the other day when we were in Union Square, and refused to talk to me until I took them off.

Winter said...

Is that worse than walking around the entire house yelling that you can't find your damn glasses anywhere, and then reaching up and they are firmly planted in your hair?

After an hour of giving up of course.

The King said...

Before I had Lasik, I would wear my glasses in the shower once in a while. Sometimes you just have to make sure the soap is doing it's job.