Monday, February 11, 2008

NPW is a mind reader

That's the only explanation, folks. Seriously, the woman keeps winning stuff! It's almost as though the universe was misinformed or lost the memo and thinks it is NPW's year, instead of mine! NPW, if you've ever thought of buying a stack of lottery tickets or betting on some horses, now might be a good time. Quite clearly you're on a roll. (The snowy TMBG ticket denial was obviously just a fluke.)

I wrote down three numbers before I clicked "Publish Post" last night. Those numbers were 1, 11, and 17. Let's take a look at those corresponding comments, shall we?

Comment #1: NPW
You know how I have to win. But I am afraid to keep winning these pay it forward prizes because then I have to actually pay it forward. Yay E for Excellent!

Indeed, now you have to pay it forward. Heads up, everyone--NPW is running another contest! (It's an unending cycle, my friend. Have fun with that.)

Before I copy and paste comment #11, I have to share with you comment #10. Comment #10 came from Lara, who said...

"I can feel it -- number 9 is the winner."

While Lara was typing that, however, Erikka sneaked in with comment #9, making Lara's comment #10. Seeing her numbering flaw, Lara posted a second comment:

Comment #11: Lara
Crap. When I started typing that, I would have been comment number 9. I must amend my previous statement. TEN is the winner! TEN TEN TEN!

In fact, ten was not the winner. But eleven was, so you win anyway. Whoo.

I actually thought about the fact that I just sent Lara a prize not too long ago (well, a Christmas present, but close enough, I think), not to mention the fact that my friendship is surely prize enough... But if I skipped over her and went to the next commenter, that next commenter would be NPW again--with her third comment, asking, "Did I win yet?" (You did, in fact. Eleven comments ago.) And if I skipped to the comment after that, the winner would be me. This is all getting far too complicated. My point is, Lara, you win.

Which brings us to our third winner, comment #17:

Comment #17: -R-
Was I one of the winners? Why do you tease me so?

You were, in fact, one of the winners, -R-. Now I just have to figure out what your prize should be (which is tough, when all that's coming to mind immediately is "Ann Taylor Loft gift card").

So. Congrats to NPW, Lara, and -R-. Prizes are forthcoming (though I know not yet what or when).

In related news, I am a winner, too! Today in the mail I received two very exciting items. The first was a package from Noelle containing a collection of surprises from her December NaChriCoMo contest that I already forgot I won. (Note: I may not be remembering that acronym right, but since Aaron's on a blog break, no one's here to correct me.) Noelle sent me two holidays worth of candy (Christmas M&Ms and Valentine hearts... what, no Cadbury Creme Eggs?), an all-Lola mix on CD, and a Steve Martin book that, coincidentally, I actually just read about today. All in all, it was a fine prize package, and Noelle, I thank you kindly.

And nestled up right alongside Noelle's prize pack in my mailbox was a prize almost equally exciting: a $10 coupon from my favorite liquor store, finally making good on the rewards they promised me as part of the "Heart Healthy Wine Club" I joined months ago. I thought drinking wine was its own reward, but no! More wine (for free!) is an even better prize.

Yes, I drank $250 worth of wine to get this. But I promise it wasn't all in one week.

Maybe the universe got the memo after all. Say it with me: Year of Stef! Thank you.


Aaron said...

Woah, I just left a comment on the last post as you published this one! You are correct, m'am, it was NaChriCoMo, and I got my prize from Noelle today as well. Must thank her. Must send my prizes out someday.

Also: not on a blog "break" per se, I just won't be around as often as I'd like. Doing my best, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Year of Stef! I hope your year is as wonderful as my Summer of Pam was.

shelleycoughlin said...

I win, I win! I am going to have to start getting creative with my contests over at my blog. Or, you know, stop winning so much.

Ha! Who am I kidding? I am a natural born winner. Although I do seem to be the very last person to not yet receive my NaChriCoMo prize. I am pleased to note it has candy in it, though. Because Lara's cookies, while they will undoubtedly be delicious, just can't provide enough calories in a day.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how the mail got to Minneapolis before it got to Boston, and a little worried that NPW hasn't gotten her stuff yet. Especially because I ran out of licenses to make more Lola Mixes, and Christmas candy is nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, she's won everything else, so she can wait a little bit...

-R- said...

YES! I probably shouldn't be this excited, but I am. I'm a little embarrassed that I wrote "won of the winners" instead of "one of the winners," but we shall pretend it was some kind of intentional pun, ok?

L Sass said...

You won't be so lucky next time, NPW, Lara and -R-!


Stefanie said...

Aaron--You're here! Sorry; didn't mean to accuse you of a full-fledged break. Hope you're enjoying real life.

Pam--You gave yourself only a summer?? Next time, aim higher. You should get a whole year!! :-)

Lara--If I remember correctly, Lara's cookies ALSO had candy in them! Lucky girl.

Noelle--That IS a mystery of the postal service, isn't it?

R--Gah. Some editor I am. I just copied and pasted your comment and didn't even notice it. (In my defense, it was late and I was trying to wrap that post up in a hurry.) I'm going to edit it in the post, at least, even though Blogger won't let me edit your comment!

L Sass--That's some fine intimidation work. ;-)

Jess said...

I think I'm the mindreader here. I KNEW that I wouldn't win with comment number 15, because 15 is too round. But I posted anyway, because I am not crafty enough to wait until someone else has taken the becursed number 15. Oh well.

lizgwiz said...

Well, of course we knew I wouldn't win, being as how the Year of Liz is well and truly over.

But I'm so happy for YOU, in this the Year of Stef. Truly. I'm a good friend like that. ;)

Anonymous said...

I tried to win yesterday with the power of my mind. I failed.

Poppy said...

What?! I did not win?!?!?! But, but... It's my year!!!!!

(Did I even play?)

Anonymous said...

Like Beej, I failed at winning on my Jedi powers alone. Note to self: must enter to win.

Can you explain the rules of this Year of Stef thing to me? I was kind of hoping it applied to any and all Stefs, but given the past six weeks of my life, I'm beginning to think perhaps it's only the Year of Urban Stefs, or the Year of Stefs Who Have Blogs.

(This is the Stef Formerly Known as VermontRockies, btw.)

Anonymous said...

Woooohooooo! I may not be able to count, but I am still a winner! WOO!

Mickey said...

There's nothing like free stuff. Except winning. Of course winning free stuff beats all.