Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Even Garrison Keillor wears red shoes, and I should be at LEAST as hip as he is, right?

You guys, I am totally famous. Remember back when -R- and I went to see Crazy Aunt Purl, and -R- was totally a blogging rock star because Crazy Aunt Purl totally knew who she was? (Also, remember when I could come up with exclamatory adjectives other than "totally"? Yeah, I'll work on that.) ANYWAY, today I have -R- beat, because while Crazy Aunt Purl may read -R-'s blog, guess who reads mine? Go ahead, guess. I'll wait. Give up? Oh, no one special, really. Just PAULA POUNDSTONE. And not only is she reading, but she sent me an e-mail to tell me to keep up the good work!

OK, so really the e-mail came from Paula's manager, and it was intended for my lovely guest-poster, Nabbalicious. Also, in this age of Google alerts and Technorati, it shouldn't be so surprising that if you write about a celebrity, even in the giant cloud of anonymity that is the Internet, there's a reasonably good chance that celebrity (or someone hired by that celebrity) might read what you wrote. Still, I managed to forget this fact of modern life momentarily, because seeing Paula Poundstone's name in my Inbox with the subject line "Your post about 'Wait, Wait'" still caught me completely off guard. And now that I've gone and written about her twice, she'll probably see this as well. (If so, hi, Paula's manager! How's it going today?) I have to wonder, though... if celebrities really DO read everything we write about them, then Ethan, why haven't you called me?? Sigh.

All right; that's really all I had to talk about tonight. Yep; e-mail from Paula Poundstone is about the most exciting thing I have going on, and it wasn't even an e-mail directed towards me. Yes, yes, I could talk about last night's debate, or about how I watched the portions of it that I watched with a boy, and how that boy looked at me at one point during the event to ask, "So... are you watching this or not?" because he didn't want to interrupt my very important and serious civic-mindedness by trying to kiss me (which is more than I can say for The Neighborhood Giant during Michael Clayton, the result of which being that I still have no idea what the hell was going on in that movie). But if I wrote about that, it might either jinx the portions of that situation that I feel semi-good about, or force me to dwell on and subsequently weird myself out over the parts of that situation I feel not-so-good about. So I fear I need to be annoyingly vague and uncharacteristically secretive about that. Sorry.

Instead, then, let's talk about shoes! What? I wouldn't be a female blogger if I didn't blog about shoes at least once a year, and I can't recall any shoe-related posts thus far in '08. To my male readers, I do apologize. You can just skip to the next post in your feed reader right now if you prefer.

Still with me? Great. I'm following Abbersnail's lead and deciding that it really is high time I just bought a pair of red shoes already. I am woefully inadequately accessorized most days, and I do think red shoes would be just the thing to point me in the right direction in that respect. The question is, which red shoes? I think I finally have it narrowed down. The choices are thus. Weigh in, if you will.

#1 - I think I like these best. However, the reviews thus far lead me to believe I'll need to buy some shoe glue almost immediately if I purchase them. Steve Madden makes a cute shoe, but apparently his workmanship is shoddy. Is it worth it? Glue is easy enough to apply... So cute, though, aren't they??

#2 - Nearly the same shoe (and the same brand), but mysteriously eight dollars cheaper. Also, are they really such a bright red, or is the photography just misleading here? Tough call.

#3 - Perhaps a bit more versatile, in that they'd go with dresses as well as jeans and pants, but how often do I actually wear dresses in the fall and winter? (Answer: Not often.) Still, how cute is the kitten heel?

And finally, #s 4 and 5 - both excellently versatile and tactful choices, as you can see.



OK, so I am kidding about those last two, although I sort of secretly love the thigh-highs and nearly wish I had some absurd costume-related excuse to purchase them. Aaannnddd, now you're picturing me in red pleather thigh-high boots with whatever outfit would accompany such a thing. I do like to keep people guessing and put myself out of my comfort zone now and then, but that's not really an image I meant to conjure up.

Back to the point, then. #1, #2, or #3?


Megan said...

Nabbalicious rocks. I want Nabbalicious back!

amanda said...

If you can only buy 1, I'd go with option 3. But, since they are so different in style I think you really should talk yourself into 2 pairs, and go with 1 and 3.

3carnations said...

3. Classic.

Congratulations on an email from a celebrity's manager for your guest blogger. I think. :)

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I generally don't like wedges, but I do like #1. They are pretty cute.

And hi, Paula Poundstone's manager!

Jen said...

I vote for #1. Seems more appropriate for fall and winter, that darker red color. good luck choosing!


badger reader said...

Red shoes are a definite must - I am sure you can coordinate with all your red apparel, being from the badger state and all...
I adore #3 - I never knew that style was called kitten heels. I am wearing a pair similar to that style in brown today. #1 is pretty cute too, so I vote with Amanda that if you are already going all out on 1 pair, why not 2?
Paula Poundstone's staff emailing is awesome, even if it wasn't about one of your own stories - definitely feeds into the whole 6 degrees of separation theories!

lizgwiz said...

#3. If #4 is truly not an option. Hee.

If celebrities are reading MY blog, why haven't I heard from my one true love Leonard yet? WHY?

And, if "celebrities" are reading my blog, I'm really glad I didn't use the unadulterated name in the "I married Morville Bedenracher in a dream" post. Though hey--maybe it would get me some free popcorn. ;)

So, what portion of the debate prompted him to get kissy? The economy? Foreign policy? "That one?" ;)

Noelle said...

With your luck, maybe Steve Madden will read this and just send you the shoes.

Heather said...

I vote for #1.

-R- said...

Pair 1 is my favorite.

FYI, I have a pair of Steve Madden shoes that are a cross between pairs 2 and 3, and I haven't had any problems with them.

No e-mails from Mo Rocca yet? What if I keep mentioning his name in your comments? I love Mo Rocca!

Neurotic Grad Student said...

Pair #1 are my favorites, but I would buy #3 in a fit of practicality. And, how come I'm the only one who gets pumped about cooler weather because then I can wear skirts and dresses? With funky tights! In the summer, I'm too self-conscious about my pasty white legs to wear the skirts, but now! Tights!

Paula Poundstone makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. I'd save that email and never ever delete it!!

Kelli said...

I'm in LOVE with #3! You've got me thinking that I should buy some red shoes now!

Courtney said...

I like #1 the best, but I fear the color may border on burgandy rather than red. If red red red is what you want (and that is the technical term for it), I say go with #2.

Jess said...

I like 1. And I have wedge heels from Steve Madden that I've had for over a year and they haven't fallen apart yet.

abbersnail said...

Oh, I love #3. And I love #2. And I love #1.

I am worthless, clearly.

Anonymous said...

#1 is the one for me- and maybe you too. Damn you- I want going top try to abstain from too much shopping - now you may have put a wrench in those plans.

Sauntering Soul said...

I was going to leave a comment asking if you've ever actually tried on a pair of Steve Madden shoes because, while they are supah cute, I've tried them on and they are way uncomfortable. But I see that at least a couple of people have commented saying they like his shoes so now I am going to leave your blog with yet another complex about myself. Because obviously I just have wonky feet. Wonky feet that are jealous of those of you who can wear Steve Madden's adorable shoes.

Hi Paula Poundstone's people!

flurrious said...

I think I like #2 the best, but it's really hard to concentrate because I can't get over the fact that The Neighborhood Giant tried to kiss you during a George Clooney movie. The Neighborhood Giant has guts.

Stefanie said...

Megan--She totally does. I want her back, too!

Amanda--Ooohhh. You are an enabler. Dangerous. ;-)

3Cs--Thanks. I think. :-)

Dutchess--That was a weirdly noncommittal vote. (Just kidding.) I like #1 more and more each time I look at them. I think my decision is made.

Jen--Thanks! That's what I'm thinking, too.

Badger Reader--I think that's a kitten heel... Surely someone can correct me if I'm wrong...

Liz--You know, I think it actually WAS shortly after "That One," since that's one of the last parts I remember hearing. Who knew that was some sort of weird green light??

Noelle--I love the way your mind works. If nothing else, maybe he'll read it and make sure the soles are properly affixed on the pair I buy!

Heather--Thanks! I knew we thought alike. :-)

R--I remember those shoes! Yours are brown, right? Also way cute. (In fact, weren't those the ones CAP raved about?)

NGS--See, for me, #1 are actually more practical. If I dressed up for work, I'd probably think differently. For me, more casual is the more practical choice. And while I love the look of tights, I don't love that my legs still get cold, or that tights really aren't much more comfortable than nylons. I'll wear them, but it's not an everyday thing.

Kelli--You should! #3 also comes in an awesome sort of peacock blue color that I kind of love as well.

Courtney--I think darker red is what I want anyway. It's just weird because the product description uses the same color name on both shoes. Odd. Also, am I really commenting back in detail about shoes? I am. Move along, folks. Nothing more to see here. :-)

Jess--Really? Yay! Maybe this fall was a bad batch, though.

Abbers--Not worthless at all. You are the one who made me finally decide I NEED red shoes already. :-)

Monkey--I just spent $139 on my lunch break today, and that's not even including the red shoes. So abstaining from spending isn't going so well for me either, obviously.

SS--You know, that's what I thought (from the couple of pairs I've tried on in stores). The reviewers at Zappos and Endless swear they are comfortable, though. We shall see, I guess.

Flurrious--Ha! He had some nerve, too. The making out during Michael Clayton night was the last I heard from him. Creep.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

I see I'm in the minority, but I rather like #2 if you're going to go RED! Yes, in caps with an exclamation point ;)

As for Paula Poundstone, you know what I think of whenever I hear her name? An old stand-up routine about her cat having gone to the vet and coming home with the funnel thing around its head to prevent licking the wounds...and the other cats' making fun..."Funnelhead funnelhead *was* shouted."


nancypearlwannabe said...

Number three! Those are what I've been looking for all over this cursed city. Who knew I just had to click over to your blog to find them?

Aaron said...

#3. Also, I have written about Scientology and Tom Cruise so much, but I have yet to hear from them, so congrats on the once-removed brush with a celebrity associate!

-R- said...

Yes, mine are brown and CAP commented on them. =)

Kelli said...

Thanks Stephanie! I DID buy some red shoes!

Alice said...

i'm totally late to the party... but i ADORE #3 :-)