Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blog Share 3.0

As I mentioned yesterday, today is Blog Share Day. Can I get a WHOO for -R- and all her efforts? (WHOO!) The woman is pregnant, people. She is growing a small human inside of her, which I can only assume sucks more than a small amount of energy and brain activity, and yet she harnessed the power of the spreadsheet and wrangled 30+ bloggers into formation to make all of this happen yet again. Well done, -R-.

With that out of the way, let's get on to today's anonyposter. Remember, the following was written by another Blog Share participant (who shall remain nameless). In turn, I've got an anonymous post floating out somewhere on the Internet as well. Check out the list at the end of this post to find all the contributors today.


There you are.

Cheerful laugh lines sculpt your face.

Your presence warms me.

An innocuous touch can send me over the edge.


Soft kisses on my shoulder blades.

Your facial hair grazes the length of my spine.

You make me feel like The Most Beautiful Woman Ever.

Bursting with gooey goodness.



If we are not careful, we may explode.


Blindly tap snooze.

Smile across my face, tiny squeak as I shrug sleep away.

Roll over and realize I am alone.

It has been months.

I still cannot bring myself to throw away your ugly birthday gift.

Managed to conceal my horror when I received it.

It wasn't until I thought of you shopping that I loved it.

Left at the back of the closet.

Forgotten glass flower.

Reach for an old shirt... knock the flower over, it breaks in half.

Still cannot bring myself to throw it away.

Two large pieces on a shelf in my closet.

Make coffee.



Play with loved ones.

Come home.

Check my blog stats.

There you are.

Not every day, though often.


You ended it.

You do not want me.

Yet you continue to read my blog?

I wish you would leave me alone.

Get out of my head.

Get out of my dreams.

Leave my heart.

Let me move on.


Thank you, anonymous guest poster. Now, here's where all the other anonymous posts are hiding...

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heidikins said...

My heart hurts a little bit after reading this post. Excellent writing.


3carnations said...

Beautiful post. It's hard to throw away memories sometimes. Even when they hurt.

nancypearlwannabe said...

WHOO to -R-!

This post was lovely, as well.

Lara said...

Ugh! Why is it that men can suck so royally sometimes? I'm sorry that you are going through this, and i hope you meet someone fabulous and new to help you do it! :)

Tracy Crowe Jones said...

Beautiful and so real. I'm sure many of us can relate - mine is with a friend, but I feel the same way.

lizgwiz said...

Well, now I'm all weepy here. Lovely.

Allie said...

Oh, wow. The fact that he's still reading your blog has got to make it that much harder.

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm sorry you're hurting so much right now. Beautifully written post.

Blog Share Person said...

Freaking A! This breaks my heart!

Ween said...

This hurt me a little, too. So perfectly expressed.

L Sass said...

It would kill me to see someone who hurt me lurking on my blog.

Leave your ex alone, buddy!

Allie said...

I think you captured the feelings of so many so perfectly. Beautifully tragic post.

WorkingSucks said...

Amazing! I loved it and can relate. There is someone out there that can make your heart smile. I know it.

Manic Mom said...

Man, that is a great anonymous post! I wish I knew this anon blogger in real life, I would read her blog too!

I just now heard about this blogshare thing. Great idea ...

Again, I am late to the party.

abbersnail said...

Beautifully written.

Anonymous Guest Poster said...

THANK YOU! Your feedback and comments made my heart a little lighter.

JR said...

This is really beautifully written.

Catheroo said...

Beautiful post. I hope it was a little therapeutic for you too.