Friday, July 18, 2008

Quirkier than thou

Well then. Blog Share was fun, but it was two days ago. I'd probably best be posting something new on top of my guest writer's fine contribution to the anonymous posting game, right?

Speaking of being behind, I'm a little late to the party on something else, too. My good pal Lara tagged me for a meme-er-roo a few weeks ago already, and I neglected to do anything about that. I am ignoring perfectly reasonable requests and I'm also making up silly words for words that were already silly enough. (Meme-er-roo? Did I really just do that? I did. Let's just move on, shall we?)

For this one, my task is to list six unspectacular quirks about myself. I'm sure I could come up with six quirks in addition to the 106 already spattered elsewhere within this site, but today is Friday, which means I'm going to make this a Friday Five instead. I'm also not tagging anybody to do this after me (though feel free to jump on this bandwagon if you feel so inclined). Look at me, breaking rules left and right. I'm quite the rebel, obviously.

Anyway. Six Five unspectacular quirks about yours truly. Start the drum roll now.

  1. Unlike Lara with her errant vertebra, I can do a cartwheel. Yes, even at the creaky old age of 34. I actually make a point to do a cartwheel at least once a year just to make sure I still can. (That last part might actually be more of a quirk than the fact that I can do a cartwheel is.)

  2. I like ice in my milk. The only way I'll drink it is if it's very cold, and ice is the simplest way to ensure that. No, it doesn't taste too watered down (for me). No, I don't think it's weird.

  3. I like cherries, but not anything artificially cherry flavored. Also, I'd throw maraschino cherries into the category of "things artificially cherry flavored." Yuck.

  4. I remember all the words to a song about a tortilla vendor that we learned in Spanish class in 10th grade. Or, I thought I did, anyway. When I sang this song to a guy in Mexico a few years ago, he seemed to have no idea what I was singing, so perhaps my Spanish (and my singing) is even worse than I thought.

  5. Have I already told you about the toe thing? I don't wear flip flops or Tevas in public because I'm self-conscious about my mutant baby toe. Come to think of it, I think I have written about that before. And I should probably just stop mentioning it, lest you think I'm more of a monster than I actually am. I promise it's not anything that would scare a small child. One toe just sort of rests atop the adjacent one is all. On a freak level of 1 to 10, I like to think it rates no higher than a 4.5. No, I will not post a photo to let you judge.

So. What quirks have YOU not yet shared with the Internet at large (body-related, food-related, or otherwise)? Come on, spill 'em.


steve said...

Come on... I posted a photo of my mutant, overlapping toes (yes, I have a bunch) awhile back. All the cool kids are doing it!

Pants said...

I also like ice in my milk!

Aaron said...

You think you're quirky? I prefer artificial cherry flavor to real cherries. I win! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the cartwheel thing! Haaaa. Don't take this the wrong way: when I was little, my mom did that. I loved it, and still do. A symptom of her young-and-fun-ness, and I dig the openly-silly. She had also done walkovers, backward and forward, but she quit being able to do that long before she lost the cartwheel.

Now. I come from a family of (weirdos?) effed-up feet. I have this weird space between my second and third toes, and used to refuse to wear sandals or flips. Then I moved to the South and, well, it's open-toeds eight months of the year down here. I never notice feet, nobody ever notices my feet, and it's much nicer to be all breezy in the toes. I say you work through it! Just go to the mailbox in flip flops! You can do it -- be free!

Of course, it's considerably less of an issue in your cold climate....

Just remember -- as long as there are still women with those long, freaky circus toenails, all four inches long and curly and horrifying, your feet are not weird.

--Shana in MO

nancypearlwannabe said...

Yeah, I like artificial watermelon but not real watermelon. Go figure!

I also remember this song we learned in sixth grade where we listed every preposition in the English language. It has never once come in handy, except in bars, where I can proclaim I know all of them to the amazement of none.

L Sass said...

I agree, only real cherries are worthwhile. Fakey cherry flavor is gross!

metalia said...

I also only drink milk if there's ice in there! Embarrassingly, it's totally because I was brainwashed by the "Milk--It does a body good!" campaign of the mid-80's which, yes, prominently features cool, refreshing-looking glasses of ice-filled milk.

I'm so easily swayed.

3carnations said...

My mom won't drink milk unless it's been in the freezer for a few minutes.

I don't think I've EVER been able to do a cartwheel.

Stefanie said...

Steve--Or, all the mutant kids are doing it...


Aaron--OK, that IS weirder. Yes, you win.

Shana--Long, freaky circus toenails? Do you see a lot of those in MO?

NPW--In fourth grade, we learned all the first-person pronouns in song form. I still remember that, too. And *I* would be impressed by your prepositions song, even if few other people are!

L Sass--Word. A coworker of mine was absurdly excited about wild cherry M&Ms recently. I tried one and nearly had to spit it out. Yech.

Metalia--Really?? I don't remember that one!

3Cs--Not even in grade school? Aw, too bad.

lizgwiz said...

I've never been able to do a cartwheel. I can't blame it on my skeletal structure, as far as I know...just my general lack of physical coordination.

I can't stand ice in milk, and I like both actual cherries AND bright red, artificially cherryish products.

Maybe you could use some boob tape to keep your quirky toe in place while you're wearing sandals. ;)

Courtney said...

Your cherry thing is like my banana thing. I like bananas but nothing banana-flavored.

I say you embrace your "mutant" toe. Lots of people have toes that rest on another one. I myself have three giant moles on my left foot that EVERYONE feels the need to comment on, but I still wear sandals.

Lara said...

I am very upset that I did not see this toe thing when you were here.

Incidentally, Rob says my toes are so long, they could be fingers. He's totally exaggerating.