Monday, July 21, 2008

Requisite "How was your weekend?" post

I'm beginning to feel like beginning-of-the-week blog posts are not unlike the proverbial Monday morning water cooler chats. "How was your weekend?" "Good. Yours?" "Good." "Good." "Good. Um, see ya!" The exception, of course, is that I don't actually make a habit of gathering with my coworkers for Monday morning small talk, with or without a water cooler. And if I did, I sincerely doubt any of them would be as clever or interesting as all of you folks. Could you all just work in my office with me, please? Wouldn't that be fun? I thought so.

In case you are wondering, my weekend was fairly uneventful. Liz flirted with a cute Ukrainian. I, on the other hand, did no such thing. I did, however, take a friend to the airport, pay my bills, do a few loads of laundry, and sweat through about three hours of ironing. (Will I ever learn not to buy ironing-required clothing? Will I ever iron any of it promptly, instead of waiting until half my wardrobe is clean but wrinkly at the same time?? Apparently not.) I also cleaned my tragic hole-in-the-shower bathroom (frankly I don't know why I even bother anymore) and finally started scraping the loose paint from my garage in preparation for repainting. AGAIN. Oh, and I made a proper dinner that wasn't a salad, and it was deemed a rousing success by everyone who tried it (and by everyone, of course I mean ME). (Thumbs up on Jess's Thai Coconut Chicken... or, Thai Coconut Shrimp, in my case, as shrimp was what I had on hand. Yum.)

All in all, it was a whirlwind weekend of excitement around here, I tell you. You're jealous, of course, I know. The Year of Stef is clearly in full force.

Oh. Also, I spent ten fun-filled minutes clearing old text messages off my cell phone, because there is no way (or, no way that I have discovered) to delete messages in bulk instead of tediously one message (with three button presses each) at at time. On the down side, my inferior storage-challenged phone is still near capacity. (I grew tired of this project after deleting only about 40 messages, and I've accumulated many more than that in the two years I've had the dang thing.) On the up side, I got at least some small amusement at the old messages I scrolled through during this process. To wit...

  • Kohl's has cream underwear. Pretty ones, even!
  • I am choosing to obey the red arrow.
  • Admit it. The bats are an elaborate hoax. There are no damn bats!
  • You are a comma master. Your grammar prowess knows no bounds. Happy now?
  • Who do you think you are talking to? "Pressurized pastry things"? As if I have any idea what that means.
  • Can't. Going out for wine and looking for boys.
  • Did you just watch Once, or did [name redacted] do something insane?
  • T9 knows Frida but it doesn't know Stef? Fine, you can call me Puff.
  • Deer.
  • I know! Didn't Rory Gilmore teach me anything??
  • Do you think M would love or hate an ashtray that says "Jesus hates it when you smoke"?
  • I just bought seven bottles of wine for $46. Am awesome.
All right. And that about wraps up my weekend. Now if you'll excuse me, I have 20 more pages of that crazy vampire book to read--20 pages that might even be more interesting than my old text messages. Perish the thought.

So what's the strangest thing you've found in YOUR phone lately?


Jess Riley said...

I got a text from someone who just said they finished reading DS...and I have no idea who it was.

Seven bottles of wine for $46? Will you do a taste-test post?!? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Who wouldn't want an ashtray that says "Jesus hates it when you smoke"? Since I know longer smoke I'd keep jewelry in it.

Once, after breaking up with a boyfriend, I found a picture in my camera phone of his privates. It was a terribly unflattering picture.

3carnations said...

I have found nothing strange in my phone. Ever. I don't text, so short of someone smooshing a peanut butter sandwich in the case (which has not happened), the odds of finding something strange are slim.

shelleycoughlin said...

Wheeee! Did you finish the book?!

lizgwiz said...

I don't text. I am too old. The keys are too tiny for that much punching, and my eyes are too cranky to see the messages, anyway. You dammit kids! :)

Jess said...

I'm glad you liked the recipe! I am going back right now to fix that little "all the ingredients" thing. The problem was that the original recipe didn't call for rice--I added that to the ingredients list myself, and then didn't make the appropriate edit to the instructions. Glad you caught it!

Anonymous said...

I have received less than 40 text messages in my whole life. And I am ok with that.

PS The bats are real!!!

Noelle said...

The very first text I ever got on the phone I have now is from a guy from my congresswoman's campaign, relaying information about a meet-up I went to. Because I can't remember which button to press to go backwards through messages instead of forwards, I always toggle to that one instead of going backwards when I'm looking for old texts.

Stefanie said...

Jess Riley--I finished reading DS, but I promise I did not text you about it. I did like it, though! Oh, and those bottles were months ago... I need to restock soon, though, so perhaps I can report back then.

Pants--Ew. As opposed to all those pictures of privates that ARE flattering?

3Cs--You didn't used to do online banking, either. Texting can't be too far behind! :-)

NPW--I did! Crazy teenage vampire love. You know I'm totally reading the rest of those, too. Unfortunately, there are 22 holds on "Eclipse" at the library. Am I actually going to have to go out and BUY it??

Liz--I'm too old for texting, too. I insist on typing complete words and sentences, which takes forever, even with the magic T9 shortcut language. Still, apparently I love corresponding without actually talking to people?

Jess--Ah, I see. So the original recipe was just basically coconut SOUP? That would have been tasty too, but the rice is an excellent addition. Seriously, I'll definitely be making that again.

R--And one of those was the bat message, from ME! :-)

Noelle--I swear my phone just keeps shuffling my messages on me. I cannot figure out any sort of logical order that they're in. I suppose a bit of unpredictability is good for me, though, right?

3carnations said...

But you STILL don't do online banking, right? I think online banking is my venture into this century, while texting is yours. Don't get carried away.

L Sass said...

Hilarious! I just looked at my old texts and they are far more boring. For example "Just got off bus with umbrella, want me to come get you?"

No cheap wine or creamy underwear for me!

Anonymous said...

I don't text, but I did recently find an 800 number to Dancing With the Stars stored in my phone. In my defense I was voting for Apolo Ohno, and my mom knows his dad, so that makes Apolo and me ... well, nothing really.

Courtney said...

I should text more often. It appears to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Please share your thoughts on Twilight! I'm curious.

Stefanie said...

3Cs--Not so fast. I do some amount of banking online (make transfers, check transactions, occasionally make payments). I'm just not strictly online, and I do still balance my checkbook. (I still don't understand how people DON'T!)

L Sass--I said CREAM underwear, not creamy! Creamy sounds like something totally different and disturbing. Ew. In case you are curious, that message was to a friend of mine who was getting married and had told me she couldn't find any nice cream-colored underwear for under her dress. (Because I'm sure you needed to know that.) :-)

Flurrious--Did Apolo win? (Clearly I don't watch that show.)

Courtney--I liked it, though I couldn't even tell you why exactly... I'll probably address that in a post eventually!

metalia said...

I am intrigued as to your theories on the bats. Please explain.

Also, I just bought Twilight, because I am a sheep. Did you like it?

Stefanie said...

Metalia--Click the "Bats (or No Bats)" label for the one and only other bat-related post, the recap of my trip to Austin. The city of Austin (and Wikipedia) will have you believe there's a veritable black cloud of bats that emerges from the Congress Street bridge every night. I saw about ten of them. This was good, as I pretty much hate bats, but led to skepticism of the tourism board.