Sunday, November 12, 2006

Baby talk

My friend Sarah has a three-month-old baby. Obviously Sarah is somewhat biased (and she never reads my blog anyway), so I will speak for her and tell you that her new daughter Megan is, in fact, quite possibly the cutest baby ever. Cuter than most, anyway. Top three percentile for sure. I have said more than once that I am not a baby person by nature, and yet, when this kid is around, I am unconsciously compelled to touch her head and smile at her. I cannot help it.

Obviously, I am not the only one mesmerized by the child's charms.

From: Sarah
To: Stefanie
Subject: RE: Baptism photos

So I thought you'd think this is cute, since you're into, like... words and stuff.

Steve and I coined a new word: Meganology. It's the study of Megan. We are now not only parents, but also Meganologists, people who study Megan. We're always trying to figure her out, as if she's a science.

Maybe you think that's completely corny, but it gave me a good laugh.

From: Stefanie
To: Sarah
Subject: RE: Baptism photos

Have you also been noticing a dip in your bank accounts that you can attribute to her? Because that, my friend, is Meganomics.

See? No worries. I'm just as bad.

Update! (11/16/06) The photographic proof of the little chili pepper's undeniable cuteness... How can you resist those big and sparkly eyes?


Anonymous said...

What about insanity caused by the rush of power you feel when Megan is around?


3carnations said...

How about that you want to spend all your free time playing with her and marveling over how amazing she is? There is a voluntary meganopoly over your time...

stefanie said...

Ha! I love that you guys are playing along here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dang it. I have no clever word for you. However, I can send you an e-mail containing pictures of my friend's cutest baby, who is the cutest baby ever. Sorry, Megan!

stefanie said...

Oh. Challenge is ON, -R-! Sarah just asked me if I could attach a picture to that post as proof of Megan's undeniable cuteness, so I may need to add that yet... ;-)

guinness girl said...