Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy It's-Finally-Election-Day

I don't want to tell you who to vote for, but just remember...

I'm sorry. That is just a little joke that you may or may not find funny*. Personally, I think it's hilarious, but I have been unintentionally offending people left and right these days, so clearly I am not necessarily the best reference point or judge. And really, I'm sure not all Republicans are evil. I'm sure there are some good ones out there... like... um... OK, to be honest with you, I am not as up on the specifics of this sort of thing as I should be, so I shall consult Google for help. Ever since Maliavale and Nabbalicious dubbed Google "the new Magic 8 ball," I have been fascinated by this idea and, in fact, am considering letting Google make all of my life decisions for me. So here we go. What does Google have to say?

Republicans are evil: 5,250,000 hits
Republicans are kind and pure of heart: 1,580,000 hits

Well then. There we have it. That's three-and-a-half to one. And Google knows everything, after all. Do not argue with The Google.

OK, that's enough of that. Frankly, no matter who wins what races and how soon we can send that deluded cowboy back to his ranch in Texas, I am just glad that the airwaves will no longer feature attack ad after attack ad, that my e-mail inbox will no longer be flooded with messages from every Progressive organization in the country**, and that I will soon be able to open my front door again without a flood of glossy candidate brochures falling out onto my porch.

Amen to that, newly regained Democratic majority or not.


* If you do not find it funny, that is completely and entirely OK. Do you have a blog? You do? Good. Go explain why it's not funny over there. I really don't get a lot of hate mail or nasty comments, and I'd sort of like to keep it that way. Thanks.

** I signed up for two lists! Two lists, and suddenly 17 others have my name as well and are sending me four new messages every day. Seventeen lists times four messages a day equals way too many messages to retain any impact or meaning. Enough, I say, enough!


3carnations said...

You forgot to mention no longer getting a half dozen automated phone messages per day telling you why someone who running is bad news...or good news.

Darren McLikeshimself said...

I'm a Republican, and I'm highly offended by today's post.

Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

guinness girl said...

Ha. Personally, I'm going to miss all those beautiful ads. Just kidding, of course. I can't think of anythign witty to write except amen, sister.

lizgwiz said...

Save the kittens! Ha. I'm ready for it all to play out and be over with. Though I am going to miss one ad, the tagline of which is "Jane Q. Candidate--she's one of us." Cracks me up. Like it's code--"one of us"--*wink wink*.

Jurgen Nation said...

AAAHA! LOVE that pic. I crack up every time I see it.

Going to vote in about 2 hours. Whee!

-R- said...

Patty Wetterling- Just Another LIBERAL Politician

That one cracks me up every time. Could they use the word "liberal" more frequently in the commercial?Not a LIBERAL! Oh no!

I haven't voted yet, but I am going to tonight. Don't worry!

stefanie said...

3Cs--Word. Although I have to say, when I got a voicemail from Bill Clinton (urging me to vote for Mike Hatch for governor), I thought it was actually pretty cool. (Bill Clinton called ME PERSONALLY! Yep! I'm sure it wasn't a pre-recorded message sent out by some phone-calling robot or anything. Nope. He called me.) ;-)

Darren--You think you know someone....

GG--You are with me as usual. Yay. :-)

Liz--Ha. That is pretty funny. You have to say it in the creepy, monotone zombie voice: "One of us. One of us."

JN--I know. I dug that picture up again after remembering seeing it two years ago. It still makes me laugh.

R--Exactly. I would love to know exactly when "Liberal" became an insult or a dirty word. According to Dictionary.com, "liberal" means to be favorable to progress, free from prejudice and bigotry, open-minded and tolerant, and characterized by generosity. I am proud to call myself a liberal; aren't you? :-)

lizgwiz said...

I got a call from Bill Clinton last night, as well. And, while he stopped short of calling me by name, I admit, I thought it was kinda cool, too. Kind of like when I get emails from NRDC and the little MSN message thing pops up "You have mail from Robert Redford." Hee.

stefanie said...

Cool. Robert Redford never writes to me... You ARE special! :-)

ePixie29 said...

Okay, loved that picture. I'm still crackin' up about it!