Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grow to regret this, I shall

I am nearly certain this is really quite a bad, bad idea. I have a hard enough time rattling out an idle thought or three more than once a week. Suddenly I think I can convert myself into a post-a-day sort of Blogger? Unlikely. But then again, I do like a challenge. Wait a minute. No I don't. Coasting along down the easy route is actually much more my style, I think. "I like a challenge"? Where on earth did I get that idea? Ha. Who said that?

Regardless, The Other Girl's wise and witty rationalization for this madness has me convinced I should give it a try. So fine. I'm in.

For now, anyway.

I should warn you that if I'm going to post something every day, I reserve the right to hit "Publish Post" on some utter and total crap. Other Girl threatened an entry saying nothing more than "I like peas." I myself am not all that fond of peas, but a "Yay for olives" post is surely not ruled out. I can also pretty much guarantee that if I'm posting every day, I am bound to detail at least one (and likely more) of those crazy-ass dreams I have. Again, you've been warned. I'm sorry.

I also reserve the right to decide this is lunacy and be a great big 'ol quitter midway through this goal. Ordinarily I wouldn't stand for such a thing, but Guinness Girl says that quitting is OK. And who's going to argue with GG? No, really--who? The woman's charming and persuasive, and frankly I'm not sure I want to meet the person who's impervious to her powers. But this isn't about GG. This is about me. Me and my foolish and lofty goal to jump on this bandwagon and see it through to the end.

Wish me luck. And ideas. Because I think that I'll need both.


guinness girl said...

YAY!!!! And quitting is totally okay. ;)

lizgwiz said...

Good luck. And yay for olives! (You could do that in a Bubba Gump kind of olives, black olives, garlic-stuffed olives, kalamata olives...)

Red said...

I feel like doing this would only exacerbate my blogging addiction (bladdiction). But good luck, can't wait to read all the crap! (Ha, just kidding!)

The Other Girl said...

Olives rule! Olllllliiiivvvveees!

(Yeah, I got nothing.)

Darren McLikeshimself said...

Well, I love olives, so I'm really looking forward to that post.