Friday, November 21, 2008

I swear I was kidding when I said I've already dated every guy in the Twin Cities. Sioux Falls, I don't need you just yet!

OK. Guy who sent me the grateful and enthusiastic "You favorited me!" message? VANISHED. "This profile is no longer available," it says, where his face used to be. Excuse me? Now I am not only driving men away before they meet me, but driving them away from an entire date-meeting venue as well? Fabulous!

Truthfully, it's a bit of a relief. Anyone who spends the entire first paragraph of his dating profile talking about how he wasn't initially sure he was ready for a dating profile probably still isn't ready for a dating profile and hence, probably isn't someone I need to meet. Had we actually met, I think I would have had to give him some likely unsolicited advice and recommend that he omit that paragraph immediately. Maybe that's why I inexplicably favorited him. Maybe I thought I was going to start some fun game where I email men on Catch dot Mom just to tell them what's wrong with their profile. That's a sure way to win friends and date people; is it not?

Also, recently I've noticed my profile has been viewed by an inordinate number of men in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. That seems entirely too localized to be simply a fluke, which means it was probably an error on Catch dot Mom's part and they mistakenly included my profile in a mailing to men in that region. The other option, of course, is that one of YOU lives in Sioux Falls and decided to find a way to pimp me out to all your single male acquaintances. Come on; fess up. Who was it? And couldn't someone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area do that instead?

All right. I know I've strayed from my NaBlo theme more times than not this week, but I will get back to some actual date stories again soon, I think. Meanwhile, I have a date with a teenaged vampire (an opening-night ticket to Twilight, that is), so I'd best be off. Happy weekend, all.


Mickey said...

Dang, I'm so late reading today that you snuck two posts past me.

I better catch up.

Courtney said...

Sioux Falls? That's random.

Aaron said...

Even though I don't understand it at all, I'm totally giving you a free pass on the teen-vampire-erotic-fiction adaptation, because I love James Bond, even though it's mostly male misogynist fantasy.

Not that, you know, you were looking for my approval or something. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Sioux Falls isn't THAT far.

Just kidding.

And you don't have to write about dates every single day. No need to apologize!

Stefanie said...

Mickey--Happens to me all the time. You were too busy off hiking in the wilderness, obviously.

Courtney--I know, right? Strange.

Aaron--I was not looking for your approval, but thank you for providing it anyway. :-)

R--I know, and frankly, I suspect some of you are just as tired of reading about the same topic every day as I am with writing about it. But I have a THEME here! Quitting the theme almost feels like quitting NaBlo, and I am NOT a quitter. Not with only nine days left, anyway...

lizgwiz said...

On "OK Cupid" (without the space), they do actually let you "propose an edit" on profiles. Maybe it's the dating site you've been waiting for. ;)