Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just priming myself for the Thanksgiving gorging, it would seem

Hello, friends. Do you know what makes for some really good blogging? Starting every post for a solid week with an apology for not posting about what you think you're supposed to be posting about. (Note to self: If you're determined to stick to a theme for NaBlo, pick a theme you are certain you'll want to write about for thirty days consecutively.)

I do have a few more date stories that I'm working on getting out before the month is through, and if I finish one of them tonight, it might actually be a two-post day. (You're welcome or I'm sorry, depending on your feelings on that.) Meanwhile, however, I have another public service message for you. Unfortunately, I cannot decide if this message should be a recommendation or a warning. Many of you know Jess. Do you know about her occasionally updated recipe blog? If so, then perhaps you have tried her Thai Coconut Chicken. Yes? No? (Note to Liz and Noelle: I know you would eat neither chicken nor the shrimp I'm about to tell you I use in this recipe instead. In lieu of reading the next two paragraphs, perhaps you want to go play the next round in the Facebook Scramble game to which I challenged you instead?)

As I think I've mentioned once or fourteen times, I very rarely take the time to make anything that might be deemed an official home-cooked meal, and when I do, it is such a novelty that it's even more rare I make the same recipe twice. This Thai coconut chicken, however? I have made that no fewer than five times since Jess posted the recipe in July, and it is no less delicious every time. I usually substitute pre-cooked frozen shrimp for the chicken and cilantro for the basil, but I have done it Jess's way too and it was still a success.

Why is this a warning as well as a recommendation? Because if you are anything like me, this four-serving recipe at 8 WW points per serving will actually become more like two servings. And then, after your double-sized serving, you will finally scoop up the leftovers out of the pan and into an IKEA food storage container and safely stash it away in the fridge, out of sight. But lo! An hour later, you will remember that damn, that Thai coconut shrimp sure was good, and maybe I should have just another forkful or so? And you will take the IKEA food storage container out of your fridge and discover that--oh no!--it is damn near as delicious cold as it was hot straight out of the pan. And then you will feel like calling Jillian Michaels to apologize because you're well aware that this is NOT the sensible eating plan she encourages as part of the 30-Day Shred that you're attempting because the Internet told you to.

If, like me, you also happen to have your own personal housecall-making ice cream man, keeping you entirely more stocked than necessary with Ben & Jerry's pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, well, then, you might as well just give up any hope of wearing a bikini in public ever again. And this after you just discovered you'll be awarded a free trip to Mexico with all your coworkers come winter. What's better than vacationing with coworkers? Vacationing in swimsuits with coworkers! Hoorah! I think it goes without saying that this is wholly a mixed blessing.

Yes, I am going to Mexico with my coworkers for four days this February. That is something that perhaps I could write about, but I think perhaps doing so might be cause for pulling out that "Things I shouldn't blog about" category once again.

Speaking of things I shouldn't blog about, do you remember last year, when I blogged my fake answers to the 15-year high school reunion questionnaire I did not submit? I sort of feel like doing that with the questions I'm supposed to submit prior to my annual performance review tomorrow. That would definitely fall under the category of "Things they could fire me for if my employer ever found out about this blog," however, so instead I think I'll just let all of YOU guess what my goals for the next five years might be and how my employer might make themselves a more enjoyable place to work. Have at it!


nancypearlwannabe said...

I can't really imagine going on a trip with some of my co-workers. Maybe the ones I am already friends with? Anyway, good luck with your review and happy turkey day!

lizgwiz said...

I guess that answers my (unasked) question from yesterday: why is Stefanie so concerned about where she sees herself in five years?

Mexico in February? Sounds delightful, scantily-clad coworkers or no.

flurrious said...

If I ever had to see my coworkers in swimsuits, my five-year goal would be to stop shuddering.

Courtney said...

Ha. Flurrious' comment made me giggle.

I would make your Thai chicken/shrimp dish if it were not for my unwavering hatred of coconut. So I'll pass.

Also, I made a pumpkin cheesecake for tomorrow, and the only thing that sounds more delicious than that is pumpkin cheesecake ICE CREAM. It's a whole new world!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Noelle said...

Maybe I'll make a shrimp exception for that recipe. I actually already played that round of Scramble before coming over here, so you're welcome. Maybe we can play another game of wordscrapper?

stef said...

ben and jerry's makes pumpkin cheesecake ice cream????

Jess said...

This is awesome! Also, that is my very favorite recipe, and that's the longest that one recipe has remained my favorite, ever. It's just so good! Luckily I have Torsten to eat half the meal so I can't go too crazy with it. Narrow escape!

Also, I remember with fondness the days when that recipe blog was updated often instead of just occasionally. Maybe someday... now that we have a new camera and macro lens? We'll see.

Aaron said...

Dammit, I want to read those fake review answers!